1. How anyone watches CNN without taking a grain of salt is absolutely hilarious yet frightening how easily brainwashed People are.😬

    1. @mon santos I acknowledge ALL Trash from ALL mouths, and Trump spews more bullshit than anyone. That is a fact! Do Democrats lie? Yes, do Republicans lie? Yes.

      How many criminal convictions have Democrats had in 40+ years??? Answer= 1

      How many criminal convictions have Republicans had in the past 40+ years? Answer OVER 80!
      The cold hard truth is, if you SAY you hate corruption and criminal politicians yet vote Republican…YOU ARE MISINFORMED. Or just to stubborn to admit you were WRONG!

    2. I’m glad to see this post, I think we need to start advertising the implementation of Nazi-style fascism in the US. We need to start talking about the fact we do not have a normal government or elections or about 1/3 of the people. No more pulling punches.

    3. @brett3140 No one does well when fascists take over to destroy the government that protects us from The Corporate. That simple.

    4. @Tom Senft I agree with the question.. Conservatives used to be against wasteful spending
      This seems like I’m watching the real life version of the movie “Idiocracy”

  1. The leader of the GOP, folks…
    The Master deal maker, the stable genius, the great and unmatched wisdom, the Chosen One, is unprofessional, incompetent, unfit for office, and the best the GOP have to offer.

    1. @Joyce Duncan Peggy Noonan said, “George W Bush has destroyed the Republican Party.” I remember hearing that and thinking about the party that pushed the war in Viet Nam, that pardoned Nixon, that claimed the Moral Majority, that embraced the corrupt and deranged Evangelicals, all the GOP scandals… and thought, “it wasn’t Bush, it was all of them.” The party shattered w the many corrupt fails of the Bush years and went openly fascist. Trump’s GOP and worshippers would be horrifyingly unrecognizeable to a true Conservative like William F Buckley. Its more like a criminal gang of lobbyist/attorneys making their way by emotionally triggering the “uneducated”….

    2. @Running Bearski I know, it’s sad. You gotta use some foreign news to get a independent view and even then. At least you agree about the extreme bias with Fox and MSNBC

    1. @Rene Curry could of sworn my eyes were telling the truth seeing blocks of city streets in Ohio filled with people at his Rally

    2. @michael majewski could have dude could of doesn’t even make sense i bet you are of those uneducated people trump loves so much

    3. @ostropogas k I’m sitting in engineering school 90 tests deep with not a single fail yet lol good one

    1. @Why do birds poop on the kaaba? Nah. Conservative ideology is based on fear and greed which stem from insecurity. They are more prone to emotional based reasoning and even have an enlarged Amygdala FFS. They’re good at creating a facade to cover up their true beliefs and the genesis of those. Look at you for example; obviously projecting and probably can’t stop watching teen porn. The curtain has been pulled back buddy boy.

    2. @OrionXZ See, this is why you kiddie fondler democrats cannot meme. You’re fucking boring and drag everything out in 200 pages of text.

    1. @Maria Tarin speak english there troll, trump supporters are the welfare babies with their bigly covfefe 3 teeth and micro penises, bigly Sad there snowflake!

    2. @Kate Sweetblu xenophobia is not bad especially if the country in question is a shitHole country. If the people from Haiti were worth a damn, then Haiti wouldn’t look like Haiti. Just sayin.

    3. so what so you look forward to.more if a Democrat wins…paying taxes for illegals to have free welfare or tuition..while your taxes will go up🤔

    1. @CMaylene she never has and never will , its ironic impeachment has her name all over it,, abuse of power is her life,, just another bully claiming , its all their fault,, pelosi is child, raised by ugly parents, with no dignity or honor.

    2. @ᴍᴏᴜʀɴ you probably think real news comes from Individual 1 that has lied over 15,000 times as president. that’s an average of 15 times every single day. what would you do if your child lied to you 15 times every single day? would you believe anything that came out of his lying mouth? Is there a limit to your blind support for the dear leader? Are you okay with his increased drug use and dementia? what about causing a war with Iran. that’s cool too?

    1. @Charlie Peterson vote for DICTATOR DON is a vote for PUTIN, everything Trump LEADS TO PUTIN. Putin is at it for 2020 to manipulate the DEMOCRACY of American votes. NOTHING being done to stop RUSSIA, you good with that?

    2. and tanks our economy into the toilet. nah… i’ll stick to my potus, who has broken virtually every economic record in US history. go ahead…. name a potus that hit higher economic numbers than trump… i’ll help you out here…. NONE. not even close, lol… not even in the same ball park… hell, not even in the same zip code, lol….

    3. @Tristan Barron I don’t know about republicans moving to the centre-right but, I watch CNN,FOX,MSNBC,ABC,CSPAN and the BBC when relevant to America. I believe it was some former Republican member of congress that said he was shooed out because he didn’t fit with the partys internal shift right. I would have to look but I believe the Republican Party is going more right and the Democrats are trying to go left along with them.

    1. Mostly agree. It’s just ‘souls’ are quasi-religious nonsense. Google provided me with the following definition: “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.”

      Yes, it actually said IMMORTAL. smfh NOTHING IS IMMORTAL.

  2. WHO: Trump
    WHAT: killed Soleimaini
    WHEN: after Trump gets impeached
    WHERE: target area: Iraq
    WHY: to divert attention from Trump’s impeachment & win next election 🤨😠🖕

    1. WHO: CNN
      WHAT: Smeared lied and publicly called for assasination of Nick Sandmann
      WHY: Because CNN is a fascist racist propaganda channel
      WHEN: CNN just lost in court and now has to pay millions for their crimes

    2. ALSO…trump had asked the Iraqi President to have de escalation talks with the Iranian General and that’s why the Iranian General was in Iraq. He was their guest and Trump had set up both Middle Eastern Leaders.
      USA, no honour, no dignity, no courage.

  3. If we all should tweet and retweet photoshopped images of trump signing his resignation letter,
    maybe he will believe that it really has happened…

    1. You already abuse Trump every day for hours on end. You don’t let Trump supporters eat in an restuarant, you are out of control dictators. You harassas and abuse fellow citizens who don’t think like you. There is nothing you can do that will surprise me.

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