Trump's Rebooted Campaign Rally Gets Mixed Reviews In Ohio 1

Trump’s Rebooted Campaign Rally Gets Mixed Reviews In Ohio


The former president brought his post-White House campaign-style rally to Ohio over the weekend, but the press noticed not everyone in the Trump-friendly crowd stayed until the end of the event. MSNBC's Brian Williams has the details.
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  1. Yeah, that’s about right … “where did we park?” Some of them are probably still looking for their vehicles.

    1. @Russell Jordan What evidence??? It has been overthrown by many courts that it’s nonexistent!

    2. @RICHARD CONNER 18k cars there 45k in attendance and millions watching online. Brah, your spin game is kindergarten.

      Biden got 5600 viewers for his nationwide address, in the whitehouse.

      So invite Biden to my hometown of Wellington and let’s see if he can draw 45k. Lolololololo, you’re pathetic!

    1. @ARLENE WUK More like 45,000 Losers. And I don’t believe one word about him that benefits him because it’s most likely a lie.

    2. @Mark Ray Wait a minute, day glo is on another blog? How is that in any way a nitemare for the dems? People don’t care anymore. He’s losing his base because as stupid as they are, they’re getting tired of all his BS. See the recent Rally?.. where he can’t speak, forgets what he’s talking about, asks the audience who he’s talking about like they know. He doesn’t even know. Mentions “Law and auto” ,the “plant moon”, and how “America conquered the wild west”. And THIS is who his cult worships. Loved the footage of dozens of supporters leaving the rally while he’s still running his mouth.

    3. @My Pillow Guy Thanks for the laugh, your humour is good. It takes a lot to make me laugh just now.

  2. Speaking of murderous dictators….Mr. wannabe dictator himself with 500,000 deaths on his watch!

    1. Thanks. We need to keep pointing that out because some people have the brain of a Goldfish.

    2. _”Speaking of murderous dictators….Mr. wannabe dictator himself with 500,000 deaths on his watch!”_

      That is why the ReTrumplican cultists’ golden idol will always be known as The Lyin King, Mango Mussolini, and Agolf Twittler.

    3. @Ron LaMar isn’t it amazing that with just one gaffe, the fake msm makes a 24 hour month long breaking news alert while Biden makes gaffes 24/7 daily and all you hear are crickets.

    1. @Gnirol Namlerf At least Reagan played a cowboy sometimes, what does Trump have to do with the freakin Wild West?

    2. wtf is he talking about, killing the native Americans? Pretty disgusting bit about the settlers history to celebrate.

    1. Him asking “do you love me” is a turn off. What makes it even more pathetic is answering for them, “of course you love me.”

    1. @Joe Hiden well this conversation is over. You obviously aren’t sober or sane. Have fun living in your fake world. Don’t be too upset when nothing bad happens to you or your neighbors like your ‘news’ sources tell you.

  3. The people leaving said, “He’s just saying the same old stuff he always says, let’s get a jump on this crowd! We won’t miss anything, we’ve heard it all before!”

  4. I love the clip of that crowd of people walking out as he’s still talking… booooooooRing!

  5. It’s all about the money. He’s still collecting donations. That the con that’s still working.

    1. @marguerite Gastanaga ~ “Progress and justice possess similarities: both can be swift, but too often they are a long time coming.”
      ~ wily wascal

    2. Trump went on an hour later than planned. People I’m sure had work or kids with them that they couldn’t keep there all night. You all are idiots and will believe anything the lunatic leftist media vomit out lol.

    1. We, the American people have to stick together. The media has thier own agenda which they are executing flawlessly. I love all of you regardless of your political views. If you support Biden, that wonderful, if you support Trump thats wonderful. Polititians don’t care about us, we the American people have to support each other and love each other. I love you guys and I will never lose my faith in my fellow american.

    2. @Michael Morningstar obviously u have been saturated with confirmation bias and there is no use trying to shift your mindset. Another one bites the dust, ill give up on you. Only time will shift your perspective. Peace and love brother.

  6. Sent a brave young man to a plant?
    “No he meant planet”
    The moon isn’t a planet either, stupid. And this guy is 64 million people’s savior
    He loves the poorly educated..fits right in

    1. It’s worse than that. 75 million voted for the amoral demagogue who has the mentality of a small child. I’d still virtually guarantee that many of those voted on the basis of greenbacks rather than a respect for the bigger picture, holistic policies, and character in leadership.

    2. I saw a clip where he’d said “planet”, but not until Brian Williams pointed it out that he’d apparently meant to say “to plant the Stars and Stripes”.
      (My auto-correct tried to change a mis-typed “apparently” to “apprentice”, it must know the video’s about Trump. )

  7. A sign that maybe people figured out he’s just a desperate, old, failure, talking to anybody that’ll listen to his nonsense.

  8. Even his “supporters” are getting bored of him…. The “Trump Show” soon to be cancelled due to poor ratings.

    1. @Killshott Well, it used to be where people would camp out for days to “bask in his aura” and now an hour late is too much to stick around to listen to his tired, old BS. So there’s that.

      But feel free to continue to worship; it’s a free country after all.

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