1. @Faith Hope & Love 2 unpack Main Sheep Narrative 1. What are you smoking that you think Trump isn’t racist?! and 2. If you’re all about faith, hope and love, you might want to rethink the demanding-we-go-to-hell part. Plus, I don’t think you’re in charge of that department.

    2. @♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊
      Blah, blah, blah. Typical Trump supporter. The jaw is flapping but nothing of use is coming out.

    3. @Grey Fox – We were not rioting and we were keeping socially distant. A very small population did the rioting out of anger. I can only hope they came to their senses. But the rest of us follow the rules so we can stay healthy and keep others healthy.

  1. The funniest part to me are the supporters that camped out days ahead of time to get in and see only a 1/3 of the arena filled.🤣🤣 Time well spent.

    1. @Elizabeth notthe queen
      has anyone told those folks the overflow was cancelled as some are still there waiting.

  2. I think that it’s sad that I’m a 46 year-old woman that was born and raised in America and I have never heard of Juneteenth until this year. In my opinion I should have learned about this day when I was in grade school.

    1. @gmaneis …You are one of many who through the George Floyd video , see what waking up Black is … Jogging …Driving … Standing in Your Own Yard … Bird Watching …Or Sleeping in your bed …. Juneteenth is celebrated as the last day of Slavery … when people of Color can do those things and not fear for their lives or the lives of their loved one … then we can truly be free , America needs more people like you speaking out… stay safe and God Bless … take care

    2. OriginalPiMan since Trump’s racism is blatant, it should be really easy to provide conclusive evidence. Got any you could share?

  3. It’s even more scary to know that a “president” this bad still got some 40% unwavering support.

    1. it is sad that so many americans are ignorant of what a democracy is!! Trump has never kept his oath of office- he has never protected the constitution !!! Trump has behaved like an autocrat and we have been marching towards a dictatorship for 3 years now! We need to save our democracy!! Wake up “Trumpers” – when YOU no longer bow down before him he will say “Off with their heads!

    2. @Megadog Simple math, the terrorist groups of BLM and Antifa have pissed off 80 percent of the real Americans, and that means a whole lotta votes in Nov.
      Don’t forget the racist group BLM is a pissant organization no more that a couple hundred thousand max. That’s nothing in the scheme of things.

    3. @jcllings we went to war after 3,000 died on 9/11. You think Americans are going to look the other way after 122,000 Died because of trump’s malfeasance?

    1. @Anthony Stromeyer We’ll see if it’s a dream or Trump’s Nightmare in four months and ten days.

  4. We heard this comment before,but those that don’t know their history they don’t know where they are going.

    1. @Cuck Norris Oh I’m not dumb enough to live in a poverty-stricken, drug-ravaged shithole state like KY. McConnell is a crook who hasn’t done a damn thing for the people of his state in decades, yet they keep re-electing him. Or maybe he just keeps rigging the electoral process.

    2. hias tards REFUSE to look at trutsh, facts etc…. ( or are just plain eivl, raist, sexist etccc)

    1. @William H Yes, his OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP lead to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES being sent to heaven.

    2. @Dr Elephant Trump’s doing an excellent job of digging his own grace by sending hundreds of thousands of Americans into one.

      MAGA = Making America’s Graves Accumulate 💀⚰⚱

  5. The fact that some Maga waited 9 days in “line”, only to learn that they could have walked

    In 4 minuet’s before and had their choice of 14 000 empty seats, is SERIOUSLY FUNNY.


    1. @soylentdean Welcome to the hornet’s nest, in which saying something stupid WILL get you punished.

    2. @carl jeffery givings here’s a weird note. Why is their always just 2 black people behind trump. Usually with a sign thst days “Blacks for Trump” I wonder if their being paid how much or getting some kind of comp.

    1. @Richard Gray No, I read Elle Elle as meaning all stupid people sinking in confident ignorance, lack of control and leadership. That points in one direction only☺

    2. After watching this video I agree people that Watch CNN are idiots

    1. @Jock Young
      Yeah… no. I and many, MANY others are counting on his VP, half the votes will be for whoever she is.

    2. @Tylorian
      And trump can? If people go for Biden’s, it will be because of his VP. Voting for trump is just suicide.

  6. When the president tells his aides he doesn’t want to hear any bad or negative news then he’s shocked and bitched-slapped with reality. Go figure

    1. @Uncle Ed Compared to who, Crooked Donald? Oh, he just robbed all the people he did business with. And now he and his Klan are looting the Treasury.

    2. @Rod You sound like you’re just another traitor like Benedict Donald and the other RepubliCONS. Why do you hate America so much? We know why tRump does.

  7. He’s got nothing so like the poor loser he is he claims everyone is cheating while he cheats… Trump was impeached for trying to rig the election… he has been working on his re-election for three years and this is the outcome. Some genius.

    1. @soylentdean Oh, sorry. It was an *allegation*
      He *allegedly* coerced the president of Ukraine to investigate *allegations* about Joe Biden’s son in exchange for aid that should have already been given in the first place – aka blackmailing a foreign leader, which is 100% illegal.

  8. 6200 people showed up in June 2020 at a tRump rally. Ha ha ha Ha Ha😂😂

    tRump doubled down on saying that he wants to slow down Corona Virus testing.

    **Americans are in trouble!!**

    1. Joe Biden has 20 seats at his rally 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. “Common man, where is everyone” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    2. wayne edward , Joe Biden does not need to campaign . He is already won the election in November 2020.

    3. @andrew mroz If you mean “stolen” meaning he’ll get way more votes than Trump, they looks like it’ll be “stolen.” Only in Trump’s fantasies does he never lose. In real life, he loses all the time, six, count em six bankruptcies, a failed university. His whole life has been a series of failure. But in his own mind (and yours apparently) all he ever does is win.

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