1. Rudy is not a federal employee…therefore by claiming he was working for the State Department in Ukraine and attempting to gain a thing of value under the guise of that character makes him criminally liable under 18 USC SS 912: Impersonating a federal agent, official, or employee.

    1. @Refund Replay Asked to represent, or did Trump ask Ukraine officials to talk to him?
      That does not make him a representative of the state Dept, nor does it make him a US Government Employee.
      See the devil is in the detail.
      If it was just Trump asking a foreign Gov to talk to Rudi, then Rudi is in trouble.

    2. @Peter T “So you replied without knowing what you were talking about?
      Ghouliani, according to HuffPo, WAS ASKED by State Department to talk to Ukraine.

  2. Giuliani is probably adding to his exposure by speaking out so much at this point in the case. 

    As you can see above, I will try to answer some of the questions you all post on our segments on YouTube. You can reply to this comment, and we may answer your question in the future!

    1. @Damen Rabbitt – pretty sure that would constitute *receiving stolen goods*. Not exactly a great look for a lawyer.

    2. Isn’t persecution of political rivals straight out of the communist handbook? Bob Avakian isn’t the best person to be taking advice from, I mean if he was he wouldn’t be facing the human rights tribunal like Fauci Gates WHO CDC are for genocide……you guys aren’t the news anymore, make no mistake about that

  3. Unbelievable how slow the wheels of justice turn, they better pick it up before the primaries.

    1. @J Austin then they are totally blind and deaf and idiots – even if they think for one minute they can save themselves and the USA

    2. @CJ K more like pretend it’s a sham based on the GOP senators who ignored the evidence.

      Although Dems do deserve some scorn for not demanding McCarthy testify under oath.

      And anyone can Google INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY and find out that lots of them are foreign bot accounts pretending to be Trump supporting Americans. I find it suspicious that the Republican party is okay with assistance from a hostile authoritarian Nation that helps spam their propaganda.

      So while the Russian investigations didn’t live up to Rachel Maddie’s hype, there was lots in that investigation that the public needed to know.

    3. @J Austin Oh, but if Trump gets charged with who knows how many crimes, Congressional prostitutes are going to have to make some hard decisions. This whole saga may turn into a major motion picture–life imitating art!

    1. Is that a crap sludge cesspool made bunker?
      bcz its about the only thing that would suit this thing called trump..

    2. @Paul Brower His arrogance and ego will not let him do that. He’s gotten away with this stuff for decades. He may get a surprise this time. He doesn’t control the courts now

    3. @David Americans should be so lucky – you need to get out and vote in record numbers. They’re already laying the groundwork to steal the 2024 election

    4. Breaking News: When is the last time MSNBC reported on anything besides Trump? Russia: failed. 2 impeachments: failed. And you guys still believe these propagandists? 😂

    1. Agree with you Sam. Ari does a great job in asking questions of his guests to get to the truth.

    1. I personally believe the first to turn on Rudy will be FOX, it’s coming ,as they will want to protect Traitorous Trump

    2. Rudy has so much to spill on Donald — they go way back to when he was Mr. SDNY and word on the street was he wasn’t too nosy about Donnie’s doings with the mob because he had his eye on being Mr. Mayor NYC, and knowing a publicity-hound playboy billionaire might come in handy.
      Someone has to get all the dirt down before Rudy’s brain is permanently pickled.

    1. I’m already fat from mine. I could be a celebrity on “my 600 pound life” soon

  4. Michael Cohen did “some time” but he didn’t do “hard time.” He hardly had a chance to get used to the food.

    1. Covid got him out of jail early but he had to wear an angle bracelet and could leave his residence for some time.

  5. Make an example out of him. Future generations will get another one of his type sooner or later. At least this will discourage a few.

  6. There should never be even the possibility of a “secret” pardon. No “blanket” pardon. No “preemptive” pardon. That all smells of corruption to me.

  7. If he has a pocket pardon and uses one he will likely need to waive his right to claim the 5th

  8. I’ve heard that before. Now let’s see some action on any matter!
    Barr, And Luis Dejoy also.

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