Trump’s Legal Storm: Key Money Man Speaks To Grand Jury 1

Trump’s Legal Storm: Key Money Man Speaks To Grand Jury


As the New York DA has been bearing down on the Trump Organization's money people, financial expert Jeffrey McConney has now faced a grand jury that may decide the fate of Donald Trump himself. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the latest in the investigation.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. we are in the month of june…what exactly is taking so long, i hope they are gathering enough information to have trump put away with no parole indefinitely.

    1. “…what’s taking so long…”? My guess would be that the current DOJ is going through the weeds left by the former DOJ. Once the problematic plants have been addressed. Harvesting can begin when it’s ready. Imho

    2. @g h fun fact: Your post has been up for 8 hours and only 1 thumbs up. Must give you chills eh?

    1. @Rob Champ What are you talking about??? Trump put an act in so he could do an insurection and not be charged?? What hole did you crawl out of?? Go back to school, so you can hav

    2. I was impatiently waiting for an investigation of AOC’s claim that racism caused climate change until I realized every time Joe or Hunter dropped the “Enn-Word” it started to rain Hennessey

    3. Yes there won’t be any plea deals because there won’t be any convictions . But keep your eyes on AZ there’s a lot of things happening there.. I’m really worried what if the MSM has been lying about the big lie I don’t watch Fox or the others but friends in AZ are saying it looks like real problems with the election…

    1. @Ex democrat. Trump Tampon

      “They” don’t know about what yet? That Republicans are Traitors and seditionists… We knew that.

      KKK Timothy McVeigh fan

    2. @Bill Woodard Actually I think he just made that up. That’s what they do when they get frustrated.

    3. @Richard MacLean Exactly. You don’t know anything except hate for republicans. You’re pathetic!

    1. Reminds me of waiting for the person in line ahead of me to get their paint color mixed when all I need is the off the shelf color shaken. Eventually we both get what we want.

    2. Speaking of rain, I was impatiently waiting for an investigation of AOC’s claim that racism caused climate change until I realized every time Joe or Hunter dropped the “Enn-Word” it started to rain Hennessey

  2. The DA is trying to make perfect case against Trump that’ll put him in prison for life. We need this Trumpism BS to end.

    1. Speaking of “ism’s”, I was impatiently waiting for an investigation of AOC’s claim that racism caused climate change until I realized every time Joe or Hunter dropped the “Enn-Word” it started to rain Hennessey

    2. @Augie Rockero No doubt! Just like the entire world had a sigh of relief knowing Joe Biden was elected.

      The Orange pustule is gonna have his day in court finally.

      NY NY Seeya in court donnie!

  3. Cohen said at tax time financial paperwork was spread out on the conference table and the door was locked.
    He was never allowed in
    So whoever had access to that conference room is guilty .

  4. I mean, we all watched his whitehouse in action. Same game plan, “everybody lied for Donald. Everyone”

    1. But what does Trumpet has that some people just turn into puppets?
      Glad there are a lot of people that can see trumpets true face. Trumpet is no good, from Trumpet comes no good the End.

    2. @Sonja Vargas It’s difficult when the MSNBS brainwash gets in the way, instilling resentment, hatred through misinformation and propaganda. It’s not your fault for being misled. Help is available. There is no agent orange.

  5. Prosecute the lot of this criminal family and co conspirators, accountants, lawyers, politicians anybody else like the regular Joe would be in jail over a few unpaid tickets ,this rich well connected criminals buy their way out, it should not be permitted

    1. @BlackJack!! 21 hi when you say bring it on would you be interested in a fair one on one MMA challenge winner gets $5000 or a nice civilised debate either way my friend would would get handled so please stop being a keyboard warrior because they is just what you are. Toodles

    2. @GeorgeFloyds Dealer How has “Resident Biden saved black people”? Trump helped all people with jobs, wouldn’t it be racist to only help one type of people?

    3. @Bill Woodard All I know is President Biden said Trump was going to put them in chains. Lmao ….I was being sarcastic…..but according to Biden he knows black people….or roaches as he calls them better than anyone.

  6. This is going to take a while because they want no loopholes, they want this to stick, and have a lot of evidence to prosecute. If one doesn’t stick add another till it does. Trump has been in court most his life divorce court bankruptcy court civil court and now criminal charges against him. I’m tired of his delay stall deflect attention from him but karma will eventually get him.

    1. @Phyllis Irwin Yes, but didn’t his supporters send him $250 million in 5 or 6 weeks? If they think there’s a chance he’ll run again, they’ll keep sending it in.

    2. Because he has squirmed out of everything, if he does the same with this, especially tax evasion, they might as well close the chapter on Trump. If the case is enormous and has too many twists and turns, not everyone in a jury will be able follow it — and a small hole or two that would normally be overlooked by the entire jury can become an excuse not to convict. Tax evasion is much less complicated than a RICO case.

    3. @B Bodziak doesn’t he have to give a lot back because of the auto checked boxes that keep taking on a regular basis rather than the one donation that was intended

  7. R*I*C*O cases have MANY tenticles, the more you find, the stronger the case. It’s coming, have patience and faith.

    1. @Lottie S yes you are ,you are stalking me ,for what reason ??because of a difference of opinion ?? pathetic

  8. A guy brings his car in for repairs, and the repairman asks, “do you want it done quick, or accurately?”.
    Justice is like that. If you want it done right now, you get less, but if you wait, you get more.

    1. @cookiemooshi We humans make devices, or in this case, systems that produce 2 piles. a desirable one, and an undesirable one. Like a car. It gets you where you need to be, then poisons the air. It goes really fast, but kills hundreds every year. The justice system is on of the most insufficient and broken ones we have, second only to our failed education system.
      Odds are, no, they won’t collect enough evidence to completely and with no doubt get an ex President/career tax evader. It’s just unlikely.

    2. I’m a little concerned that Vance chose to lead the investigation & convened the grand jury, but someone who’s never laid eyes on any of the evidence will likely take over in January.

    1. @joseph ressa “BIGLY joke was last pissident and still going,and going a laugh each day better than SNL.

    1. They won’t find anything worthwhile when searching for dirt on trump, he covered his tracks very well, member of the CIA and FBI since 1981, working undercover to put the mob away for screwing with the contractor, he played both sides for years , good luck screwing him over

    2. @TheHopetown I needed a little humor today, I would love to be on the inside track of the people who are in charge to listen to all the inside jokes it would be hilarious to hear and sad to know that they’re doing nothing about it

  9. DJT: Is that the light at the end of the tunnel ?
    USA: No, butthead, that’s on oncoming freight train and she’s picking up speed.

  10. No reason at all to doubt Cohen when he says everybody lies for trump. We witness them for ourselves nearly every day.

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