Trump's Legal Nightmare Continues: Inaugural Chief Indicted After CFO Indicted 1

Trump’s Legal Nightmare Continues: Inaugural Chief Indicted After CFO Indicted


The billionaire fundraiser Donald Trump tapped to run his inauguration has been indicted on lobbying and obstruction charges. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by Mother Jones’ David Corn, The New York Times’ columnist Michelle Goldberg, and political strategist Chai Komanduri to discuss the case.
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    1. @Blue Oak People take lives using guns and if you want electricity, driving cars and other energy you need fossil fuels. The United States is not the big pollution problem you think. It’s not about pollution and climate change because the two biggest polluters are being given a pass. It’s about taking money from us and giving it to other countries. Nothing will be done about climate change nor is there anything you can do about it.

    2. @Debra Johnson
      You take the news upside down?
      The orangeman was president for “Trump first! And a lot please”!
      And for the 1% richest with tax reductions.
      Connect to reality!

    1. @Patriot805 808 and you’re still babbling about your relevant things rather than backing up your comment or citing your evidence and sources, but all the time you’re wasting flopping around and backpedaling and trying to divert away from the topic is just showing people that you don’t have what it takes to come to the table that’s why we’re bullying you

  1. Corruption in our politics and government needs to be outlawed! Why aren’t the laws written to stop this blatant criminality in our House, Senate, and Presidency? Oh, wait, the law makers are the criminals!

    1. @Christopher Javens

      capitol rioter, trump supporter and traitor to america
      Paul Hodgkins admitted in court that Joe Biden won, i look forward to seeing the rest of the insurrectionist in court admitting Biden won before they are sent to prison!


    2. @Christopher Javens
      WHAT crimes did Hillary and Obama do? Pls explain instead of parroting the BS posted on Facebook.

  2. How-come lobbyist, control laws without a conflict of interest. We the people, are shunned out of the law loop.

    1. @Devil’sAdvocate Operation mockingbird worked better than the CIA could have ever imagined. Example you.

    2. @Devil’sAdvocate Where are all the celebrities? Why is the white house empty? Where is everyone? Hmmm.

    3. @The Morally Superior Democrat Well since you don’t follow the news you wouldn’t know it, but Tom Brady and other football celebrities were just in the White House having their pictures taken with THE PRESIDENT, Joseph Biden cracking jokes and making fun of the Big Lie. Oh, well, another stupid post by a MAGAT is false.

    1. @trump clearlywon How does it feel to be used by a known conman? Wear that “L” on your forehead with a few tears.

  3. It was along the same lines “do me a favor though” Another billionaire who we need to check their taxes.

  4. NO DRAFT DODGER SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO HOLD ANY POLITICAL POSITIONS. In fact no politicians should be able to serve unless they have SERVED active duty in the military

    1. @trump clearlywon yes Trump won the worst president in US history and The Biggest Loser of all time

  5. Trump: who? Tom Who? Tom Barrack? I might have met him… maybe… maybe Ivanka knows him… maybe not… the name sounds kind of familiar.

    1. @ Chuck Johnson…. Dang man you could have given Jimi, his props. We all know it’s not your own!

  6. Something tells me this guy isn’t going to want to spend his golden years in prison. He’ll talk.

    1. @truth hurts hear that everybody? Somebody who hides behind a fake name and a fake profile like a coward is telling us is all fake

    1. …. I heard a joke a while back, I’m not going to tell you who thought it up tho, so don’t ask, but, it went, Bring back the Obama Biden swamp, and let’s clean out the trump cesspool….

    2. @Jame Isom I see why you don’t want anybody asking, because that was barely a joke and you’re the one who came up with it on the spot. Booooo.

  7. That makes 18 of Trump’s people that have been charged, indicted or jailed. Anyone believing it’s a witch hunt doesn’t know the facts.

    1. @DonnaLena1 hunter didn’t run nor was in.the federal government. People need to stop the conspiracies and get the darn facts. Conspiracies don’t hold up in court

    2. @DonnaLena1 …I would love to be able to see what Republicans would be saying right now if we could rearrange it, and it was the Obama Biden administration right now with every third or fourth person being indicted or imprisoned…or, god forbid, if Obama/Biden supporters blm and antifa had stormed the capitol in the same exact manner and did the same exact things… republicans would be seeking to chase down, and corner off, and lock up and punish every single democrat and liberal in this country…smh

    3. Yeah, but I’m sure trump would say that he barely knew any of them, but he heard they were great guys.

    4. LOL…everything Dump touches turns into a sewer tank. Pretty soon we will have to build a new prison just to lock them all up. Better yet send them all to Alcatraz to rot with the rats. Visitors to the island can have batting practice on them all.

  8. “We have to knock out terrorism.”
    You mean like the murder and dismemberment of American journalists?

    1. @Roll With The TROLL!
      Nothing . . .
      To quote your cult leader, “Sad!”
      As you have nothing significant other than childish insults, I will just mute notifications of your silly little comments.

  9. Impossible as it may seem, with Дурак Дон, the ex-Mob-Boss-in-Chief, the truth is always infinitely worse than what is reported.

    1. The opposite is true.
      How long have you been following the Left’s hatred of Trump? Everything they’ve reported on
      “OK, this time Trump is doomed”
      ALWAYS goes away

  10. In this case Trump got played himself without knowing it. You only have to play his oversized ego.
    Trump’s guild in this was that he promised to eliminate pay for play and do something about lobbying and instead let it get more worse than ever.

  11. 1:34 “we’ll work with them, because we have to knock out terrorism ”
    One of the those times, he strictly read from the teleprompter, and stuck to the script…. almost like “it was personal business!”
    And for the man that didn’t like NATO?

    1. If not, she’ll “write a strongly worded letter” to that mischievous boy.
      That’ll show him!

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