Trump's Potentially Criminal Election Interference Tests Bounds Of Prosecution | Rachel Maddow 1

Trump’s Potentially Criminal Election Interference Tests Bounds Of Prosecution | Rachel Maddow


Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, talks about the laws Donald Trump may be violating by directly pressuring state officials to falsify their state's election results, and cites this as an example of why a president should not be allowed to self-pardon. Aired on 12/7/2020.
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Trump's Potentially Criminal Election Interference Tests Bounds Of Prosecution | Rachel Maddow


    1. If this Voter FRAUD “Scandal” is ignored we will be looking at Madam President Hillary Clinton in 4 years, The Author of it

    2. @Steve Farmer Trump lost 40 court cases every one of those cases were lost because the evidence proved the election was secure and no fraud or vote changing happened. Most of the states in question did audits and Wisconsin recounted their votes as well. In Georgia they first did an audit then recounted by hand and with machines finding the exact same vote counts. And then recounted a third time and got the same results again.

      Nothing is being ignored it’s just Trump, his supporters and the Republican party are not getting the results they want so they just keep checking the pulse of the dead dog in hopes that maybe it will come back to life.

    1. Can you help me please ? ….I am a simple fellow , please help me explain (1) Dominion IT Engineer demonstrated double count ( up to 50 at a time )
      Collaborated by other witness ( 2) new video released security video supports affidavits
      of coordinated voter fraud

    2. @Daniel Morse Thrown out of court for lack of evidence. Affidavits don’t mean anything if they are not based on clear evidence.

    3. @Marc R Nope …judge was very clear , case belonged in a lower court not “Fed” and did not look at evidence

    4. @Marc R I am refering to yesterday with Sydney Powell …cased dismissed on procedure order ….Judge will not look at evidence presented …Can you say Banana republic

  1. The trouble is ‘The Framers” were morally just individuals at heart. Trump expects Republicans to throw away their moral center and just stay in power via coup.

    1. The republicans threw away their morality a loooooonng time ago, now they whould be treated like the good old days & be hung.

  2. The framers did not think the American public would be so foolish as to elect a leader like The Angry Apricot.

    1. Absolutely! The framers are responsible for Trump and every other President who did win the popular vote.

    2. The framers were enslavers of human beings, beneficiaries of forced unpaid labor, and proclaimed owners of stolen lands…not to mention all of that 3/5 of a person crap. All things considered, I am not sure these rich white men would be too opposed to the likes of a Trump.


  3. What happened during the impeachment gave Trump carte blanche to keep committing election fraud. The Republican party is now the party of looking away from crimes in progress.

  4. If President Trump defies precedence and pardons himself, can President Joe Biden also defy precedence and revoke such pardon?

    1. The Coup is from the left ! I called this to a T on my Face book a month before the Election !.. AND HERE IS THE NEXT event… EVEN THOUGH ! Trump will hands down. Legally WIN ! the Left WILL NOT CONCEED ! that’s right ! they WILL TRY AND HOLD TO POWER EVEN THOUGH IT WILL BE illegal, while THE NEWS Stations will be telling everyone that it is President Trump who is doing the coup.. Liberals in hope of gaining power while lying to the public… THIS WILL HAPPEN YOU CAN COUNT ON IT.. I can feel it in my bones ! Liberal news stations Leaders should be PROSCUTED along with the rest of the Communist’s Liberal Traitors … Trump actually received 91 million Votes… This will be verified by Federal Election Board…

    2. I cant imagine he would even try to get involved. trumps criminal cases will reach the supreme court and they will have to find that he cant pardon himself.

    3. @Cejai Lovin that is why norms need to become laws, so that no other President can circumvent/ignore them like ‘Agent Orange’ did.

    4. @Steve Farmer hahaha, now you are really onto a hot lead, hahahaha, 91 million votes for Trump. Hang tight, a van is on it’s way with a gag and a straight jacket to pick you up and send you to the looney farm. You right wingers are delusional fools.

  5. Conald J Swamp is committing an old fashioned and third world coup de Tat ( falsify records, lies, and unproven cases..).

    1. @Mr King That is the $64,000 question. My hope is that if found guilty of any crimes, he should not be spared prison time. I’m not sure if he has negativity impacted the people who can punish him in such a manner that they would punish him… Madoff’s con cost some influential people a lot of money and embarrassment. Although Trump has embarrassed many, politics is about the long game. We shall see… hopeful, but not confident.

    2. @us citizen I think we may never know the scale of the damage that Trump, along with his enablers, have done to the government.

    3. that never popped in my head.. you are totally spot on with that. trump should receive a longer sentence than Madoff got.

  6. The French currently have ex president Sarkozy on trial no one should be above law . No President or Prime minister in any democracy should be above the law .

    1. Wrong. Trump did very little by comparison. Most of the money is going to privitization…including monies to navy. Government contractors are getting rich off our tax dollars…and trump too. Follow the money and you will see trump is fleecing the tax payer and taking you for a fool

    1. Last time anyone checked, it was illegal, lucky trump didn’t get another 4 years or he would definately have the firing squad made legal & would have dictated like kim jong un, along with the GOP ,

  7. Democrats: *impeach Trump*
    Republicans: “we should let the people decide”
    People: *decide to vote Trump out*

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