Trump's Legal Nightmare: Court Rebukes 'King,' Inside Lawyer Could Be Forced To Testify | MSNBC 1

Trump’s Legal Nightmare: Court Rebukes ‘King,’ Inside Lawyer Could Be Forced To Testify | MSNBC


President Trump has been hit with another major legal loss, as the second most powerful federal appeals court in the country sides with House Democrats in their bid to force testimony from a resistant veteran Trump aide. The ruling backs Democrats’ argument Trump’s attempt to defy Congress and block testimony is unconstitutional. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down Trump’s clashes with the rule of law. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 8/7/2020.
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Trump's Legal Nightmare: Court Rebukes 'King,' Inside Lawyer Could Be Forced To Testify | MSNBC


    1. @A S I know that the Democrats, and the racist and dementia ridden Joe Biden, will fail on election day.

    2. Patriot You sure are opinionated, your probably a Russian troll! I hope you are getting payed well for all the bull you’re putting out. By the way my name should tell you I’m not Chinese. I am a Christian and proud of it, I highly doubt you are though. I very much doubt Trump is either.

    3. @susan wiseman it’s not about Trump being Christian or not, it’s about you supporting a Communist Party which is an ideology the opposite of the Founding Fathers and our Constitution by accepting bribes from the enemy, letting enemies go and supporting so called Protestors which are anarchist in the streets burning government buildings, the American Flag and Bibles, how can you support such a Communist Party being a Christian that had a President that committed treason multiple times by the name of Obama and his VP who takes bribes FROM China and a reset button for Russia by Hillary who signed off giving Russia URANIUM and let Americans die in Benghazi with lies from Susan Rice saying it was a video that caused their deaths??!

    4. @susan wiseman I’m s Roman Catholic, and I’m Polish, which you can tell by the last three letters of my last name. Genius. By the way Joe Biden, Is no Catholic.

    1. Daisy June yeah that Netflix doc , my daughters keep telling me to watch it , I’ll get back to you after , in a while anyway it’s six parts , glad your a world traveler not enough Americans have a pass port , my friends do but many don’t .
      I’ve travelled , Europe, my own uk obviously Scotland Ireland wales , Japan Australia etc but I love your country the most , it’s an amazing geological wonderland , from Yellowstone to Death Valley to Florida the highs of New York to Iowa and Nebraska flat lands to Colorado telluride and red rocks to the red woods of CA I love it all the great sand dunes the lakes of BC with turquoise water and buffalo roam free .
      You all got to save that country you all need one another red and blue , join together and form a party with no billionaires only real caring human beings , socialism is not communism , it’s where everyone gets a fair deal and corps can still earn mega , taxation is fairer so the books get balanced the social services increase and top it off with national health service ( that cuts out the insurance companies ) everyone pays the same percentage of salary , treatment is free at source. you can also still have private care if you want it .
      I’ve had cancer twice and Hep c I’m cured at a cost of £1/4M cancer in the 80’s Hep discovered in 2005 . A fit and healthy work force brings in or adds more to GDP every American would be able to go to hospital any time for any thing and not be at all worried , oh we have always had socialistic governments since 1945 regardless of conservative liberal or labour they all have social conscience American politics sadly doesn’t and probably never will have that quality that Europe and the uk have .
      Your insurance companies run the health system not public health , they some how persuade hospitals to artificially inflate doctors salaries making many of the millionaires, highest paid in the world, that’s morally wrong , disgusting in fact. Your entire society needs to be more humane more caring , you have some amazing caring people over there incredibly so, but it’s the way of life in general needs to be appreciative of its people , and my country is way way far from angelic , it’s as corrupt as a pink sea or a tiger with wings , lies about PPE. lies about whose fault it is , only now are the gov admitting they could have done better , we have bent ministers doing PPE deals with conservative donors and supporters , it sucks . Our last election was Russian targeted and brexit too, Russians influenced people using face book and all forms of advertising , gov report that Clinton wanted publishing was delayed , it does exonerate her and the dems somewhat . Wow I do rattle on lol all I can add is good luck and I’ll get back after I watch the Epstein thing be safe

    2. @Daisy June I think we get it. You blindly HATE Hillary Clinton. I don’t think much of her either, but for entirely different reasons.

      I repeat my previous comment: If any of this Hillary Haters junk was true, some enterprising Republican AG would have had a grand jury going years ago. Your claims are basically all rumors and innuendos that we have been hearing from republicans for years. Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, anyone has done any actual investigation of Hillary’s ‘crimes’, they’ve found out there was no actual evidence to pursue. That’s not because Hillary Clinton has this massive Dark Under World group of henchmen. It is simply because she didn’t do the things that others have claimed.

      I know this won’t convince you, your person delusional about evil Hillary is too deep seated. Some people can’t deal with how reality works, and need to believe everything that happens is always orchestrated by evil others. Unfortunately for you, even if you could prove any of what you claim, what could you do about it? Nothing.

  1. Opening line: “another legal loss.” No need to continue watching. Clearly he’s a total loser.

    1. Trump’s Legal Nightmare: Court Rebukes ‘King,’ Inside Lawyer Could Be Forced To Testify | MSNBC

    2. He always HAS been a loser but daddy used to cover for him so he never really felt what it was like to lose and have nothing. That old man created a monster AND a loser simultanrously.
      I wish Woody Guthrie was here to write a few more verses about the trumps!

