Trump's last-minute pardons include Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne and scores of others 1

Trump’s last-minute pardons include Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne and scores of others


President Donald Trump issued a raft of 11th-hour pardons and commutations early Wednesday that included his onetime political strategist, a former top fundraiser and two well-known rappers.

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    1. Helped me helped my family we are poor and I want to change our life, funded my transport project in my country please

    1. @Zlysium Very nice to make your acquaintance. I think smart people continue their education on their own throughout their lives. Good luck in love & life. Bonne Nuit, jeune homme.

    2. @Zlysium Cool Nic Name. Mine is Yacky , husband Pizza man, neither very imaginative. One of my brother-in-law’s parents were from Kentucky, I have heard a lot about your state & people. I will hopefully visit one day. I hope you can vote out McConnell next time! Stay safe & healthy (mind, body & soul)!

    3. @Kikeordaz Martinez No he didn’t. He fled with stolen property. This guy also wants to clear his name a pardon does not grant such things. So yeah Snowden can stay in Russia. The moment the US said Snowden would not face the death penalty he lost the right to seek safe haven in other counties because his life is not in danger.

    4. @Kikeordaz Martinez
      That’s a whole lot of faith to assume those are the reasons. I don’t typically trust what people tell me to believe. If Snowden were corrupt, he would play it out the same way. That’s too risky to assume in my opinion.
      There could be complete corruption from Assange also, but I haven’t spotted where he’s using information in an illegal way. Assange’s loyalty is to his own country and any that he visits. He’s not bound by our laws yet still respected the way journalism is conducted. It makes him appear less like a threat.
      Snowden broke numerous laws and didn’t respect the purpose for those laws. With his employment history, I don’t assume he’s your average Joe and unaware of his choices. His employment history also makes him appear corrupt. It’s too risky when there’s no evidence that it was done for the public. He tossed the public a bone and we’re expected to assume the bone is what he was after?

    1. @Zhanna Darkno one is taking away anyone’s “right to their opinions!!” They’re shutting down speech that “encourages violence” – freedom of speech for example does not allow for “uttering threats”….surely you understand the difference!!??

    2. @Zhanna Dark Do you even know what the 1st amendment is about? Cause based on your comment I think you don’t.

  1. I love how he included Steven Bannon for scamming people who gave him
    money to build a wall. Also great that he pardoned more rappers with gun
    charges than people with low-level drug offenses. I guess they couldn’t
    pay the $2 million fee trump requested in exchange.

    1. @Harold Moore hey I see Biden on Twitter almost has 3 million go follow him try to get him to 3 million before 4 years is up …. come on man you know that was funny just admit it it’s ok like I said NO COMEDIC SENSE I MEAN HE DID HAVE 80 MILLION PEOPLE THAT VOTED 4 HIM BLAHAHAAH CANT EVEN GET 3 MILLION PLEASE

    2. @Harold Moore Eddie Murphy secret Republican so yes what do you have ????? Real time with Bill Maher blahahha he’s just so not funny

    1. It’s supposed to be said “why didn’t he pardon my cousin” why he didn’t doesnt make any sense

    1. @034bloodas If he is impeached, he won’t be able to run for office and to me that’s all that matters

  2. I don’t understand how someone can be pardoned if they haven’t been charged with something and admitted guilt. Can anyone explain more on that?

    1. @Heather Kingston where’s the proof that he got paid?! They would have locked him up so quick if this were the case. This is why America so divided is cuz people like you. Spread lies because it sound good to you

    2. @A32156 Well you may want to get your facts straight because these are not all the people Trump pardoned under his term.

    3. Kila bath & body all presidents give pardons. And the big numbers are usually on the last day. Trump isn’t even close to most given. Welcome to the adult world

    4. @Heather Kingston no evidence of that. trump would be getting bribery prosecutions by now. stop spreading fake news

    1. Haha ha… except that the real crime that he is being forgiven for is probably not funny at all.
      Little Wayne is a lowlife

    1. StephenZ827, there’s also the pardon for Milliken, paid for by a half million dollar “contribution” another Texas millionaire who was pardoned with the same size “contribution, the Navy seal who murdered a teenager and was court martialed, the sheriff Aparo, who discriminated against Hispanics, I could go down the list of the other assorted scumbags but you get the idea.

  3. Someone like Bannon is so corrupt that he’ll commit another crime again soon and no pardon coming in the future.

    1. Exactly! Do people really think that criminals that get away will never commit a crime again? That’s their life!

  4. I guarantee you, there are pardons that are not on the list…it is completely legal for him to issue “secret” pardons, him and his family definately have them in their pockets. He wants to keep them secret until his Senate trial is over at the very least.

  5. AAHHHH hell naw, Kwame needs to serve his time, He did Detroit real wrong and that beautiful dancer didn’t deserve what was done to her on his behalf. Let the Green family have some peace.

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