‘Trump’s Priority Was Always To Win Re-Election’ Says Michael Bender

Wall Street Journal White House reporter, Michael Bender, believes that Trump’s advisors were “struck by how much of a danger he was to the country” when the former president completely abandoned his presidential duties to solely focus on winning re-election

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  1. “will you shut up man” hands down the best Biden line ever. He got flack for that, but I respected him more becaise of it

    1. @toasteh Don’t you know that you must respond to a fool according to his folly. Read your Bible (if you can read)?

    2. @Linda Maddox A person who believes in a man in the sky and follows scriptures written thousands of years ago calling other people stupid. The irony…evolve Linda.

    1. @Sara Mill Republicans know they can’t win with their nothing policies. That’s why they are pushing bogus claims about voter fraud and CRT. Evil? That’s what I call Satan’s Child Donald Trump and those “Patriots ” who stormed the Capitol. Blood thirsty ignorant trash. What did Trump say? That Hitler did some good things.

    2. @Sara Mill let me guess you believe God wanted Trump to become president. What did Trump say?That Hitler did some good things. This from someone you worship. Pure Evil couldn’t begin to describe that sadist.

    3. @Barnabas Collins he did inspire, organized a movement…..something perv biden could never do…kids still abused in perv bidens concentration camps …dems dont mind….

  2. The fact that Trump STILL goes around saying “the pandemic of 1917” should tell you he’s surrounded by yes men who will never correct him or tell him the truth.


    2. @Chudley Flusher Wasn’t that the time when Anderson Cooper broke into a Live programme to say “the President is lying “. That truly happened. It was the time of those Hurricanes, Trump lied, everyone else cried hoping that the Hurricane would sink Mar a Lago . That’s also the night when he wanted to talk ‘numbers, while people were dying.

    1. @Sara Mill and just like he said keep repeating and the dumb down will believe him. Can I sale U a bridge

    2. @Marion Gittens Yes he does to the dumb down that blame everything and everyone for THEIR life.

    3. @Sara Mill, “dems need him.”. For what?! He is worst than that “1917” plague he keeps talking about. No, America doesn’t need a living, breathing, lying threat to Democracy.

    4. @Margaret Williams lib media lost over 1 million viewers , cant stop talking about him , obsessed psychos like you saying that

  3. Jarod is the source for most of the stuff in this guys book. He’s trying too hard to redeem him.

  4. And to think he is still head of his party. He never lead the country, had no policies, NOTHING. Just wanted to stay in power to line his pockets.

  5. If his priority was to win, maybe he shouldn’t have appealed the biggest loser minority in America. Dude will forever be a joke.

  6. When trump told the Proud Boys to”Stand Back & Stand By”.!!!That was the moment that the military should have taken charge over the situation.!!!!

  7. “Why didn’t anyone feel dishonor” – rich coming from someone who worked in the Bush White House, perhaps the most dishonorable place after Trump’s White House.

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