    1. William Marick Trump has been running it with dementia for years! Apparently having dementia is a qualification according to Americans!

    2. As long as he has money and his gang help him he will remain in power. Stay safe stay strong Americans from Europe

    3. William Marick would u vote for a torturer? U are at as much risk of that “Greatness” as is his greatest enemy.

    1. What about the democrats with a sham impeachment, even more, as well as the time they could have been working for the good of the country.

    2. Anthony Hafciojoni Do they care? It’s not their money! They would sing a different tune if the money came out of their pockets

    1. He better be arrested the very moment he walks out of the White House, I mean dragged out, You know he isn’t going quietly

    2. Yorthani Kolis….don’t say that…(Groundhog Day)….the last 5 months with Trump have been a living nightmare,the thought of repeating it all over and over would be unbearable.

  2. Nixon : I’m not a Crook.
    Trump : I’m a Crook. So what.
    Republicans : we are all Crooks. Get over it.

    1. @TheTruthMATTERS! all fellow American Minorities = plz wake up and move to  the RIGHT ! my family & I had our  #WALKAWAY  moment when Sneaky Barrack told Us all that the TARMAC MEETING was a mere “coincidence” and the Media robotically Nodded in agreement    , it is feeling of Freedom to  #WALKAWAY from the Democrats Socialist Plantation   

    2. @little tim Actually the rest of us in the world have seen alot of this American sh*t show and the fact is that the Republicans are seen as the whingers and are absolutely triggered when shown the truth and so ignorant as well.

  3. “The GodFather Washington” coming to a theater near you as soon as this virus Thing magically diapears!

    1. @frank delapuente Hmm I cant remember. However I remember it was the same speech when he was applauding himself on no deaths in his country. Oh my how that has changed. However since then yes he has said it will just go away often. Not sure what magic will be involved though.

    2. @L Mac It will go away. Don’t be harsh on Trump. He didn’t know it was that serious to begin with,

    3. Save those biden 2020 signs!!
      They are so Rare that may actually be vaIuabIe in the near future!!!
      DEBATE-BOWL 2020

    1. Always hear about these lies but never what they are . Apparently you idiots haven’t learned false accusations just don’t hold up .

    1. @Dexter Jackson
      I guess you agree with sleepy basement Joey that “all bIack people think the same with few exceptions” huh.
      Debates 2020

    2. Save those biden 2020 signs!!
      They are so Rare that may actually be vaIuabIe in the near future!!!

      > >Debate-BowI 2020

    3. @Dexter Jackson
      I guess you will agree with sleepy creepy Joey “that if you don’t vote for him then you ain’t bIack man”. Wtf

    4. @Tim Kozlowski look fool, they can’t scare cattle yet otherwise they’ll find out they heading to the slaughter house. Is secret that I thought it would make you happy but you are part of the diarrhea in office.

    1. @heggedaal when did he ignore it. He was the first to ban travel. When he did you called him xenophobia and racist. You’re brainwashed. When did he ignore it? Hydroxichloraquine works. All other nations now use it. Democrats outlawed it killing 150,000 americans. Then the media told you Trump killed them. You’re brainwashed. Check the facts. I do..

    2. Hang on to those Biden 2020 signs.They are so rare they may actually be valuable in the near future.
      Bring on Debate-Bowl 2020
      TRUMP 2020

    3. TRUMP= Law & Order, Low taxes, Protected borders, Patriotism
      biden = the complete opposite!
      Other blacks who support Trump;
      – Candace Owens
      – Leo Terrell
      – Shaquille O’Neal
      – Mike Tyson
      – Harris Faulkner
      – Herschel Walker
      – Don King
      – Kanye West
      – Dan Bongino
      – Jimmy Walker
      – Stacey Dash
      – Jimmy McMillan
      – Jim Brown
      – Azealia Banks
      – Jason Nichols
      – Larry Elder
      – Terrell Owens
      – Diamond & Silk
      – Rev. James David Manning
      – Latrell Sprewell
      – Burgess Owens
      – Lawance Jones
      – Byron Donalds
      And many many more!
      There’s a very BIG movement called BIack voices for Trump. Maybe you heard of it. Where’s basement
      I can’t wait for
      DEBATE-BOWL 2020!!

      F_uck you Google. You  will never censor me

    1. JC X The racist that got prison reform done ! Obama the first black president couldn’t be bothered!

    2. IMPEACHED TRUMP CANNOT WIN WITHOUT CHEATING You’re killing me ! I want to know who the Einstein was that told the AG of NY that Going after the NRA was a great Idea 3 months before an election? Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere!

    1. It would be great if they charge him under thr RICO act! I wonder what he’s going to look like in prison with no make-up person or hair stylist? Interesting! Can’t wait to see the mug shots!

    2. j leon jackson I never realized that he wears his outrageous looking hair to look like his mother’s, before it was pointed out! Frightening

    3. @Sandra Caster I know, right? I’m wondering what he’s going to do when he gets put in prison? He’ll have nobody to do his hair OR makeup! Can’t wait to see the mug shots!

  4. “””IT IS WHAT IT IS!”””

    The WORST president of the history of USA!
    Sorry Mr. Bush…You have lost your title!

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