Trump’s SCOTUS Stunt ‘All Theater To Keep The Fundraising Going’: Raskin | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump's SCOTUS Stunt 'All Theater To Keep The Fundraising Going': Raskin | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @BOB BRADLY It’s an EXCELLENT Cabinet – full of quality, experience, decency, compassion and integrity. Outside of Romney, there are few in today’s gop that can make that argument for themselves.

    1. @Nicholas Pitts As he has said.(Impeached Orange Loser)
      “I like em stupid…”.
      No fears you fail that one at least.

    2. @Nicholas Pitts He’s having a Christmas parties while people are going hungry, getting evicted, dying from covid pandemic

    3. Check this out to see what the lefts been doing:
      Also research 4th gen warfare, and Peter Zeihan DisUnited Nations.

      A few years ago China had a massive bird killing campaign and then were surprised when locusts devastated their crop, then to keep 3 gorges dam from breaking they let loose the water and flooded out wuhan, a major agricultural center further harming the crop (while simultaneously wiping out evidence of the rona) that’s why the chinese fishing fleet is currently raping the worlds oceans. Add that to the financial collapse from the housing bubble caused by the chinese ghost cities, US sanctions, and a host of other problems. Then take into account what you learn from Peter Zeihan, and know that china is in its death throws. 4 more years of Trump and we finish them without firing a shot. With Biden, its all undone. Once you learn about 4th generation warfare, remember all those cities burning? Exactly…

      This is no longer about who’s gonna be POTUS, its about the future of our country AND the world.

    1. They’re ALL just actors, at different degrees of knowledge and privilege, dems or reps. Just a stage, beneath a NWO agenda.

    1. @Og Stomper That suits me fine, you daft wee lassie – can’t YOU use Google before you post horsesh1t comments onto YouTube?

      Just saying, cretin…

    2. Snake Man you are an absolute drama queen! Haha “destroyed our country” is that why we are the most powerful country in the world with by far the largest military budget. Not to mention that between 2000-2016 yea 16 years straight of the two worst presidents ever bush jr and Obama and you think after four years of trump that America is ruined haha 😂 what a dbag you are plz shut your hole and go open a book

    3. @Og Stomper If I, say, couldn’t even spell “personally”, and honestly believed that “an malignant…” was proper English, I would be a wee bit hesitant about describing ANYBODY ELSE as “low IQ” – do you even know what IQ stands for?

      Serious question, cretin…

    1. Especially with the orange main clown smart business man my butt I’m surprised Donny doesn’t steal vaccine and sell it to his criminal friends on wall street

    1. There are loopholes in all the laws, and Trump is an expert at taking advantage of them.

      “It’s not a lie if you believe it”

    2. Lol. You really think Trump needs that money? He’s already been losing billions in taking the office. Also donated all his presidential salary except for 1 dollar. Stop believing these dishonest leftist media channels. You look very stupid. NPC.

    1. Well, they can afford it since they all got that great tax break while the rest of America faces unemployment and homelessness. Make America Great again??

  1. I’ve always said that in America all is forgiven in the quest for money. Trading blood for money is going to be the outcome I fear.

  2. Stop using the lemming comparisons. The footage of them all running off the cliff was staged. That’s not their natural behavior.

    1. XAndroid1 – How did this “fraud” work? Who organized it? Was it individual voters acting alone? Coordinated by a ringleader? Poll workers? Dominion? Election officials, county and state? The DNC? Joe Biden himself?

      Was it such a massive plot that it involved people on EVERY level in EVERY WAY? Did everyone involved know it was happening on every level?

      That’s what Trump claims – that EVERYONE was in on it, even Republicans. According to him, even the media knew, (only the “liberal” media, of course). Half of the country pulled-off this scheme right under the nose of the other half. The evil geniuses did it without leaving a shred of evidence. No paper trail. No informants. Poll workers who knew they were on camera just did it anyway, right in front of EVERYBODY!

    2. @Scott the only thing being stolen are the minds of trumpsters so brainwashed by this orange pile of dung he runs the country just like his businesses Hope america doesn’t go bankrupt his realm of terror is coming to an end just not fast enough

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