Trump’s Police Defense Falters As Videos Shred Misleading Arrest Reports | MSNBC

Trump's Police Defense Falters As Videos Shred Misleading Arrest Reports | MSNBC 1


In a special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on how local pressure and a damning video forced the resignation of Rochester’s chief of police and other command staff. Melber puts the police killing of Daniel Prude in the wider context of other police reports that proved to be misleading or false – which undercuts some recent claims by Pres. Trump and A.G. Barr deferring to police accounts in arrests — and explores how these cases inform approaches to police reform. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 09/09/2020.
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Trump's Police Defense Falters As Videos Shred Misleading Arrest Reports | MSNBC

64 Comments on "Trump’s Police Defense Falters As Videos Shred Misleading Arrest Reports | MSNBC"

  1. End qualified immunity!!

  2. I worked in healthcare with disabled adults some who were at times hard to control but we don’t need weapons!

    • @Brian Bailiff lol no we do not. I worked in a school and home setting. When they flip out you got two choices. 1.) Verbal deescalation or 2.) Physical redirection. The physical redirection usually means state approved restraints using 1-3 trained individuals. They are designed to not restrict airflow. Oh and police have plenty of non-lethal options to use. Tasers work just as good as sedatives.

    • Its funny how idiots like you project everything onto your little meaningless lives. How many of you, rubber room nurses, have been killed by your patients last year? Last month? Last week? MORONS!!!

    • @Ginger Kenchel lier?

    • @Ginger Kenchel you keep threatening what you’ll do to someone but never give your address. Again this is an old thing going on not just since Biden/Harris so stop with the stupidness.

    • That is the stupidest , ill thought scenerio ever. Good luck in OZ. Hope there is a lot of poppys to keep you dillusional. May you never know the reality.

  3. Stop letting them resign!! They have to be fired or else they’ll just go one town over and get a job in law enforcement again

    • Renee Boswell Poetry | September 16, 2020 at 10:29 AM | Reply
    • @bofhvp because he can get paid, qualified immunity, and investigate himself innocent for doing so.

    • @allaredumb unfortunately this man didn’t resist in any way so mute your BS. They chose to be a pig knowing what it involves. Look at the very people who sign up for military service. They don’t go around killing anyone they feel is a threat. Police should make the same salary as the real heroes. How many firemen lose their life each year saving innocent people. What police are doing is what firemen would be doing if they let someone burn because they feared for their lives.

    • @Roe Aspen always someone else to blame , a great thing

    • Strawhat. I said this a year ago. They resign with no liability. Go to another police station and get rehired.

  4. Cops know who the bad cops are. The fact that they haven’t done anything about them is the problem.

    • Lindsay Johnston | September 16, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      Police departments need civilian supervision

    • Renee Boswell Poetry | September 16, 2020 at 9:33 PM | Reply

      Lindsay Johnston

    • Terrance Pickens | September 16, 2020 at 9:35 PM | Reply


    • Renee Boswell Poetry | September 16, 2020 at 9:42 PM | Reply

      Terrance Pickens

    • Democrats in America are destroying my country Mexico and there country by allowing criminals drug cartels and human traffickers to cross easily without much trouble in and out along the border they became stronger and richer and committing murders and crimes by the Minute here in Mexico in my grandparent’s village in the late month of April, they lined up a group of young and old village men who complained to the authorities about a previous case with this cartel so they round them up and killed them in front of their parents all this power they have I blame the Democrats whom making it easy for them to do their crimes and they are destroying the US in the same time I am not American but The government in America should not give U.S. citizenship to all those who ask for it, they should make it almost impossible to obtain citizenship, only give it to those who will benefit the United States and its people. the salaries of a lot of workers have been cut because of The lack of budgets and the large amount of spending due to the huge lye of the population cannot cover it, the lower the population, the more well-being they are, look at the countries that are rich and have a small population that does not allow anyone to obtain their nationality easily like Qatar because of the small population and the fact that the country is rich, although it does not come up to even 10% of the American budget, but the average per capita income for every Qatari citizen there is $16,000 per month.
      The Democrats
      who attacked the legitimately elected president Donald Trump Since the first day of his election and they did not rest every minute and hour passing on Trump in the White House they are accusing him of the most serious accusations and looking for anything to harm him, although they criticized and attacked him and even try to impeach him when they accused him of looking for something to accuse Biden and his son, they are really two -face people, and watch out for them they are going to destroy the American economy because what happening now that they can’t handle, no president in the world has raised his country’s economy with such a burden as Trump before the Coronavirus and the collapse of the economy in all countries of the world because of it

  5. They take a person’s dignity, that’s there disgusting weapon on Citizens.

  6. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

  7. Cops need to be held personally, legally and monetarily responsible for their actions just like the rest of us. No more hiding crimes behind the badge.

