Trump's Legal Storm!: Chief Money Man Pressured To Flip On 45 1

Trump’s Legal Storm!: Chief Money Man Pressured To Flip On 45


The Manhattan DA's probe into the Trump Organization is heating up with new signs that DA Cy Vance is closing in on the company's CFO Allen Weisselberg. The New York Times has reported that Trump's money man may be hit with potential charges as soon as this summer. Prosecutors have also obtained Weisselberg's personal tax and bank records. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the significance of these updates in the case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Ignoring for the moment your inability to predict anything Trump does, if the CFO hasn’t done anything illegal which is far more likely than his doing something illegal, why would he be concerned?

    2. @Wordavee1 I hated it! How about rereading my comment before responding and trying to make me wrong? I literally wrote Trump’s antics. Just because he did it, doesn’t mean that this person should. Both are immature. Two wrongs don’t make a right. When someone goes low, we should go high. Your comment is the exact point I’m making. Retaliation is not kind. And weisselberg is not trump. You don’t know if he called anyone names. When this country can take the high road and treat others with respect even when their opinions differ from ours, we will start healing this nation.

  1. If the CFO doesn’t flip, his sons and himself can expect long prison sentences, while Trump still throws him under the bus!!!

    1. @PiXEL JUNKiE
      You’re hilarious semenov use RT propaganda Cartoon Network
      Try again ,

    2. @Michael Osterman Funnier how entire field of your Democrat reporters are still scared to death or Trump haha


    2. @Linda Campbell Linda my dear, can you please enlighten me with some facts supported by Proof??? Oh no? though so, silly woman.

    1. @Michael Bray yup and the worst corrupt ‘illegitimate president’ because he didn’t actually win in 2016 and 2020

    2. That former guy is an insult to either Vito or Michael Corelone.
      “Even gangsters have morals.”
      Robert DeNiro

    1. Nixon: I am not a crook.
      Trump: I am a crook but you can’t do anything about it because I did it when I was president.

    1. How many times do Democreeps want to be made to look like fools by Donald Trump? Aparantly multiple times.

    2. I agree let’s get down to the guilty and how much time. But u guys all know he will if he gets time he will get club med. federal prison. My husband calls it club med for top knot ppl.

    3. @Gary Streeter what universe are you living in? Trump and every single one of those closest to him, including his own children, are in VERY deep sh*t, and it won’t be long before all of them will end up paying for what they did

  2. Trump: “I never knew Alan all tha well, I didn’t know he was doing all those things behind my back. I mean If I knew that, I would have fired him immediately, but I never knew – I never had anything to do with what he did, I had no idea. I trusted him, you know? So sad.”

    1. I say this is BS trump knows everything he was doing. Ofcorse trump is going to deni everything. He’s a chicken. He’s insane.

    2. About as believable as “Melania? Melania who? I may have had a photo taken with her, but I never knew her. She claims to be my wife, but that’s just fake news.” ;o)

    3. @Sam Costa Boy, that really, REALLY smacks of EXACTLY what putin said about criminal hackers in russia.

    4. @RedAngelDragnet —
      Yup! Corrupt presidents who stick together sing the same songs and belong to the same choir.

  3. Trump: “Wiesel who? I never knew the guy. I met him once, maybe two times. Some people say he was a good guy. But I never knew him”

    1. donald the con has only one play book, It’s all my MONEY !
      I hardly knew the person I heard he nice ,good, lovely,beautiful guy.
      I fired them that’s why they are saying things like that about ME. ETC.
      ETC. ETC.ETC.
      You have heard all my ways I use to get away with things in the past.
      What do you mean it will not work this time ?

    2. @Arlo Dewald and he thought even as a president he could get away with that crap. money truly blows all your sense away . Not that that orange loser ever had any.

    1. @Dan Witzke Maybe he already has ? When they talked to the guy under him who knew lots of answers ? hmmm

  4. trump not only will throw weisselberg under the bus , he throw him under AMTRAK EXPRESS ( Acela ) .

    1. Haven’t you figured it out yet. You can only be around Treasonous Trump if you are willing to be criminal with him or at least tolerate crimes being committed.

    2. @78Terp So knowing him so well, as you obviously do, when were you convicted and when do you get out?

  5. I’ll believe that Trump will have to pay when I see it. The American Justice system is the most corrupt, convoluted mess I’ve ever seen.

    1. yeah the justice system is corrupt. Thats how Obamas FBI was allowed to spy on Obamas political enemies, the Trump campaign, using a dossier the DNC paid for through a foreign agent and nothing happened to anyone. Imagine the FBI under Trump spying on Biden using a dossier the GOP paid for through a foreign agent. I wonder what left wing media would be saying.

  6. I don’t think they’re going to flip, there’s no consequences for actions on breaking the law with the autocratic Society.

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