Trump's Plot To Overturn Georgia Election Results Are 'Useful' To Investigation 1

Trump’s Plot To Overturn Georgia Election Results Are ‘Useful’ To Investigation


Rachel Maddow reports that a source close to the Fulton County, Georgia D.A.'s criminal investigation of Donald Trump for election interference says that the latest revelations about Trump's plot with Jeffrey Clark to overturn the results in Georgia are "relevant and useful" to that investigation. 

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    1. @Chris Thomas has not going to jail!! He will be president in 2024! If hunter biden has been under investigation for 3 years for tax fraud and money laundering… trumps not going to jail!!

    2. @Robert Emery tears from fascists? Lmao you’ve been watching to much msnbc and cnn I bet you never even knew what that meant till they started saying it!!

    3. @Chris Thomas I believe you’re talking about cuomo! Remember the gold standard on how a governor should be.. bidens words!!

    1. Wark Mahlberg Ha ha, if you had listened to Trump supporters interviewed at a Trump rally my friend you would have thought twice about posting this silly comment. One of them actually said Obama was responsible for the 911 attack because he was on the golf course instead of on duty at the White House during the attack. (Somebody will explain to you Mark why that was stupid)

    2. Wark Mahlberg Also Mark, age has nothing to with intelligence and the ability to make wise decisions, as you have just proved with your silly remark.

  1. If you can’t beat’m, cheat’m. If you can’t cheat’m, just conduct an insurrection and tell them you won. Awesome.

    1. @John Boze they recounted the vote in Georgia 3 times and every time biden came out with more votes. I understand that you hate the left but you shouldn’t have beef with common sense.

    2. @Chauncey Chappelle you really thought the my pillow guy was going to prove the election was stolen? trump and his top republicans couldn’t even do it. And the best part was that so many of the judges were appointed by trump and they still lost.

    3. @Cid Sapient you and the pillow guy shouldn’t hold your breath because we’re still waiting for all the other predictions you’ve all screamed and threatened

    1. @Grateful Fredly You know someone is already working on the rights to The raid on Maralago tv series I think Louis CK could play Trump

    2. @Lee Garry “Attorney General Letitia James is not playing! You see what happened to Cuomo?
      she caved on her investigation into cuomo putting covid patients in nursing homes?
      yea i see shes playing for a promotion from the democrats and biden, the person who ordered her to stop

    3. @Ronnie Tags the Georgia secretary of state, months after the fact, admitted to finding illegal ballots in the form of either dead or double votes, in the thousands of votes.

    4. @ryan morris georgia secretary of state, months after, admitted to illegal ballots in the form of double or dead votes. An audit of the voting machines in michigan concluded that there was concrete evidence of manipulation. Further more, there are more than one video tapes of various poll workers scanning ballots multiple times. Many of these things and much else, such as the physical ballots themselves not meeting standards, have been presented to states congress. States congress in the states audited, have NOT given a reasonable breakdown or follow ups on how these audits are wrong. There only response to this evidence presented in these hearings(i suggest you watch some) is, “there is no proof of fraud”. A dumb response by both parties knowing full well the average citizen is not keeping track of this, and then shouting down the small number of people that are. If there is a valid argument against what is presenting in these hearings, ill gladly accept joe biden, but there has not been. Only, because we said so, trust us we are in charge.

  2. The Jeff Clark facts aside, how could the investigation started at the conclusion of B. Raspberger taking the call from Trump to find 11k votes be “COOLING OFF?”.

    1. @m6a1 u So i guess you didn’t do a simple search. What’s wrong the other Russia troll couldn’t handle it.
      Lmao .

    2. GA is in big trouble. Trump gave them a chance, now the forensic audit will show the real “big lie”.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis be prepared it’s all coming out. AZ is finished with the canvassing, ga is next for the audit, then pa.

    1. @Scahoni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who going argue with a 🤡? The only thing that a 🤡 do is embarrassed themselves. Hi, 🤡!!!

    2. @Scahoni Trump didn’t ban travel from China. He restricted it. big different. The U.S. restrictions that took effect Feb. 2 continued to allow travel to the U.S. from China’s Hong Kong and Macao territories over the past five months. How do we know that? He could NOT STFU about it. Reading is also hard for you 🤡 I bet you think Hong Kong is located on the moon.

    3. @Scahoni really, news flash we are still under Trump’s budget .
      Anything that Biden has planned and a Biden budget doesn’t start until 2022.
      The only thing he can do, is what can be done by executive order or national emergency.
      The U.S. budget is finalized in October.

