Trump's 'Shadow' Looms Over Republican Party | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Trump’s ‘Shadow’ Looms Over Republican Party | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Chuck Todd breaks down how Trump's shadow continues to be cast over politics and the Republican Party.

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Trump's 'Shadow' Looms Over Republican Party | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Tori O Good for you .. I was a Republican all my life and I am also now Independent.. I want nothing to do with trumps republicans

    2. Ah yes more distraction from the real issues. Thanks To Joey, keystone pipeline shut down 1st week in office. Now another Shortage of gas. Ofcourse he shut it down to help his buddies who invested in electric car, train stock make millions. All dictators. Honestly, these Democrats and gop are like big caca floating in the toilet that needs to be flushed.

    3. @Tech ti For your information- that pipeline in Dakota was on protected land which the Lakota reservation had for decades. The agreement was made by previous admins that this land would be left alone. The only reason that Trump started up the pipeline was because he had invested over 11 million in it and knew he could get it going again. As far as jobs lost, there was actually only 1200 there to keep the line running { which production had not even started } Biden signed the land back over to the Lakota which had originally been arranged and Trump denied any wrongdoing or conflict of interests. This man disrespected our people to line his own pockets – not to help anyone. As far as gas prices go- this is not the president’s doing…. there is this thing called OPEC– the Saudi Arabians ? They control the market. Next time do your research.

  1. Trump has the GOP twisting in the wind still, they are frighten like rabbits that he won’t endorse them.

    1. You wished. Biden will never be a good President. DemoCRAPS will never keep control of us.

    2. @Big Bear Hungry you’re already out of control… so was trump … that’s why you like his ilk

    1. @Demetria Karnavas Just because the liberal media keeps EVERYTHING from you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. How can you guys be so dense not to look both ways before you cross the street? I don’t get it. You clearly don’t realize the Democratic Party owns the media and only tells you what they want you tell you. How difficult is that to understand? They pose as bipartisan, but they just follow orders and somehow trick the lowest information people. They have Big Tech, MSM, and Hollywood to do it.

    2. @C D How many more states do we need to recount before you finally GET IT. It’s been 5 months now and nothing. Oh, by the way- don’t call me sweetheart – troll.

    3. @red sky It’s not my fault that you don’t understand that behind the scenes of your corrupt Democrat Party owned media happens everything I am talking about. How you guys are so dense and sheep’like, is truly incredible.

    4. @C D why are you even here at an nmsb sight? Please if you do not want to hear the truth that the election was not stolen go back to Newsmax and Fox.

    1. Those Republican leaders believe they can’t win a free and fair election. Look at the HR1 bill. Mitch McConnell is actually involved in the negotiations of that bill. Moscow Mitch hasn’t been involved in any bill in nearly a decade. They (the Republican party) are scared to death of any bill that doesn’t allow them open reigns on any voter suppression they feel necessary to win their election. In Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania the Republicans lost the popular vote in their state elections yet they still hold their seats only due to Gerrymandering. Bryan Kemp only won his Governor’s seat because he threw out tens of thousands of ballots in a democratic county just days before the election.

  2. McCarthy: “I’ve had it with Liz Cheney telling the truth about the election. Why can’t she just go along with the big lie?”

  3. And just what do the GOP plan to do when the indictments start raining down on the screaming carrot demon????

  4. Why dosen’t the DOJ just charge dump with obstruction of justice in the Mueller probe and throw him in jail? That would get rid of all the problems.

  5. This is simple. Liz Cheney is calling for an investigation into January 6th. Trump, McCarthy, and other Republicans will do ANYTHING to avoid being forced to testify! We have the criminals deciding if they should be investigated!

  6. I love how a woman has the only backbone in that party. Thank you for your service Liz Cheney. I pray for you and your family

    1. @Marina K. I support her standing up to the truth and I feel confused about those Trump supporters wanting her out for not Kneeling to a twice impeached one term POTUS that is spreading a huge lie that doesn’t even pass the common sense test.

  7. Never, ever interrupt your opponent while they are making a big mistake, just sit back & watch it happen.

    1. @Shawn Murray Zero agenda. I’m Canadian. Crazy how you guys are clueless to everything and don’t understand the media that tells you all of your nonsense is owned by the Democrat Party. Mindboggling, really. The whole world knows this except for a fringe left microscopic minority.

    2. @C D wow, so you got all of that from my comment? What’s my favorite color? And why are you lying about your agenda? Seems to me you’d rather stay “the smart one” or are you looking for adoration from those you “enlighten”

  8. UNBELIEVEABLE. It’s like those people don’t have minds of their own, or a conscience. SAD SAD SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS

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