    • @you’re stupid like the 13 year old autistic boy they shot? YOU’RE STUPID !!

    • Phinneas Bluster | September 16, 2020 at 10:47 PM | Reply

      John Parks This has nothing to do with the woman’s body. This is another body inside the woman’s body. Murder is murder is murder. If A woman doesn’t want to have a child then she should take refrain from intercourse, take birth control or take the morning after pill. End of story. Your argument is totally flawed. If you don’t believe me check in with God

    • @Phinneas Bluster do you know that an over dose of PCP wouldn’t allow you to get naked, go in the street and dance or whatever he was doing. Most people who smoke PCP don’t even finish the joint before the high is on. Most have to go back to the place they smoke at to find the rest of the joint. Those who have been addicted for years know how much they need and can hold their composure. I’ve never known of a person who has overdosed on PCP. I guess it’s possible but you wouldn’t walk anywhere it happens to be an animal tranquilizer. Free education for dummies.

    • Phinneas Bluster | September 16, 2020 at 11:12 PM | Reply

      Tony Gutierrez I’m not replying to you. You’re a despicable excuse for a human being. America doesn’t need the likes of you.

    • @Phinneas Bluster plz tell me im wrong…i need entertainment…

  8. I have no empathy when cops ends up on the other side.

  9. Lying on a police report should disqualify police from qualified immunity.

  10. Lack of humanity is a serious issue in this world.

    • No it’s hate they are humane towards white people

    • Matthew Heckman | September 16, 2020 at 8:02 PM | Reply

      Naw there’s too much humanity…. Humans are the worst species to ever happen to this world

    • @Matthew Heckman That is why God has had enough of us. No Queen, King or President could stop people from polluting our air, our waters and most of all stop populating with disregard for the children they were blessed by God through killing them (abortion). Watching the hurricanes coming one after another. Watching uncontrollable fires in several states (calling them unpresidented).
      God has had enough of this world. The backbiting over who will be president has become an anger point with God. Think about it. Covid was no where in the world and then all of a sudden it has spread all around this planet!!
      God says “I have had enough of this wicked and self centered world. Everyone wanting to be king? I AM THE KING of All!
      So now watch this! Lookup Laminin and you will see My sign in every cell of your bodies. I ( GOD) hold you together like no other bond can. When you see what LAMININ does? Many will still not see.

  11. Sounds like all or most of the OFFICIALS were unfit to serve the general public.
    I bet this happens all over the nation.

  12. Your Big Head Cousin | September 14, 2020 at 3:35 PM | Reply

    9 officers on the scene of the MacDonald shooting falsified their reports to protect the officer. Guess how many of them suffered disciplinary measures.

  13. That police chief has higher ups he has to answer to. That’s why they do what they do. So from the top on down they are dirty.

  14. Duncan Geraldine | September 14, 2020 at 8:05 PM | Reply

    And you wonder why when the world sees something like this people go off people have no feelings what happened to the police it’s a shame

  15. And most egregiously they said that Breonna Taylor has no injuries.

    • KalypsoKRUZ🌻 | September 16, 2020 at 8:07 PM | Reply

      Renee Boswell Poetry Thank you, sis. I truly enjoyed watching your video! ✊🏾

      Chief stop lying Breona didnt shoot at anyone let alone a cop and she wasn’t selling drugs this is an outright lie on your part

    • @Jim Knight you’re absolutely right. But she let her drug dealing b.f. stay there to sell drugs. And hes the one that shot through door.. you’re right, I should’ve been more specific. But she wasnt an angel.. if anyone should be mad, they should be mad at her b.f. not the pigs

      Ok wait Kenneth Walker wasn’t selling drugs out of their apartment Kenneth Walker doesn’t have a criminal record
      The cops came to Breona apartment because they thought that she had drugs drug cash in her place because they saw Breona ex boyfriend walk out the door with a couple of packages and from what I understand the packages turned to be clothing and shoes

    • @Jim Knight dont forget how he was exonerated of attempted murder charges after he returned fire AS A LEGAL GUN OWNER

  16. He was killed in front of a faith based building butt naked. “God Bless Ya’ll ” I mean it…

  17. As long as the bosses and the union back the abusers this will continue.

  18. The Mayor needs to go. No way was she kept in the dark.

  19. Clementine Jackson | September 15, 2020 at 10:25 AM | Reply

    The BLACK mayor knowing what is going on in the country has THE RESPONSIBILITY OF VIEWING THE VIDEO.

  20. I challenge the sheriff who challenged labron to point out his bad cops

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