1. @Mr Lemm all a plan to get humvees? Lol those will be useless within a month. They require constant maintenance

    2. @Crazier Things they were left high and dry because of Trump’s “peace deal”. Afghanistan started negotiating their surrender with the Taliban after Trump’s peace deal that didn’t even include the Afghan government. But every president bears responsibility for Afghanistan. This is way bigger than just one person. 20 years. I’m not saying any more about this, good day

    3. @David S. ha ha …..it does make you wonder though…70,000 Taliban and 300 000 Afghan Troops, apparently they just changed sides without a fight..now they have all the modern gear, I saw one on the news wearing an American helmet…. and what has actually happened to the Afghan army…….later mate…

  1. Last year, Trump and Pompeo handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban.
    So now, we have simply abandoned the Peoples of Afghanistan to the FASCISTS.

    1. @ahwm ahwm I’m having a tough time finding decent stories with Hunter’s $60M China connection, and all my searches for Trump’s taxes went no where. Can you post the title to an article I can use for a search string? YouTube doesn’t reliably post URLs, _Thanks!_ MAGA!

    1. It’s all about
      The 3 B’s!
      When it comes to the MSM!
      1. More Bombshell’s!
      2. More Book’s!
      3. More Bull Sh-t!

      And don’t Forget!
      The walls are closing in!

    1. Did you even watch the interview? It was about the deranged former president and not about Biden. 😂

  2. Still talking about Trump 🤣🤣🤣 while there so many other important things we could talk about like the virus

    1. Brandon: The virus was talked about twice in this segment. What is there to say about the virus that hasn’t been said before again and again? We all know about masks and vaccines and we all know about delta and lambda variants. We also all know that there are no repercussions for those who want to endanger their fellow citizens. When there is new information, it is reported, and analyzed on every media outlet. That is important. Admittedly, she and Jake are selling her book, but they make no bones about that. Anyone not interested in watching the commercial can go make a watercress sandwich while it’s on. In addition, anyone who doesn’t think that the possible return of Trump to the White House is important, either missed 2017-2020 or is trying to get everyone else to drop their defenses against him for 2024. Consider that the next pandemic might hit in 2026. Anyone think Mr. Trump will have learned anything from 2020 by then?

  3. I like presidents who don’t give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States and do not openly oppose the intent and letter of OUR Constitution.

    1. @Bill Hilyard easy for you to say when you don’t quote me. I’m not digging through 77 replies to see what tripped your fake news trigger. Try again, and I’ll paint ya a pikcha

    2. @Larry Jensen Trump did NOT allow paid hits on our service men. There were no paid hits on our service men, that was a totally fake story.

  4. I’m SO glad this is what we’re focusing on right now. Afghanis and Americans on the southern border are just feeling the empathy.

    1. Gotta take those QANUT meds, then America will welcome you back into society…stay away from CAPITOLS..GUNS..and YOUR SISTER

    2. @Mol Gee Fascism is on the right wing of what most consider the political spectrum, with pure Communism on the left.

      There are legitimate arguments that this spectrum doesn’t comprehend all political positions, so using the term “spectrum” doesn’t really help but still…your statement doesn’t make much sense.

    3. @GR Palmer Taliban has morenin common with conservatives and trumpers than they do democrats and its not even close.

      And it was Trump who invited them to Camp David on 9/11.

    4. Worst economy in thirteen years, authoritarian fascist laws being passed, teaching racism to children purposefully to divide the country, democratic governors raping and killing thousands, more kids in cages at the border than ever, Spox people blatantly lying over and over to cover their agenda for “good optics” and a senile leader that has brought a humanitarian crisis to millions of men, women and children all within seven months and all yall worry about is a rumor of the orange man running again? The left now is the most hypocritical pathetic insane group of people that has ever existed.

  5. I tuned into CNN to see what they think of Afghanistan. But they are still trying to get ratings of Trumps name. This channel will get Trump reelected.

    1. I just don’t get how someone could look at CNN and all the mess they’ve been in and think. This seems like a credible source. GET BENT CNN

    1. @Lilly Anderson sounds like Lily is hateful, jealous & insecure…

      You’re pointing a finger directly at someone.. flip your hand over darling, you got three fingers pointing right back at you

      I’m not even a Trump voter – I don’t really care.. haters suck.

    2. @TheFoolinthe rainn Have you tried rubbing dirt on it or walking it off? You say “haters suck”? The irony.

    1. @raymondwise If you aren’t, why are you spreading misinformation here in the comment section? Are you getting paid for that nonsense? Or are you getting high on spreading lies?

  6. How is this even a question?

    “Donald Trump has announced that he’s running in 2024 and is already actively campaigning. Do you expect Trump to run in 2024?”

    Only on CNN, folks.

    1. Umpalumpa Don is going to jail….can’t wait to see him in his orange jumpsuit….ironic really orange is the new black….

    2. Please please please run again, Donny.

      The only reason he won in 2016 was because he faced the 2 worst candidates since Dukakis – Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Trump and his 41% approval rating could not even handle sleepy Joe.

      Trump was a terrible candidate, and a terrible president. I pray he runs again in ‘24.

    3. @Matt Hooper And he still managed to lose. Only “won” the EC by 78,000 votes in 3 crucial states where the GQP has long suppressed the vote in crucial dem areas (and it was suppressed in many other states which could have easily flipped or gone to HRC).

      We haven’t had a legitimate repub potus since Bush Sr. in ’88. That’s how unpopular the far-right fascist minority party is, which is why they are trying to get rid of elections altogether.

    4. A traitorous monster? How? Oh is that Russian collusion bs that had zero evidence? You people have nothing more than as hominem attacks that are never grounded in reality or facts

  7. What is this woman’s credentials? What does she know about trump? Why are we even still talking about this guy?

    1. @Francis Lee maybe cnn should hire her then. At some point we need to talk about how bad of a job Biden is doing

    2. @Mrmarktwain01 Compared to Trump, Biden is doing a brilliant job. When Trump destroyed jobs and lives by his stupid foreign policy and disastrous handling of the pandemic, Biden let a speedy recovery, job creation and is finally ending a 20 year old war that 3 presidents including Trump couldn’t win. If Trump would not have done such a stupid deal with the Taliban without aligning with the American allies and without the Afghan government, the withdrawal could have been probably better prepared and not so hasty. Finally the US is also back in the Paris climate agreement trying to make up for four wasted Trump years.

    3. @Mrmarktwain01 Why not now? Why not you? Why just make an assertion? Because you can’t back it up, except with a bunch of opinion. You realize that if an elected official does stuff you don’t personally like (like the $1400 check you got but returned, right?), but which benefits millions of others, that doesn’t make said elected official a bad elected official. Try to step away from measuring a president against your own interests. He isn’t their to cater to one person, like a concierge on a first-class airline flight, assigned to look after you and you alone.

    4. @FELICITATIS LIBERTATISQUE Right… blame Trump on the hasty removal of US troops from Afghanistan ordered by Biden very smart.

    1. Justdiep I don’t watch Fox News either I just come here to feel better about my critical thinking skills. Y’all cnn viewers are the type of people that fall for cults.

  8. If CNN was unbiased they would also interview members of his family that don’t hate him but hey that wouldn’t benefit them

    1. There is no way they would go on here, cnn reporters would have a field day, the Trumps would only drop themselves right in all the s#÷t they’ve caused…face it, they haven’t got the intelligence to defend what they have done…

    2. That would be funny to see how other Trump family members would try to defend the disastrous results of his presidency ending with his attempt to ignore the will of the people and instigate an insurrection. But we won’t see that as they would be probably too ashamed or afraid to come to such an interview.

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