1. If that were true every white person would be pissed every time cop of any color shoot an unarmed man , woman and child

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! That would be the first and most simple change we could make… We need to get that snow ball rolling! That’s your house and it’s my house, let’s take it back!!!

  1. “We have to confront bigotry and prejudice wherever they appear.” How about on the signs of military bases named after men who FOUGHT to continue slavery?? But no, you refuse to do that.

    1. @boyo111 watch that YOU don’t get a knee to YOUR thug throat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. I think the bigot ever-trumpers feels a bit bolstered by their emperor. However the hubris of their nationalistic narcissism makes the blind.
      Trump will loose, and they will end up on the wrong side of history.
      They can’t understand that Trump in no way will get 8% of Afroamerican votes this time. Because he has shown he is all in for his racist base. The more he supports the extreme right, and the more they support him, the less Afroamerican votes will he get. Neither will those who voted for Trump—because he promised that he would create healthcare and medicare systems that would be affordable for all—vote for him again. Because he and the Republicans has done everything to make it worse—and now during a pandemic that will increase medical insurance, because of what it has cost hospitals and insurance companies.
      And not only that… the Republicans are about to nominate a judge that has a clear racist history, and that has had an agenda to prevent a healthcare system that is affordable for people. That will increase the the distance between Trump and the mentioned voter groups even more. And without those groups of voters, there is no way he can win. And the now euphoric white suprematist will feel anything but euphoria in November.

      Trump, who says he hate losers, now defending that American Military bases should be named after losers, only means one thing… That Trump is a Confederate and believe they should have won. Didn’t he hate when a Navy vessel was named after Maccain, because he was a “looser” that had been captured in Vietnam!? So isn’t it now obvious that the reason for this was because Maccain was pro-USA and not Pro-Confederate.

    1. You’ve already been bamboozled by your own party. The Democrats. Where do you think all of this trouble is happening? Where do you think all of these black men are getting killed? In Democrat run cities/states. Wake up, and think for yourself.

    1. What if it only produced one single bad fruit once per harvest? You would destroy something that produces 99% good rather than simply remove the one bad fruit?

    2. @DjentleBen1105 Then we are not talking about the same tree. The tree here produces multiple bad apples every season, some even spoil the baskets.

    1. And that’s fine. I fail to be surprised… But don’t let it make you apathetic to it . We need to be mad of we’re gonna make changes

  2. The thing about apples is, when a bad apple spends enough time with good apples, the good apples begin to become bad apples. Rot spreads

    1. @Jim Elliott ha more than that if u don’t believe n numbers time travel that government hides than how can we expect u to believe this

    2. Or like if I tell you in that orchad there are bad apples and if you eat one, there’s a small possibility you will die. I bet people would be less inclined to visit that orchad.

    3. @Eric Anderson so r u calling us liers and what’s goin on here and n space that’s goin viral on Facebook and YouTube can fake live feeds from space ignorant stupidity never changes does it just my opinion and our family

    1. Hey move to CHAZ a lot of people don’t know blm and antifa took over 6 blocks in Seattle and created their own country calling it CHAZ so when you see Biden losing by a landslide you will know why

    2. @The True Fire Lord after this week I think 90% want him reelected. Not the unwashed and irrelevant of course, but decent people.

    3. Jim Elliott Where you get those numbers ? Faux News. His whole cult is unwashed, irrelevant and ignorant!

    4. @Jim Elliott just the fact that the crowd of protesters he gassed for a stupid photo was larger than when he was sworn in leads me to think you are wrong in your estimate.

      hell I think he is actively turned all of his joke voters, people on the fence, and people who just hated Hillary against him. all that will be left will be his rabid fan base who think his is a white Jesus reborn and can do no wrong

    1. it would certainly help if Trump was not a functional illiterate! Back in the bunker with Eva, coward!

    2. What was wrong with Erin Burnett. She spent the whole interview not even looking at the Sheriff. So rude!

    1. William Diaz so that makes Biden ?????
      You do know Biden is pro segregation right ? But, Trump is the racist ?
      Let me guess, a Harvard grad ??? Lol

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