Trump's Political Hiring Practices Complicate Gov't Agencies Under Biden 1

Trump’s Political Hiring Practices Complicate Gov’t Agencies Under Biden


Rachel Maddow shares reporting by Bloomberg News that a losing congressional candidate, Katie Arrington, favored by Donald Trump who was installed at the Pentagon is now under investigation for disclosing classified information, just the latest example of why federal agencies under Biden can't simply press ahead without dealing with the toxic legacy of the Trump administration.
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    1. @Two Black Labs you just paid Erica. She gets paid because you gave a lengthy response. Go back, read the thread. She said ” pay me” and you just did.

    2. ‘A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow’s Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts
      “Maddow’s show is different than a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news,” an Obama-appointed judge ruled.’

    3. @Dennis Harrell I don’t give a sht if you don’t believe me, crybaby. It’s a court ruling by a judge.

    4. Best description of the trump administration I’ve seen. And the most accurate too. And you can believe more is going to come out. Which of course is going to cause further damage to trump. And send his loyal base into a frenzy. And become a complete embarrassment for Putin. And sooner or later he’s going to have to shut down trump and his entire family to avoid further damage. And I’ve figured out one way. And it’s clean and unable to be traced back to him or Russia. Despite all the speculation. And trumps base of course won’t be smart enough to figure it out. And it will be done in a way to make it highly unlikely the truth can ever be proved. And let’s be honest for one minute. If trumps supporters were to attempt something stupid again. It would bring a flood of information that would not only hurt trump and his kids. But would cause damage that would take decades for Republican congressional members and Senate members to repair. Their loyalty to trump is going to come back and bite them in the behind. With a great big old bite and a huge chunk taken out. And of course they will deny and lie. But what they will fail to realise is there will be proof. It might be gathered under devious means. But it will be obvious to anyone who hears it to what the meaning is. And it’s going to send the GOP and the conservative movement into a rage and damage control to the tentn power and beyond. And cause the GOP and the conservative movement to go into a rage to be outed and exposed for placeing their own selfish ambitions above their own selfish issues above the intrest of the intrest of all the people of this country. And will expose them for what they are. Loyal to their themselves only. And their corporate donners for their own selfish intrest.

    1. Biden — who will sit down with Russian leader Vladimir Putin next month in Switzerland for the first time as president — was asked by reporters Tuesday why he was allowing the pipeline construction between Russia and Germany, despite it undermining NATO and American interests.

      “Because it’s almost completely finished, number one. The idea that anything that — and it’s not like I can allow Germany to do something they’re not,” he said.

      The president said he has been opposed to Nord Stream 2 from the beginning, but it was “almost completed by the time I took office.”

      “To go ahead and impose sanctions now, I think, would be counterproductive now in terms of our European relations. And they know how strongly I feel. And I hope we can work on how they handle it from this point on,” he told reporters as he prepared to leave the White House en route to Delaware Tuesday.

    2. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen – You do know that that case brought by OAN was dismissed by the judge, who found that she did not in fact defame OAN when she called them Russian propagandists. She countersued and was awarded $250,000.
      If you are going to come on here and write stuff about her, you better get your facts straight, she might sue you for defamation.

      I think you must be referring to Tucker Carlson, his own defence lawyer said that no rational person could mistake his opinion show for news.

    1. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen No, you offerred your unsubstantiated claim. You wouldn’t accept it if I tried that. Post a link to the story if you want to be taken seriously.

  1. The supreme court is the most corrupt and perfect example of this behavior anyway. Judges are appointed not really to be fair, but to support the party that puts them there. And now since McConnel is a crime Boss look at what we have…

    1. At least someone is paying attention, this is why the entire Republican Party supports Trump and he will never be charged with any crime.

    2. @studivan oltedders is correct. Repukes can no longer protect him. You’re also correct, though. He’ll never see any jail time because he’ll simply throw his children under the bus.

    1. @Mister Smith
      So, a crime committed invalidates a cop? A particular officer? An officer who got reelected as chief of police over your favorite? Or the validity of policing?

    1. @Gary. They all need to be fired. They cannot be trusted, and rather than spend more wasted time and taxpayer money, there needs to be a clean sweep. Gone, Gone. Gone. No need to take a chance, and it is hard enough to keep track of any current moles, much less worry about Trump appointees. Rs would fire every Democrat, that’s for sure. This will be another costly, drawn-out drain on the system. She already has a lawyer screaming lack of due process. She’s just suspended, but lawyers up? I mean that’s her right, but if she needs a lawyer, there must be some compelling evidence. Omg it just never ends..

    1. many trump appointed judges were impartial during trumps voting suits, when they wanted states to turn over only the presidential vote in states where republicans won, and all votes where republicans lost. you know, the suits with no actual factual bearings? i can believe some trump hired people will be just fine employees.

    2. @dave chongle cy Vance = another Democrat failure! Ahahahahaahahhahahahahhahhahahahhahahahahhaahaaaaaa

  2. Trump and McConnell corrupted every department, every branch of government (judiciary, especially) as best they could. This is what happens when partisanship overwhelms the Oath to the Constitution. Trump/McConnell’s rule was disgraceful and authoritarian in every sense. History will record this, and these names will live forevermore in infamy.

