Trump’s Own Security Adviser Blames Him For Taliban Surrender

President Biden has offered his most forceful defense yet of the nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a withdrawal that most Americans support. At the same time, some of Donald Trump’s own top advisers are blaming Trump for much of the chaos now occurring in Afghanistan. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the situation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Well it’s true you can’t reason with those people and 20 years was enough time to leave and let them fight it themselves

    1. @Some Guy South Korea still has troops, slick! Do you know anything about the military and how it works? He took out the military before evacuating Americans. Imagine opening a restaurant, allowing In customers, but then lock the doors. He left them to fend for themselves. You’re obviously an individual that has never had to fight for anything in your day.

    2. @Arma Ellis That’s true. I wasn’t implying that only Muslims or people in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. can be terrorists. What I was trying to counter was the notion that what happens off the shores of the USA doesn’t matter and can’t affect the US in any way. “Let them fight amongst themselves” is a naive approach. Remember that the biggest terrorist attack on the US (in terms of number of casualties, at least) was perpetrated by foreign nationals, not US citizens. Again, I’m not trying to villify Muslims and downplaying MAGA here, I’m just saying that what happens outside of your country can (and will eventually do) affect your country on the inside (both positive and negative). The days of nationalistic isolationism are long gone, because of the global world we now live in.

    3. @Evie CD True, but there are always unscrupolous countries that will have no qualms about trading with them. Unfortunately.

  2. When George Bush wanted go into Afghanistan, he was warned by EVERYONE that it was unwise, and that it was only going to end in a hot mess. He decided to go in anyway, and here we are.

    1. @Diana C Duh huh Diana! Try to keep up. If you can read, IF, it has been shown over and over again how it is drumps fault. Are you in there? Lol 😒🙄

    2. @Daniel Webster
      Exactly. 45 released 5000 prisoners, now those prisoners, plus more are taking over Afghanistan. This is not Biden’s fault, he’s been in office 7 months 🤦🏽‍♀️ There was no clean way to exit.

    3. @Cindy Lynn

      Your comment is full of the usual lib rage and ignorant insults. Take a look in a mirror once and awhile and get professional help for the good of all. Soon

    1. @Grandpa Dude didn’t Biden just give Russia Billions by shutting down our oil industry and allowing Russia to fill in that gap. Not sure where you have been the last 12 1/2yrs. Has Biden not coward to China? Maybe because he sold out his family and the US!

    2. Why didn’t Obama get us out after “HE ” killed Bin laden ? That was the whole objective. Biden was against the war because he thought his son’ s time in Iraq caused his brain cancer .And who names their sons Beau & Hunter ? Is the daughter’s name ARROW?

  3. Back in 2005 the pundits were already saying this was going to be the exact kind of quagmire that Vietnam was. Everyone who thinks this is Biden’s fault has an attention span of 2 minutes

    1. @Jacob Wilson meh i dont argue with leftist anymore its not worth it. Idk if they got different educations or something but you give them the facts they dont say anything and then try to use bogus bs to support their claims..

      For me its simple.
      Did Trump have a plan? Yes
      Did Biden choose to do it his way? Yes
      So if Biden failed its his fault. If he had stuck to Trumps plan and failed he could then blame Trump.

      Did Trump have a plan for a pipeline? Yes
      Did Trump have a plan for a border wall? Yes

      Biden stopped both of those. So to say “this is Trumps fault” is beyond stupid because Biden proved he can stop those plans in the past. Biden is commander in chief and the most powerful man in the US and has full authority over our troops. He could have sent more if he wanted.

      Fact is he saw Trumps plan and didnt want to execute it cause it was Trumps plan and Biden thought he could be just as good as Trump doing things his way. He failed miserably. Now people wanna blame Trump? Dudes not even in power anymore so he cant call the shots.

      That would be like someone finding a notebook of a planned robbery…committing the act then saying “well it wasnt my plan” and the judges letting him go.

    2. @Toto Mango Well, as much as we’d like to call it a plot to get Mr. Natural elected, this embarrassment is really more dumb luck than anything else. Biden gave Taliban a great opportunity and they jumped on it. Let’s not give responsibility to those who don’t deserve it!

  4. Throw what you may at Biden……can I see a show if hands how many families want their children home for their precious loved ones ? Been there done that it’s not easy to miss family …..

    1. America leaving Afghanistan was the worst outcome to happen,now who will stop Taliban from using our own weapons left over there against us. Like it or not this will lead to WW3, not to mention both China and Russia could help in the takeover of America. That is my opinion and it can easily happen.

  5. Yeah like under Trump’s direction by having 5000 Taliban released about 1 year ago was a dumb move by a stable genius.

    1. @Lefty Loser The 5000 Talibans Rebecca talks about wasn’t fed by the US. They were in Afghani prisons, but the Taliban demanded those prisoners (including the leader of the movement in Afghanistan) released in return to stop carrying out attacks on Afghani government forces. What happened was that after Trump had negotiated their release, the Taliban broke their promise and resumed attacks on government forces. Nobody is saying that the US should give them free food, housing and medical care. That’s ridiculous.

