Trump’s Legal Tsunami!: 45 Facing Pressure With Growing Lawsuits | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

Trump’s Legal Tsunami!: 45 Facing Pressure With Growing Lawsuits | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Citizen Donald Trump faces a mounting legal storm as lawsuits pile up against him from New York to Georgia, putting any presidential aspirations he may have at risk. Now, a rape accuser against the former president is working to keep her defamation suit against him alive. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the latest updates in legal mess surrounding citizen Trump in this digital exclusive. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Trump’s Legal Tsunami!: 45 Facing Pressure With Growing Lawsuits | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. He certainly is beyond serious, it bloody hysterical that he still screws his stupid base supporters.

    1. Y’all some stupid libbies. OMG, you actually believe all this drivel. The criminals are in your party, Obama, Hillary, Biden, Kamaltoe. Just watch and weep.

    2. @Cory Costanzo Biden didn’t say it. It’s the Foxed Up Reich Wing media that sold you people on the open border Qrap

    1. @Floyd Allyn – The last time I looked (in 2020) 17 of trump’s associates and appointees had been indicted for serious crimes. Number of indictments in Obama’s 8 years? ZERO!
      You have been long misinformed about R vs. D criminality by (surprise!) the many dishonest Republicans and right-wing news media primarily motivated by self-interest and money. Democrats aren’t 100% perfect either but, since they tend to be much more motivated by the desire to help others, they are much less likely to be criminals.

    2. @Floyd Allyn- Wow! I’ve now read more of your ignorant and mean-spirited comments. Responding to you with logic and factual information is a waste of time.
      I know there are good Republicans… but, clearly, you aren’t one of them.

    3. @Floyd Allyn that is a logical fallacy. (Doesn’t make any sense). I just listed criminal acts the nation saw Trump perpetarte on every legitimate media outlet (except Fox which is a propaganda machine) in this country and around the world. I don’t care if the Democrats walked on Iran’s back with high heels, Trump is still guilty. Abortion is not a Democratic issue, the country Republicans and Democrats and independents made it the law of the land. That is emotional hatred that the propagandists manipulate you with. It is a separate issue. Learn to think!

  2. Ari, I have been watching your show since beginning of the MAGA era. I thank you for your ethical and thought provoking coverage of the political and legal issues around American current affairs, especially in the context of equality and diversity in a modern democracy. Love from an Aussie in Ireland

    1. @Mags Browne I agree. The last administration was like trying to follow the plot of a massive 24 hour a day soap opera.

    2. @Raven Corbitt what happens in America affects the world. I’m Canadian and y’all have been making me nervous since Trump was elected.

    3. @Sue Mick for sure. We make me unbelievably nervous too trust me. It’s a strange place to be right now.

    1. @Jen Vicinity They’re a threat to U.S democracy and the democratic process. All who try to undermine it should face consequences. As it stands, nothing is being done to Cruz, McConnell and crew while they manipulate the ability to vote in their favour. Gerrymandering is not enough for these traitorous dogs. Something has to be done.

    2. They’ve been saying this for years and years and nothing will become of theirs they’re just blowing smoke up your rump this is propaganda you guys will realize it when five years go down the road and nothing happens

  3. I’m surprised he isn’t declaring he has won all these cases himself in the most spectacular way.

    1. @Jason Milton Your doctor can prescribe you some better drugs I’m sure. Your delusions seem to be getting even worse.. My, oh my how the crazies come out !!!!

    2. @Jason Milton Yes, you are right. The insurrectionists were hugging the Capitol police according to Trump. That’s what we all saw on TV, did we not? The usual explanation given by his minions is that he was joking. Not funny to me!

  4. “We don’t know specifically what he’s referring to, but…”
    Nothing unusual – trump doesn’t know either…

  5. He would like another opportunity to grift this country once again. We better do everything possible to make sure he never gets the chance to do so again.

    1. @Gloria K so?
      you mad?
      democrats are the violent nazi fascists
      everyone knows that
      no American even gives a care about Trump
      we dont need him
      Americans know we just have to get rid of every democrat
      by any means necessary

    2. @James Smith quit being ignorant
      the democrats burn loot destroy & murder
      you democrats are the problem

  6. I’m waiting & watching with the rest of the country for the Sound of the Jail Cell Clinking behind him

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck and only trump supports keep drinking to kool-aid. Go sit down clown.

    2. @Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!! really? Yet here you are lapping up the msnbc koolaid. Funny you can see it in others, but cant see your doing the exact same thing. Truly hilarious.

  7. We are sick and tired of hearing about these lawsuits!! We want to see the charges and him having to pay bail to stay out of jail. We clearly see many others who got processed swiftly, but the Trump legal process is like watch frozen molasses drip down a 1,000 foot cliff. Just give us some dates where we can expect to see him in handcuffs!! That’s what we want to see!! Help us!!

  8. Everyone in NY and New jersey knows not to do business with him. That’s why he moved to Florida…

    1. @Jason Milton STFU GQP lunatic. All repugnant Republicans are good for are outer space conspiracy driven insanity talk that never amounts to absolutely nothing.

    2. @Saitama Geo What is wrong with you! That’s disgusting! And NOT AMUSING! Go TROLL somewhere else fool!

  9. I hope these lawsuits wind up costing him millions of dollars in legal costs and damages to those suing him.

    1. @bob80q is that why he’s conning his supporters out of donations? Why take donations at all if he’s worth billions?

    2. @Tom Jennings His net worth is estimated at around $2-2.5B, but he still has all those pesky loans to pay off, around $1B. I guess he’s going to have to have a fire-sale!

    3. @Sheila Boston A man of honor would pay back all of the people who he short changed. I guess we’ll never see that day.

  10. I hope he gets put away for years, all his money gone, all his assets. Everything he owns. I’m so sick of hearing about this traitor.

    1. Hopefully, one day his supporters will wake up and realize or can admit that they have been lied too. Then perhaps, they can join together is billion dollar class action suit against this conman lies..

  11. My hear is growing too but nobody has step up to the plate and cut it off! All thus noise! When is the obvious crook going to face the courts and lose his freedom?

  12. Things are slowly starting to crumble around the big orange phony he needs to be held accountable for his crimes.

    1. @Eric Crapton • What are you talking about? What conviction? Wait until you’re sober to respond.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 when did Hunter Biden run for ANY public office? If you’re so concerned about him, why weren’t you equally concerned about the Trump miscreant children? How about those 26 rushed through Chinese patents or the millions of dollars in Chinese bank account?

    3. @Yvonne Tomenga 140 officer’s? I think it turned out to be 1 officer that died and I don’t think there were that many officers there and I have seen alot of different videos of the day you are speaking of I think only video you are referring to are the video that cnn and msnbc showed.

    1. Trump is going to end up looking like Phil Specter. A bald, old man in prison right where belongs. At his age he can just about bet he’ll end up exactly like Phil did……’ll be his last stop.


  14. All these growing lawsuits and investigations. When is he going to be held accountable for the terrible things he’s done.

    1. When every T is crossed and every I is dotted. These are extremely complex cases that take a lot of time to prepare. In this particular case, it does nobody any good if the indictment process is rushed. The cases have to be airtight.
      Any loopholes must be closed. And there are ways to present this type of quite boring evidence so the jury can understand the evidence, which is why they hired an expert.

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