    1. @JVS 3 Of course it’s propaganda. “Based on actual information” is still NOT actual information. It’s taking a kernel of truth (like any good propaganda or lie) and twisting it around to fit one’s existing narrative. MSNBC and FOX both do it and hey’ve both had court rulings stating they do not report the news

    2. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen agree these political talk shows are not “news” shows. The difference between Maddow and those on fox is she actually works her show using facts and true events. Fox uses false and inaccurate information and spins it into an entertainment format and present it as fact.
      Propaganda is to manipulate recipients into believing falsehoods. Maddow uses her show to sway people based on facts not falsehoods or lies (fox).
      People who want “news” watch/read “news” sites that are “reporting the news events of the time.
      Most people who watch Maddow know it is not a news show but a political show. Where as fox audience “believe” they’re receiving truth and “believe” the entertainment falsehoods/lies.
      Again the difference is one is taking actual news (political) events and presenting it in an “entertainment” way.
      And the other is using falsehoods and lies disguising it as real to “manipulate” its audience by feeding their anger, hate, prejudices, bigotry, racism, resentment, victimhood.
      I doubt we will see eye to eye on this and we’re just going in circles. So I’ll leave it as you see it your way and I’ll see it my way. Ok take care

    3. @JVS 3 Give me a break. People think Maddow is a goddam journalist when she’s anything but. She’s a propagandist, plain and simple. She follows the same tactic used on FOX. You think FOX doesn’t start their “analysis” from a point of fact like Maddow does? They just twist it in their way to favor the GOP, while Maddow, Williams, Reid et al — oh heck, let’s just say MSNBC — twist it in their way to favor the Dems. It’s really that simple

    4. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen like I said you see it your way, I’ll see it my way. On that we can agree.
      I don’t know anyone that think Maddow is a journalist. Most her viewers know she’s a tv political host. And again unlike fox, msnbc does have its “news” shows and segments. The only “news” show on fox is Chris Wallace. I’ll keep with I’ve said in all my responses to you. So let’s move on. To each their own
      PS if you hadn’t notice MSNBC does not use the word NEWS in their title unlike FOX NEWS they’re not marketing themselves as a “news” outlet though they do have actual news show and segments

  3. How many ‘Acting’ Positions did Trump have? How many Political Positions did Trump NOT fill?


    2. @Bill Casey Excuses for sleepy joes inability to organize anything. Maybe the plan is on Hunters laptop!

    3. @William Royer:. Trump was in office to promote his brand. Definitely not for the people.
      Now he is known as the most corrupt president in U.S.history.
      What a legacy for the grandkids.

  4. And to think, we’re all here because that mans ego was so thin, he refused to accept he lost the election. The damage he did to this country was irrelevant. All that mattered was he needed to destroy the country to make himself feel better.

    1. Trump actually hates congress. He has a history suing them and them making him look stupid back in the day. Because of Native American casinos. He’s a total and complete evil loser.

    2. @Dave Id That’s ‘freedom of speechs’ weakness… No statue of limitations even if others are making defamation claims and etc.

    3. @Kathleen Gray He would’ve punished us, anyway. He did that with his tax cuts for the wealthy.

  5. Why is she still in that position ? Shouldn’t she be replaced already under Biden administration?

    1. Likely because her position is a regular government position. Remember, there are 2 types of government jobs: Appointed, and HIred. Those appointed come and go with administrations and serve at the whim of whoever is president. That’s why they’re ousted by an incoming administration. Hired jobs are covered by the union and cannot simply be fired. Each government employee signs an agreement called the FAN (don’t remember what that acronym off the top of my head) which defines the rules under which a hired employee works and can be fired. Unless those regular employees hired by Trump’s sycophatic appointees actually breaks one of the FAN rules, they will likely stay in place. Admittedly, they can be moved in the hope they feel frustrated enough to leave, but basically unless they screw up royally, they keep their jobs. It was done that way to prevent politically motivated terminations – as Trump wanted to do and couldn’t, leading to his constant whining about the ‘Deep State’ (something which never actually existed except in his twisted mind).

    2. @J A Keller “covered by union”
      no. not IC – which is “clearance”.
      but yeah, NON-UNION FED EMPLOYEES have some protection from rando firing.
      (SES have less, GS more. and contrary to what frothy right claims, fed employees CAN be fired. it just takes WAY MORE paperwork … like everything in fed gov, bc congress made laws that demand all that paperwork.)

    3. @efs 1066
      Aye, I’m familiar with it. As I stated, those rules were put into place, not to make government employees impossible to fire, but to prevent political firings. As you stated, the ‘right’ loves to pick that out, suggesting government should be more like business. I can’t even begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue if 2 million people were suddenly rolled over every 4-8 years.

    4. @J A Keller she worked for DoD – so not “union.” MOST of gov isn’t union.

      almost every job protection that gop cries about for gov workers was enacted to prevent cronyism and “2 million people were suddenly rolled over every 4-8 years”

      (the cronyism and “rolling over” was THAT big a problem that even congress objected. which is amazing, considering modern gop.)

      fwiw, she didn’t (technically) lose her job. she’s been (afaik) suspended bc she can’t do her job w/o a clearance.

      ALSO fwiw, the phrasing of what she did – what “military intelligence agency” means – by veteran pentagon reporters is VERY bad. (not just “blabbed budget allocation for NGA while drunk at a bar” sort of thing.)

  6. Could it be she told Tucker he was being looked at?
    In the words of TC: I don’t know, I’m just asking the question

  7. Everyone hired under trump or went along with his bs should’ve been immediately fired by Biden.

    1. the whitehouse was run by his family lmao.. he also bought seats for high donators.. dude is such a fruad man

  8. Anyone in an important position who was put there by a guy installed in HIS position by Vladimir Putin has got to be suspect.

  9. Trump boasted that he would “Drain the Swamp” of corrupt, incompetent, and self-serving individuals from government positions, he didn’t. He turned it into his own personal “Sewer” where he dumped society’s human waste into critical government positions.

    1. He drained it. Then, refilled it with worse. At least the existing swamp had some semblance of job requirements. Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary? Wouldn’t you think you’d want someone who graduated without buying essays?

  10. Anybody who was hired by tRump to any position in the administration should be removed immediately.


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