Trump’s Niece To Maddow: Trump Used Anti-Semitic Slurs And The N-word | MSNBC


  1. Just look at how his Administration treats young kids because they’re “brown”: he takes them away from their parents and puts them in cages FFS.

    1. My kids are brown and they’re treated fine. I worked for my money and now my kids are doing very well because I worked!

  2. The irony Trump said he’s the least racist on earth. Is like Esptein saying,” I am the least pedophile on earth.

    1. Oops. I read that too fast. At first, thought it said Einstein.
      Kinda freaked me out for a minute

  3. Cohen said as much when he testified in Congress. This is who he is and everyone knew it when they voted for him. He’s a reality TV host and people thought he was capable of handling problems of running a country. He’s a self entitled spoiled rich kid who has never been held accountable for anything his whole life.

    1. As a result, he is vulnerable to manipulation by some of the world’s dictators. Easy pray does not listen to his Intel.

  4. The “president” doesn’t use those words.

    Well, considering we don’t have a president, that is meaningless. How about trump? I bet HE uses those words.

    1. They got it wrong… Trump said “Siggers from Nhithole Countries”

    2. @Penny Mcgrath You live in a communist country now under the communist Trudeau. The worst president in history was Bush Jr. followed by Obama.

  5. The way he IMMEDIATELY said “So do white people” clearly shows he’s racist. That’s exactly what a racist would say do.. defend white people. A smart, caring person would’ve said “it’s absolutely a problem that needs to be addressed.”

    1. @pennless8 im indifferent on that situation. while i agree, her death was a massive mistake, her boyfriend was using her home as a pick up/drop off for a drug ring. the police, who shouldve announced themselves, entered the home and her boyfriend opened fire upon the officers, and they fired back. its a tragedy she was hit absolutely, but had the boyfriend asked questions with a weapon drawn, and then realized what was going on and put the gun down, things wouldve went differently. but we all know he wouldnt have put the gun down. people dont realize the pressure these cops are under, when they make SPLIT SECOND decisions.

    2. @Stephen Slattery I wonder if the debates will actually happen. I’m sure Biden s people will somehow try to get out of them . imagine what would come out of his mouth during a 2 man 90 min debate!

    3. So based on your logic, wouldnt the reporter be racist too for only questioning the deaths of black people but not white people?!?!?

    1. @Polly Ticks Since the majority of blacks don’t vote, he can take 100% of them and it won’t matter.

    2. @Live Life The majority of whites don’t vote. The majority of Latinos don’t vote and the majority of Asian Americans don’t vote. Your comment is irrelevant. In fact only about 58% of registered voters vote in a hot election year like 2016. 138M people voted. US population is 325M, that’s not even half. So what was your point?

    3. @Polly Ticks 40% of the voters only vote democrat. 40% only vote republican. 20% of the voters decide which of the two candidates wins. Seeing how the democrats have done everything possible to ensure those 20% vote republican, why bother with an election if for no other reason that to see if they lose some of the 40% of die hard democrats.

    4. @Live Life Biden has independents by 17% over Trump. You need to broaden your scope on politics. There are many bullshitters out there that like to dupe you.
      Here’s the truth from a credible pollster –

      FOX own poll has Biden way ahead of Trump –

      Regarding independents –

      Quote from market watch –
      Registered voters back the former vice president over the incumbent 52 – 37 per cent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released on Wednesday. The same poll one month ago gave Mr Biden a lead of eight points, 49 – 41 per cent.

      The poll suggested that independent voters were behind the shift. Back in June, independent voters were split nearly evenly between the two – *now Mr Biden leads 51 – 34 per cent.

  6. It is beyond my understanding why we can’t Fire Trump???? What a mess he has made of his term!!!

    1. @Brenda D Drastic times need drastic measures. America is in need of dire education. And the only people seem to listen in the Un-United States is to throw sh’t back in the faces of the ones flinging it in the first place. I apologise for being rude, but I’m not apologising for putting perspective on facts that are conveniently overlooked by a bunch of people riddled with whataboutism

    2. @M B well, we hope you were sufficiently entertained by visiting MSNBC to read the comments. 🙄

    3. @M B Ohhh you poor thing. Go do what you do best – shove your head back in your bibles after you’ve been to the gun club.
      The only racists are the people like you hypocrites calling other people racists for pointing it out. So I’m glad you’re seeing your racist face staring back at you.

      Only one problem with that – while you’re seeing your racism loud and clear because that’s the only thing coming out of your scungy brains, the Rev Al and others from all walks of life have been calling out the rascism as well as ………. rev your brain engine up child, I’d hate for it to seize up
      1 – Racism
      2- Inequality
      3- Fairness and equal justice under the law
      4- Murder and Police Brutality

      All those things that benefit not only the black lives, but you too dont you think you stupid twit?

      Im not finished yet.

      5) Housing
      6) Minimum wage
      7) Law reform
      8) Gun reform
      9) Electoral reform
      10) Immigration reform

      All those things YOU selfish lot don’t want on their behalf because YOU want it all for yourselves.

      Rest your brain. It must be smoking by now.

    1. @Susan Forbes He is the Chosen one for such a time as this…The LORD can lift or take down anyone he wants to in accomplishing his work.

    2. @justiceingeneral Nope…You have been watching to many Apocalyptic Movies..Antichrist is those who deny Jesus Christ came from GOD. The you have the False Prophet (False Religions) The Beast of the Earth (The System of Babylon) The SON of Perdition…(The last President) and the Beast of the Sea….