    4. It is thickening, The stack of illegal GA votes… found..
      Can Rachel count to over 1000.?? Over 1000 illegally rescanned ballots in GA and the vote did not match ballot count by more than 1000 plus. Its called voter and poll worker fraud! Everyone knew it! It wasn’t a plot! It was a very legal and moral request to remove illegal ballots and rescans in GA, which number in the 1000s in GA. If you include invalid signatures it is in the 10,000s! A fact in a vault waiting for the forensic audit! Does Rachel approve of illegal rescans! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!

      The uneducated poll worker ballot count error rate in GA is higher Rachel’s ratings!

      There were 1000+ ballot-less votes in GA! If Rachel knew how to count she would realize many poll workers actually committed fraud during the count on election night!

      Can you count to 1000+ Rachel?
      Are you ok with 1000+ illegal votes?
      Are you ever going to report that 1000+ votes in Georgia were illegal rescans by a collection of poll workers.
      Why are you not exposing poll worker rescanning votes illegally. You are a joke!

  3. The Trump – Clark criminal conspiracy is highly relevant to the Georgia prosecutors as it confirms a pattern of criminality .

    1. @Croakin Joe He just annoyed me man. Just a completely ignorant geezer. No thought for anyone else . Love American politics by the way. Completely bizarre. Never seen so much open corruption. It’s very entertaining

    2. @Brit
      How does it feel to be “fully matured”
      in your communism, so that you
      can’t handle what others’ say ???..👈😁

    3. Spanky J Bonespurs: “Come on guys! Fellas!!! Look, all I need is 11,780 votes. Just say you recalculated or something!” 🍊🤡

    4. @Steve Stifler your not far wrong. Not too sure about him running again but he’ll carry on grifting . It amazes me how people can’t see through him. Your country is in a little danger though.

    1. @cheryl begue exactly i love the truth. Which is something u hate stay mad karen i wear my color’s proudly “red white blue” stay mad karen

    2. @Enyo Theios the irony here is that leftist Democrats are accusing their opponents of what they are currently doing….. your type of false rhetoric is extraordinarily dangerous

    3. @Treson Saint Yes, what you are saying IS very dangerous. People actually believe that garbage you just spewed, even though the host who told you that went to court and had a defense of, “I lie for a show and people who believe me are stupid”. But, I’m sure you’re smarter than to actually take ANYTHING they say on Fox News as actual fact, right? People like you are becoming the next generation of Nazis, and you’re too ignorant and uneducated about history to realize it.

      If it wasn’t for Reagan repealing the Fairness Doctrine of 1949, OAN, NewsMax and Fox News wouldn’t even exist. After repealing the FCC ethics guidelines, it cleared the way for the NAZI disinformation rhetoric to return. Half truths and outright lies has been the norm for every conservative media outlet since the early 90’s.

      Although, I’m sure you have some conspiracy about reptilian alien cannibal cabal pedo eatery pizzaria something or another Q Bert. Or maybe you reject half of the conspiracies from your “research” and “sources” and you think the Bilderbergs are out to get you!

    4. @Enyo Theios America First. They didn’t even bother changing the name. Nazis in the 30s and 40s, Nazis now. You speak a lot of truth. Good day to you, sir.

  4. If we let this go, we might as well be inviting another Coup attempt? And another? We have our, “Republic, madam, if you can keep it?” Well, can we? Do we even have the will? . . . Why are these plotters walking free? To continue plotting? . . . 🤷‍♂️

    1. Agreed. This has to be purged clean before we move on. Wiped clean. Everyone must be held accountable

    1. no they are not all corrupt the wheels of justice move slow facts need to be gathered i’s dotted t’s crossed
      you want it done right the first and only chance you get why? because JUSTICE MATTERS!

  5. Any other Country in the world, the leader of a failed Coup d’e’tat would have already been rewarded with 21 lead metals delivered at high velocity.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis
      Nobody’s talkin’ to ya “bruh”….👈😁..

      Have you figured out “why” ?….👈🤣….

    2. @Croakin Joe so what? YOu act like its some big deal, I said what needed to be said and so did they

    3. @Kay Zee you need to go take some grammar classes, your structure is horrid and you make NO sense.

    1. Hello ?……in the kitchen ?…👈😳
      I’m Joe Biden…..👈😁…..

      Can you please move
      my “walker” from the desk
      over here to my chair ?…..👈😁….

      Thank you dear…
      here is a “nobel peace prize”
      for your efforts….👈😁👍….

    2. @kenneth fox
      Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….👈😁….

      …and “progressive” teaching
      methods have produced “results”,
      that have “progressed” from
      “1ST 👈😁👉 to 23RD”
      in world rankings….👈😁….