    2. @Johan Nilsson well when you end a war, it’s customary for the POWs to be released. Do you think that Vietnam should have kept our POWs so they wouldn’t return to our ranks to “terrorize” again?

    3. @Lefty Loser No, of course not. The issue is the Taliban leadership have ties to al-Qaeda, which is a criminal organization. Also, why didn’t Trump release the remaining 30-something people in Guantanamo Bay, if all Trump did was to follow the rules of war.

  6. Even now you got to be partisans, open your eyes to what’s going on. This is bad for the world. Can we please put politics aside before it’s to late. Point fingers after problems get fixed

    1. Yes, it is bad for the world. It’s especially bad for the Afghans today. It shows the US to be weak and incompetent. The people over there were relying on us to support them. Where was the transfer of power? Americans were told to run and hide. Our enemies are emboldened not just in the middle east but worldwide.

  7. The major beneficiary of 20 years of war have been the defense contractors, the likes of Eric Prince and Blackwater, who operated in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    1. You are an aware and conscious man. Wish more Americans could see the duplicitous and deceitful actions of their representatives, and sickening cancer that are the lobbyists. Always out for themselves. No matter how many Americans die these scum control most of our representatives overtly or covertly. If things are going to change we have to bring that change. It won’t happen by waiting for it to happen all by it’s self.

    2. ​ @Matt Campbell Donnie abandoned the entire US to covid 19 so his profiteering cronies like Loeffler/Burr had time to attend the secret covid briefings and dump their stock before the market crash.
      Back when he was still calling covid a hoax and saying it would go away in 2 weeks,
      (but foolishly admitting he knew the truth to Woodward).

  8. I guess the Afghanistan leaders, thought the same. The Afghanistan leader left , and said “it’s time to end this WAR.”

  9. Watch Rachel Maddow show tonite…. Elizabeth Neuman vouched for Olivia Troy who claimed it was Stephen Miller who, with his racism broke down the Afghan visas. This is also with Mike Pence’s knowledge! Biden trying to clean up aisle 45 once again!

    1. I can tell you’re delusional. Biden is not trying to clean anything up. He’s too busy making a mess of everything he set before him. Your watching a lot of superbly crafted propaganda and carefully edited clips of Biden. He is making a mess, not cleaning up after anybody. He can barely speak or think.

    2. @Kristine Rodrigues ur! The delusional! GET OVER IT! ur master!/dictator is gone! FOREVER!!!!🤨👿

  10. Trump bragged about this Afghan exit plan; then, demands Biden resign for implementing it! After 5 years of hysterical laughter (99.99% horror-based) I can now claim an abnormal heartbeat. Thanks, M’Former!

    1. Donald Trump is not the one who left all of our equipment and citizens before pulling out the soldiers. The president did that. Joe Biden has had over six months to decide how to pull out and this is the best I could come up with.

    2. Trump started the pullout, it was Biden’s job to finish it properly, which he failed at drastically.

    3. @Casey Holliman you are so right. Buden and his crew were more worried about outting fear in the peopke about civid than doing what he should of done. You watch he will blame it on trump everything is hus fault biden never did anything right. Fir 47 years he wad a screw up. Snd Harris isn’t any different. Can’t believe there are democrats that believe what he says. In the end we are alk screwed . He has made a mess of in 7 months. He is the biggest fool I gave ever seen

  11. The war was unwinable 20 years ago. Instead of learning from, god forbid, history and the Russian debacle, the US govt tried to solve the unsolvable. This is not rep or dem, this is a lack of understanding of local and cultural history. And most of all respect. The us has long forgotten how to win the peace. We can’t even do it at home. Frustrating.

    1. Of course they couldn’t warned everybody. Everybody else first then pull the troops out at the airport could have been done before the Taliban ever attacked instead of just going to leave the American citizens there while pulling out locals I think I’m more about immigrants than they do American citizens as usual. American citizens in after vaccination non-citizens don’t even have to take a test for covid-19 bring them in and spread the virus around America

    2. The pull out could have ended much much differently and should have. As for what would have happened after that with the Afghans and Taliban governance probably would have been the same. But then they might have been calmer if the populace was not so stirred up and out of control. They were trying hard to take control. So it is possible all around it may have been much better.

    1. Trump probably knew lavish American finance enriched the klepto government and would sabotage the negotiations. Sure enough, Ghani fled with a couple of million bucks.

  12. Can you imagine if Biden had let loose 5000 taliban soldiers? Nice art of the deal Trumpty Dumpty….😑😕😐

    1. Didn’t Biden just give up Bagram prison? If I recall Trump didn’t abandon Americans in Afghanistan.

    2. Can you imagine if Trump created whe worst international hostage crisis in US history? Literally thousands of Americans left at the mercy of the Taliban, all because of Biden’s incompetence and ego.

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