Trump's Legal Storm: Top Org Exec Called To Testify In Criminal Probe 1

Trump’s Legal Storm: Top Org Exec Called To Testify In Criminal Probe


A top Trump Organization employee has been subpoenaed in a sign the criminal investigation is intensifying and taking a closer look at Trump's inner circle. The New York Times reporting Jeffrey McConney, a senior finance executive at the company, has been called to testify before the recently convened grand jury. NBC News has not yet confirmed the story. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Maddow: “Like switching on a light and the cockroaches all scatter”…still a golden quip.

  1. “Possible this, possible that.” You mean… on top of all the thousands of crimes we already know he’s guilty of?

    1. Do people really not understand how the US legal system works? If someone is accused of something that doesn’t make them guilty in the legal sense (even if it is fairly obvious to everyone that they are in fact guilty in a responsibility sense).
      Evidence needs to be collected, subpoenas need to be issued, deals are made, all the evidence needs to be cross referenced, depending on the jurisdiction and alleged crime a grand jury needs to decide whether or not it goes to trial at all. If it goes to trial the discovery phase begins, when additional evidence is collected.
      If Trump stands trial before the end of the year that will have been quick.
      I understand that people are frustrated, because it feels like this takes a long time, but I thought the whole point was that we agree it’s bad that Trump doesn’t follow the law and now people seem mad that the law is followed when it comes to punishing him for it.
      The alternative is that we hear nothing about potential trials, until they actually start which will be a long time from now. If you prefer that, you are free to not just watch any coverage that doesn’t say “Trump indicted/on trial”.

    2. Its just a distraction from the bad job biden does, the fraud and to scare future patriots from running.

    3. @Creative Designation He’ll be dead before he gets to trial. He’s about to turn 75 & is in bad health. They’re going after his adult children.

    4. I know, really. This game has gone on for too long, even while being a president. Is this how easy it has been to defraud our government and all? And it was from the inside out. Trump, nothing but a drag for our country.

    1. That’s how it ends. The Trump family in a cell with Trump mumbling ‘Witchunt’ as the kids tell him to STFU already

  2. A 35 YEAR Trump org exec flipped. The “just a coffee boy ” defense won’t work for Trump , this time. Weisselberg should just give up Trump, at this point.

    1. @No Middle Name NMN I hope the prosecutors remember that, she KNOWS right from wrong and ridiculously tries to dodge out of it.

  3. All the people that were pardoned by Trump, have already committed federal offenses to put them back in prison!! Stone, Flynn, Giuliani, newness, etc. etc.

    1. @kc bh
      The thing is, he can’t demonstrate a single claim.
      Trumpers don’t need evidence.

    2. I am sure your kids are thrilled to hear that. That is some great parenting on your part. Bravo.

    1. For the Perp Walk modeling a one piece orange jumpsuit. Big round of Applause folks, is going to be re-instated in Rikers Island in August . mike the Pillow Salesman told him, so it must be true

    2. Brand New Tube, Lbry, Odysee, Rumble and Bitchute have un cen sored news: videos on these platforms: Plan demic parts 1 and 2….video: crimes against humanity Reiner Fuellmich….video: vir uses are not alive!….its about five g radi ation not a vir us….mamm. org that Stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates….try Duck Duck Go as a search engine….Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Rashid Buttar tell the truth about the va x on Brand New tube……

    3. @Spirit Miracle Brand new account selling the same old hokey bull$hit. The two ‘doctors’ you referred to are discredited quacks selling their own bogus ‘miracle cures’ and are long time anti vaxxers.

  4. Trump 2020: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”
    Trump 2021: “Prison. Guard. Jumpsuit. Cell. Bars.”

    1. Thank you for the one comment in this section that is not stupid.
      There might still be hope for humanity.
      Cheers, have a good day.

    1. @Jan Alexander oh, lets be couth – they should be BROILED BLACK AND BLUE, seasoned with a ton of manure they all seem to love so much.

      Thanks for your comment …, i needed that.

    1. Nice, perhaps too early for a mythical reference … However when a future Shakespeare writes about this in a couple hundred years it could probably be the underlying theme

    2. This is what happens when flawed mortals believe they are above the laws of God and humankind.

    3. Russia, Ukraine, China are among 100 countries with no extradition treaties with US. Also Saudi Arabia, which gave Agent Orange a gold necklace on his first overseas trip as prez.

  5. He is gaining weight big time!! He must be downing THE burgers!!! Stress is really getting him! His LAWYERS must be very busy!!!

    1. Stormy said he told her he has always hated to wear condoms. STD’s affect mental as well as physical facilities. OCD isn’t pretty.

  6. Does Weisselberg love Donald over his own Children..?
    State and Federal now truly understand how Donald “works”
    Tick Tock Goes the Clock on indictments Tock Tick …

    1. @BKR Thank you! You just read the Trumps’ minds. When The Desk of Donald J. Trump shut up and closed down, I knew this was enormous.

    1. Do not worry. The Democrats have a plan which is equally likely to succeed… They’re bringing back JFK.

    2. Trump knew he was in trouble long ago! He thought with Russia’s help, Putin and Trump would make it permanent for him to stay as a illegal president!

    3. Exactly. Every time the investigation goes deeper there’s another election audit

    4. @Hydrocarbon82 BUT he CANT do any of that, he is JUST a gobshite, he doesn’t have a brain, it is all image and a great big FAKE image at that

  7. Money laundering….
    From Russia
    I’d bet the farm on it.
    I’m sure there will be lots of other charges.

    1. You got a farm? If not, you may be on thin legal ground. . If you haven´t got anything that could be described as a “farm”, your best bet is to buy one right away!
      If you have got a farm, you´ll need to put it into escrow. There´ll be some considerable legal fees. Trump may help you out.

    2. Yep. Nothing that SOB Trump would do surprises me anymore. We’ve all pretty much known everything about Trump since the ’80’s. He was a failed businessman then with a large streak of larceny coursing thru his veins and he has remained so. He has learned nothing over the past 70 years. In fact I’d be surprised if he could tie his own shoes. All kidding aside, the man is a criminal who’s left a trail of failed businesses and unpaid debts flapping around him like the piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoes in that famous and revealing video. That news clip showed us all what his staff and senior aides really thought of him.

  8. The orange man thinks he is going to be reinstated in August, with any luck his outfit will match his fake tan by August.

    1. Bankruptcy is an old trick. They pay themselves big bucks as bonuses and put it on the tax payers. Every business Bush jr ran was put into bankruptcy…

  9. The ultrarich would rather destroy living for everyone and everything than obeying to laws of democracy.

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