Trump’s Preoccupation With Overturning Election Took Place As Pandemic Reached Its Deadliest Phase 1

Trump’s Preoccupation With Overturning Election Took Place As Pandemic Reached Its Deadliest Phase


Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett discusses her newest piece in Foreign Policy, where she argues that Trump’s negligence during his time trying to overturn the election results lead to a “pandemicide”. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Trump’s Preoccupation With Overturning Election Took Place As Pandemic Reached Its Deadliest Phase


  1. Hmm, let’s see here.
    “No, I don’t think I take any responsibility at all.” – Mar 13, 2020 when the death total was 47.
    “If we had a herd mentality, that would be the best plan.” – Sept 16 when the death total was 202,000.
    Yeah, dude gave up trying a long time before he LOST the election!

    1. Don’t forget if we didn’t test as much we wouldn’t have many cases.
      That is the dumbest statement ever. Imagine if any other president said that

    2. RoG: I’m wondering did he handle covid the way he didn’t on purpose to 1) to try to save the economy(which back fired anyway)? Or 2 ) did he want genocide by covid?

    1. @Susan Teeter trump banned travel from China, trump funded a vaccine, trump made operation warp speed,. Biden is doing the same.

    2. @Diego A that travel ban did NOTHING people still came and went from China. Operation warp speed was for the development of the vaccine, so NO Biden is NOT doing the same thing

  2. Both the death and infection rates have both sharply dropped since Trump was removed. It’s not a coincidence!
    He’s killed a lot of people with a stupid mouth and a Twitter account!

    1. Election fraud disinformation dropped 73% right after Trump and his minions got kicked off of twitter and other social media.

  3. The poor disillusioned fools dying weren’t important enough and certainly not big enough financial supporters of the Trump brand- so F’m all.

  4. Yes, we realized this. He was obsessed with his election and trying to change his loss. No concern with American people after that… went ahead and had some rallies to soothe his bruised ego. He’s a selfish, baby murderer…

  5. Trump is preoccupied with himself and his perceived greatness. In his head 400,000 corona deaths are irrelevant in comparison, which points to a sickly lack of empathy.

    1. Sadly if he had actually paid attention to the pandemic he could have secured his greatness and have been reelected
      He was done in by his own hubris

    2. @Gina Mazyck Those 500’000 deaths are Trumps to own.

      All he had to do was promote the mask and social distancing and he couldn’t even rise to do that little.

  6. I watched #45 standing on the White House balcony after he had been in hospital I could see the difficulty he had breathing.

    1. It’s been reported that Trump was close to being on a ventilator. The video of him sitting at a desk doing work was done prior and was being played in a loop.

    1. @Billy Goat trump should be prosecuted that’s who and you know it.he read every book Hitler ever wrote about,speeches ,lies, turning people against each other.he learned from the best how to overthrow a government. Only trump wasn’t clever or smart enough to pull it off.

    2. Deborah Szczesniak then we going after all the democraps that have said similar things and worse?? Maybe kamala should be impeached for bailing out “protesters”.???

    3. Hitler and Trump both vilify immigrants to come to power, with Hitler it was Jews and with Trump it was Hispanics, Hitler manufactured death camps, and Trump sterilized Hispanic women at the southern border.

  7. Observe Trump going after Mitch as a perfect example of how he cut off Pence. His behavior on the next couple months toward Mitch will mirror his earlier sociopathy.

  8. The false prophet tiny took down a lot more than jim jones did! Families will realize this as he fades away! History will remember!

  9. Mitch for his part was sprinkling salt to green light legal action against Trump. He really wants Trump gone so he can go back to running the Republican Party.

  10. In 2019 Montreal changed the name of Amherst Street (General Jeffrey Amherst) to Atateken Street, meaning “brothers and sisters” in the Mohawk language.

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