Trump's 'Punchline' Failure Becomes Biden's 2021 Breakthrough On Jobs 1

Trump’s ‘Punchline’ Failure Becomes Biden’s 2021 Breakthrough On Jobs


As President, Donald Trump held so many PR-focused "infrastructure weeks" that the ritual became something of a national punchline. President Biden cited that string of "infrastructure weeks" while taking a victory lap on Congress moving toward funding "years" of infrastructure through the Biden plan. Majority Whip Rep. Clyburn discusses the bill's breakthrough– with 19 Republican senators backing Biden — and upcoming negotiations on economic spending, voting rights and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @madmanszalinski again. Biden admin. Gas in my area was below 2$ under Trump. It hadn’t been like that since the early 00’s , late 90’s in my area.

    2. @madmanszalinski BTW…. All carmakers are switching over to electric……. Even a simple search will reveal this…..

    3. @Joe Yamaoyaji right next to the Ohio River, where most of the natural gas jobs were temporary but all the increased rent because landlords thought they’d make a few bucks off these guys was permanent…

      We aren’t energy independent yet. Not until we cease purchasing foreign oil, and curb our consumption to a point where we do not need it.

    4. @madmanszalinski I guess car makers switching over to electric means nothing for the oil industry……. LOL

    5. @NSFW The only time gas prices dropped below $2. gallon (your area included) in the last four years has been during the corona virus pandemic lockdown and there was no one traveling any where. That’s when prices went down.

    1. @Brian Jones what a joke: failed on the wall, killed a nasty Iranian general who became a martyr, inherited an economic boom from Obama that allowed him to finagle a Two Trillion dollar tax cut for his rich cronies, and installed one beer loving sleaze and one avowed right to life anti-Roe v Wade Justice. Somehow, I’m pretty sure FDR’s legacy remains intact. what a joke.

    2. @Brian Jones Really? What HAS trump done? Insurrection, inspired violence, fanned the flames of white supremacy and racial hatred, condoned bounties placed on the heads of deployed military, divided the country, misdirected (lied about) COVID information, imposed tax breaks for his rich buddies, destroyed confidence in democracy by flaunting blatant disregard for the constitution, lowered the image of the US world-wide, embraced dictators and their views, denied climate science and science in general, mocked religious institutions and church dogma, demeaned and disgraced national symbols of honor, provided pardons for his chosen republican congressmen convicted of crimes against the U.S. and mercenaries owned by and including erik prince (betsy devos’ brother), and flag-draped himself as he conned his base and took them to the cleaners…trump only stands up to a violent riot IF it doesn’t benefit him.

    3. @Carla Fulton Actually the wall is already paid for president potato Biden has stopped the work so they actually got free money being it’s under contract

    1. What accomplishments? Everything is much more expensive thanks to inflation, we had a gas crisis, a border crisis, etc etc… all during his first few months in office…
      For people who are actually AWARE of Bidens completely useless and destructive 50 year career in government and how he got $74 million in donations from wall street and is nothing more than a corporate puppet… it comes as no surprise how awful Biden would be..
      And to actually think that this guy even gives a tiniest sh*t about the american people is so ridiculously naive and stupid.

    2. @Abimbola Aku diaper don had all three too and blew it got nothing done. And he lost all three branches yes thank you diaper don.

    3. @Abimbola Aku i wouldn’t call the current Senate situation as controlled by the Dems (48 Democrats, Bernie Sanders, the guy who left the Republican party because of Trump, 50 Republicans, and the Vice President as the tiebreaker in a 50-50 vote

  1. I respect Congressman Clyburn so much. I love his 3 legged stool analagy. Voting Rights Is A Constitutional Right.
    How would the senate react if we try to restrict the 2nd amendment rights?

    1. Let’s do it just like the second amendment. First ,when you go to vote,we run your name thru a data base to see if you have any felonies ,are on any phsyco therapy drugs and all information is correct. If all checks out,maybe in two to six weeks you can have your voting card. When you go to vote,bring your background papers a photo ID with you in person. Then,maybe you can vote.

    2. R R WHAT? Who’s ilk? And what is my ilk trying to hold against who? I truly don’t get wtf you are trying to say?

    3. @Vital Signs hey mr do it by the book I got a story to tell you.
      In my hometown less than 1 mile from home, last Saturday night, 2 of Chicago’s fine young police officers doing their job to serve and protect were met with a big bad gun and one of these heroic young officers was shot to death as her partner was left barely alive. He is still in critical condition having been shot 3xs. The police officers didn’t even have timr to ask for tge driver’s license snd insurance wgen the passenger used a semi automatic gun that was purchased illegally and brought to Chicago by a “straw purchaser” to murder a 29 year old in the course of her doing her job. Thank God the 3 people responsible for this travesty are in police custody and will be prosecuted.
      I hope you understand that although Chicago has some pretty stringent gun laws we are at the mercy of our neighbor states who don’t go “by the book”. The US is supposed to be a United Country and what happens in one state affects the next state. weather its legal or not.
      How often do we hear about a person using a cache of weapons or even a single gun to do a good deed? yeah i get it. a good guy with a gun is always welcome. but how come it seems like so many bad guys always have the guns. its kind of like cigarettes. they have absolutely no intrinsically good purpose. they’re just basically killing machines.

