Trump's 'Scared!': Michael Cohen Says Rudy 'Knows He's In Trouble' And Will Flip On Trump 1

Trump’s ‘Scared!’: Michael Cohen Says Rudy ‘Knows He’s In Trouble’ And Will Flip On Trump


Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the escalating probe into Rudy Giuliani, why Cohen believes Giuliani will flip on Trump and how this investigation will affect the former president. Cohen also discusses his own experience being under investigation by the feds. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. “Don’t know him. I guess he’s a nice guy, but I don’t think I’ve met him. Of course I take a lot of pictures.” Don the Con

    1. @Chaos cases are being built against trump including his calls to several states to overturn the election…..I’m glad you’re convinced he won’t be prosecuted just because he had corrupt enablers. There’s no more bill barr ……there’s no more guiliani ….there’s no more department of justice that only seeks to harass his opponents….but there is the sdny …..and an attorney general who’s the real deal.

    2. Yah…we’ll see how this pattern works out:

      Shampeachment 1 and 2….FAIL

      Russia hoax….FAIL

      1000 of other low level zero evidence allegations….FAIL.

    3. @Eagle 1 the call to georgia was recorded ……and not falsely reported … was probably recorded so the people on the other end of the line could legally protect themselves.

    4. @Chaos people have been spewing off about how the dems were going to take your guns away long before Trump was in office, been waiting to see that go far still hasn’t happen yet

  2. “I told you so.”

    When Rudy’s home was raided, Michael Cohen was dancing and sending love letters to Karma.

    1. @Jock Young yeah, yeah. Five years of ‘Breaking News’ and you suckers are still taking the bait hook, line and sinker.

    2. @bubblebryan Where is the proof? If Putin did have such volatile and incriminating videos, why hasn’t he used them? The Russian pattern of behavior is to weaponize these sorts of things. The intelligence community’s opinion is high plausible and most likely accurate.

    3. @Viper Yet your the one in the American flag shirt screaming at the television guzzling Jack daniels

    1. @Reggie Overton It is funny, Warren Buffet does not have these problems. Lawyers and business managers do not break the law unless they are directed from above. It is plausible that a single accountant or lawyer does something illegal on his behalf without his knowledge , but this has been a life long pattern and there is very little plausible deniability left. These people work for him and the buck stops in his lap. It’s highly implausible he has no knowledge of what is happening within his own businesses.

    2. Yah…we’ll see how this pattern works out:

      Shampeachment 1 and 2….FAIL

      Russia hoax….FAIL

      1000 of other low level zero evidence allegations….FAIL.

    1. I saw a B and W photo of Guiliana, on Google image search but as a younger man. The shot was just of his head and shoulders and I swear there appears to be black goo running out of his left sideburn down the side of his jaw just like his recent leaky snaps.

    1. @Nolan Johnson ‘pillow guy suing “Dominion”‘
      Can’t wait to see how they’re going to convince the court, Dominion, a contracted company, is a “government actor”, and therefore violated pillow guy’s constitutional rights by suing him for defamation. I also welcome all this evidence of 2020 voter fraud finally being brought to court.

    1. 9/11was a deep state op! Burn finAncial paper trails ! Huge insurance scam ! Excuse to go to war ,haliburton money train !

    2. Yah…we’ll see how this pattern works out:

      Shampeachment 1 and 2….FAIL

      Russia hoax….FAIL

      1000 of other low level zero evidence allegations….FAIL.

    1. Funny, how according to rudy, the fbi didnt want hunter bidens laptop info… it seems the fbi is avoiding a big bias bubble. You democrats need to open your minds a little more…. oh i cant wait until you people open your minds more. What happens when judges refuse to see evidence? Hmm think about that 1 for a while.. let that sit in your head for a while.

    2. @codizal koosh When I was an intern in washington i can literally confirm for you that there are IN HOUSE TECH that literally are at the whim of any politician who needs help at any point for them or their family and there are protocols you have to go through, stop trusting terrible sources for your news. This is coming from a moderate republican btw, so dont go calling me some dem bs, you are just an extremist and its a sad thing to see.

  3. I can just hear giuliani’s defense in a court of law right now. He won’t claim insanity or any such nonsense. He will actually claim to have been “Demon Possessed.”

  4. I remember seeing Michael Cohen giving an interview right after he separated himself from Trump. He warned everyone near Trump that they should be careful because sooner or later he will destroy you. Apparently Rudy did not listen.

    1. @trkddy Stop hating because the swamp are about to be drained but only with Trump and his allies because unfortunately the Trump administration didn’t have nothing on Obama, Hillary, are the Biden’s because Trump being the clown he is. He was desperate to find some dirt on them but was unsuccessful and they always say if you dig one hole dig two

    2. I thought the title of the book I had checked out of the library a few years ago, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” was rather over the top. I don’t think that any more.

  5. The thumbnail of the dye dripping down Ghouliani’s face, makes me laugh just as hard as knowing the feds raided his house

  6. Well we all know that crooks of a feather, Always commit crimes and hang out together, And when they get caught, They’ll start sowing doubt !

  7. Earlier today an FBI spokesman thanked a priest, an exorcist and Blade for their assistance in serving the search warrants on the former mayor.

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