    3. @trocarcat So who created Ted Bundy, Mussolini, Jeffery Dahmer, The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, Hitler, Mao Se Tung, The Egyptian Pharaoh,
      King Herod, to name a few….

  7. Banning people from “s***hole” countries. He’s a specialist at finding names to bully people.

    1. @Ruth Harris That means nothing. Their is plenty of brainless psychologist amoung us. Mary had a vandetta against Trump because she was left out of Freds will because she did not like freds wife

      Trump is the best president in modern times saving America from the lib tards and he will win in a landslide !

    2. @YouTube Moderator Oil companies dump oil on perfectly good lands, making them into S***holes

    1. @L0nN13 This interview is about how Trump used racist words, only confirming further what a racist he is, regardless if he says he isn’t in front of the cameras or not. I tend to believe his niece Mary L. Trump 100 percent more than our so called leader, who lies every chance he gets. And to be honest, I’m not a Biden fan but, he is a person with a conscience and he’s not a sociopath. We need a leader that will lead the nation as a whole, not just who “likes” him.

    2. and anyone out there still republican should be doing so as well. Anyone with any strength of character has already abandoned the party.

    3. There’s an extra word there: any person that supports for Trump, should take a good hard look at themselves. White or otherwise.

    1. @Rose MarieThe only trouble with that, is that some folks can’t see the truth when it’s staring them in the face.

    2. That’s what Hillary told us during the 2016 election. Unfortunately millions voted for him knowing all his crimes and incompetence. Now they cant get rid of him as this cursed man is coming down and bringing the whole country with him.

    3. They do understand: power, privilege, position, and payola. They feel it’s all rightfully stolen & the people on whose backs they stand & whom they oppress, despise, chastise (every chance they get) are subhuman & do not deserve anything or belong anywhere—that’s been their collective code & philosophy for over 500 years, whether “consciously or subconsciously determined.”

  8. It’s not a revelation to me. From the start, 2016, David Duke Grand Wizard of the KKK was quoted as saying “Our people put Trump into office.” This was front page news. And no one cared.

  9. “They know they have a problem and don’t know how to solve it.” Well, I do know how to solve it, VOTE ✊🏼 it’s time to do what the Senate failed to

    1. Trump wins in a landslide. GOP holds the Senate and wins the house. Democrats screwed themselves. The debate is over

    2. @Edward Grant Did you even bother to listen to what was said in this video?? If you did, no way would you still support racist trump even a little bit!

    3. @Edward Grant Wow😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 tooooo funny. I can’t stop laughing. You got to be @#%$^ kidding.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I really can’t stop laughing, literally. You need to be a comedian. NOT.

  10. With everything 45 has said, and everything is dishonest coming out of this mouth I believe Mary Trump’s book. I will look for it and purchase it. Without reading it first.

    1. Gonna look for the book and purchase it without reading it first? This comment is a blind as everyone who follows these MSNBC “journalists” who just push a political agenda regardless of the truth.

    1. Because he doesn’t have to. Ever since the film footage of the 1960s, people classified as White have been telling themselves they were better than those southern racists hollering out profanities & throwing rocks—the textbook “racist variety.”

      But racism/white supremacy is not some incident, or series of incidents. It derives its power from the people who by their thoughts, speech, actions, emotional responses, patterns of logic, perception, symbol formation daily seek to structure and maintain systemic outcomes & power dynamics that lead to disenfranchisement, displacement, removal & genocide of human beings with melanin in their skin—in all 10 areas of human activity. The fact of their “unwillingness” to acknowledge what it is & how it works results in half-baked refinements which don’t produce Justice any better than the old chestnuts of 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 years ago did. The thoughts, actions, emotional responses of people in power, privilege, affluence are the most to blame.


  11. There was a crooked man who led a crooked life.
    He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife.
    He had some crooked children and son-in-law–a louse.
    And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House….

    1. Edward Grant We will, when we travel to anywhere else & the response is… … not enthusiastic—at best. Until they find out we’re Leaving! 🎉🎊🤸🏼🤸🏽‍♂️🎆🎇🎈Imagine the relief! 😂😂🤣😂🤣

    2. @Edward Grant Wow! I just thought that was creative and witty, sorry for the compliment! Carry on!

    3. I could not have said that better. Can we get that on a t-shirt? I will buy that for all my friends and family. Man baby pic at the bottom would take it over the top. Send that to Cris Cuomo or his brother . o would love to hear them say all of those words. It will go in the history book about him just like that.

  12. Why is this a stunning revelation? On the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, dozens of contestants have confirmed that Trump used racial slurs regularly.

    1. It’s “stunning” to hide the hypocrisy of the people reporting it from the people who are supposed to be too stupid to tell who is currently sitting on power, privileges, position, affluence & ownership.

    2. It’s common knowledge to us but it might be a stunning revelation to his delusional supporters.

  13. Malcom X Quote: “I think that the guilt complex of the American white man is so profound, when you begin to analyze the real condition of the black man in America, instead of the American white man eliminating the causes that create that condition, he tries to cover it up by accusing his accusers of teaching hate, but actually they’re just exposing him for being responsible for what exist.”
    Donald J Trump Quote: “Black Lives Matters is a Symbol of Hate”…

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