    1. @Oliver Toeknuckle They were all on the left? Can you prove that? Were they waiving Joe Biden flags? Were they talking about hanging Pelosi?? seriously, you idiots were going to hang your own VP, you people are crazy. You should all be locked up for the sake of society.

    2. @Oliver Toeknuckle Not even Democrats hate Pence enough to hang him, but you people lack morality and empathy, that’s your problem. There’s no loyalty among criminals and traitors that’s for sure, you proved that.

  2. Yes our President Joe Biden is a hardworking person and even he is old but his mind is very sharp. He is way better than Trump. He has so much political experience in the past but Trump his experience is golfing, yelling and whining and always praises himself lol hahaha

    1. @Fear Factory Exactly. I think we were better under Trump but the two party system is a rigged system that puts a poster boy behind a podium while the global elites run the world in rooms with cigars and 20$ glasses of bourbon. It isn’t designed for the people. At one time it was but the government has taken control of that to further a hidden agenda. Covid is all about people being controlled in a social experiment.

  3. Nice to have a President that does not Tweet up to 70 times a day or spend 1/3rd of his time cheating at the game of golf.

    1. @Carl Fisher Stephan Miller, Trump’s wannabe brown shirt loves Joseph Goebbels….. No wonder you seem to follow the marching orders…..

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    2. @Funkin Donuts Trump was good at economics, huh. That’s why he went bankrupt six times.

    3. Nah, he just gets his butt wiped for him while listening to his handler telling him what to say.
      “350 million Americans have been vaccinated”
      We don’t even have that many people in the country and only a fraction have accepted the vaccine.

    4. @Some 1 Azn 1997 is the year Mr. Potato head said “I don’t want my children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle.”

      Been a racist for over 47 years as a corrupt liberal politician.

      2020: “I you don’t vote for me, ya ain’t Black”
      Will Biden keep getting a free-pass by hypocritical libs or will he finally expire?

  4. Thanks bipartisan folks thinking of rebuilding old infrastructure! a win for USA residents especially the future

    1. @Chip Douglas Fake? Now you want me to take some lie you believed seriously? This is not religion. We count votes. Believing you won is not enough.

    2. @Joe Yamaoyaji Wow! Do you also think poor kids are just as smart as white kids, as Biden said??
      Will YOU pay for your proposed ID equipment? Getting ID is easy— even your “poor people” can manage that. If voting is important to you, get legitimate ID.

    3. @Jeff Jernstedt no, I just think stupid people should keep their mouths shut so they don’t embarrass themselves….. Why do you comment?

    4. @Jeff Jernstedt Tell us all about how the wall was paid for by Mexico…. Cuomo with 11 accusers….. Trump wins again. He has 26……. Woo hooo…. Winning is great……

  5. The USA is looking pretty raggedy. The infrastructure bill is appreciated and very much needed. I hope the mass transit can be improved in Springfield MO. So people let go of the use of automobiles to get to and from work without more that one transfer to get to work. It is ridiculous. It would help the climate.

    1. It’s a much needed bill that is long overdue. Transit isn’t fun to travel in but with updates I sure hope it improves. Boston’s transit was so mechanical unsound, filthy and dirty when I rode. Doubt it’s improved much since. It will help once it’s dispersed and construction begins.


  7. So break up the voting right bill into components. Let’s see which republicans would oppose reforming gerrymandering, every vote being counted, simplified registration and easy access to the ballot for every citizen? Let’s see who supports We the People, for real, and who does not. Force all the cockroaches into the open, I say.

  8. A win win with the infrastructure bill. People get better transport etc and there will be a shed load of decent jobs.
    Something Trump didn’t have the brains or adult staff to achieve.
    I would love to be a fly on the wall in trumps office .

  9. If MSNBC and others continue giving Trump free press like they did before the 2016 election you’ll likely help get him elected again.

    KNOCK. IT. OFF!!

  10. This is wonderful the infrastructure is going to help rebuild roads and bridges and give jobsamongst other things!

  11. Why is it that we can’t see the details of the bill, item by item so we can decide if its good or bad? Along with a list of how everyone voted?

  12. Trump failed at “infrastructure week” because he was never focused. instead, he insisted on binge watching Fox news, picking fights with women (mostly of color), and tweeting about d list celebs who hurt his feelings

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