      …..😳… ……🤔….

    3. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…..👈😁….

      Can somebody from my cabinet
      show me where China is,
      on a map ?….👈😁…..

      Thank you sir..
      Here is a “nobel peace prize”
      for your efforts….👈😁👍….

    4. @Croakin Joe I’m sure that Joe Biden has more important things to do, like dealing with politics and Trump, than to read and respond to my comments. If anyone should go away, it should be you. You really are bored with life, aren’t you, to take so much time to make an issue out of this.

    5. @kenneth fox
      Try to make a comment “WITHOUT” 👈
      😁👉 that “voice” in your head
      saying, “Orange Man ‘Bad'”….👈😆…

  6. Trump has spent a lifetime avoiding the laws of the USA, looking for every loophole starting with his Father’s hereditary education on how its done. In effect he has done nothing less his entire life. Guess what Trump? Times up, and the law the is equal to all. Your about to find out what most of us call consequences! Something you’ve escaped from birth.

    1. @Cid Sapient Just like trump who wanted to send DOJ against SNL for making fun of him? That’s fascism. And obviously your trying to hijack the word that you don’t know the meaning of it, poor little snowflake. 🙂

    2. @Cid Sapient Just like trump with a failed coup, and harming anyone on January 6, 2021 when he lost the 2020 elections? And sending threats to anyone who disagrees with him? Double standard, hypocrite much. LOL

  7. The ‘REAL REASON’ TRUMP wanted to remain President even though he lost, must be exposed, investigated & if found to be unlawful, prosecuted to the full extent of the law…⚖

    1. @Sultan of Rum Why not..? if John Gotti, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Cohen and Harvey Weinstein can go to prison (and they did), then so can Donald Trump.

    2. @Gary Hart Now comes the time when you actually prove your allegations. So far, you’ve never done so.

    3. It seems pretty obvious to me.. trump had no real evidence (by real evidence I mean proof that would prove anything/hold water in court) of anything illegal, so he made up a bunch of nonsense about election fraud, because he wanted to stay potus/ immune from from prosecution for his alleged tax fraud. Avoiding tax fraud penalties might be the whole reason he ran for potus in the first place xD

  8. Why is the “Head Career Mobster” still on the loose? Connect the (2) dots, Head Mobster to Clarrk which equals “Conduct of High Crimes” to forward the criminal door to open.

    1. There are way more than 2 dots leading to the imprisonment of Trump. It’s insane how many crimes he hasn’t been held accountable for atm!

    2. @Derrick Wolters They’re afraid to prosecute him. Trump has probably told them “If I go down, then I’m taking you with me.” Trump knows the names of some very powerful people who were clients of Jeffrey Epstein. He has no doubt threatened to expose them, if they actually prosecute him. No other explanation makes sense. Notice how we haven’t heard anything at all about Gislane Maxwell, despite the fact that she’s been in custody for nearly a year..? Think about it.

  9. It seems to be an obvious attempt to execute a coup against an elected official and defraud the voters. When will charges be filled.

    1. Good question. every single day, the media rambles on and on about Trump’s numerous crimes… but never do they tell us when Trump will be indicted.

    1. @Fried Chicken if this is true why wouldn’t he do it now instead of later? He’s fresh into his term. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time since democrats control the house, senate and executive branch? Boy I swear, you Biden deniers AKA that Trump supporters will believe anything.

    2. @Terry Jones

      Stupid talking points!
      You need a handout alright to get your life back in order . Your and AMERICAN.
      Not a cult following trader.
      Just stop it will ya.

    3. @Max Power You do know Dominion was created , controlled main head office in Toronto Canada , with many sub head offices ..btw you do know Federal Elections Canada will not use dominion

  10. This is why HR1, the “For the People Act” was so important. This would have curtailed or prevented 3 things needed to control elections and ensure a Republican executive branch advantage and a majority in most state legislatures and the U.S. Congress. 1 Appointment of partisan electors 2 Voter suppression laws 3 Gerrymandering. This is enough of a threat to make the Republican party able to use “Faithless Electors” to choose a presidential candidate that was not elected by the voters. They would be capable on a state and federal level of preventing any laws they do not want to pass and passing any laws they choose. This would be a fascist one-party state. This is still happening right now, and most of the country doesn’t see it. We need to change course now.

  11. If this was a poor or middle class person they would already be in jail with no bail, this country is an embarrassment and the government and politicians are to blame.

    1. Exactly!! Minorities languish in prison for far lesser offenses while the system makes sure white privilege a-holes get a fair trial!! INFURIATING !!!

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