Trump’s Tax Returns And The Level Of Data Uncovered 1

Trump’s Tax Returns And The Level Of Data Uncovered


David Fahrenthold, political reporter for the Washington Post discusses the story he broke about the Manhattan district attorney convening a grand jury in its criminal probe into Donald Trump, and speaks to what kind of data and witnesses are likely to be used

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    1. @Mychal Moser
      YouTube deleted my response so this will have to do. I’ll let you get back to suckling on Trumps Cheeto dust covered teat…

    2. @Marc Wright Oh did you mistake me for a Trump supporter? Of course you did. Neanderthal cant distinguish a Trump supporter from someone who is disgusted by widespread, horrendous lies and purposeful deceit and abuse of the press.

    3. @Mychal Moser I remember a comic once saying “you can’t fix stupid” and I’ve learned in my life “you can’t reason with crazy & delusional.” I feel both of those statements fit you pretty well…
      If the shoe fits, am I right!?!

    4. @Marc Wright We 100% agree on that, that’s for sure. Just in opposite directions. It’s on video, thanks to real undercover journalists, CNN directors have admitted to pushing a false agenda, with covid, Trump, everything. And *you* have eaten it up and can’t get enough. You’ve heard the term “useful idiots” I’m sure, lol.

    1. @Insignificant360

      Your name fits.

      Insignificant as you do that 360 around and around and around like with one foot nailed to the floor getting nowhere fast.

      Hey, why not join John Smith and all the rest of the wackjob obsessed Trump haters at the next Bellevue Hospital party!

      You can babble to each other all night how much you “hate Trump” to your hearts content!

    2. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel Aw, are you upset that you don’t have enough suckers to help you build a megachurch and buy a private jet?

    3. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel You state “Satan” is stupid. Something tells me he has your number and is waiting for you and your lying kind!

    1. @Rasc Pintu yes patriots who tried to overthrown the rightfully elected POTUS and Congress.
      Patriots cause a failed insurrection.
      Yeah real patriots who invaded the Congress carried and waved the defeated flag of rebels who wanted to secede and destroy the USA inside congress.

    2. @Rasc Pintu Most of the ppl at jan6 are trying to hid.
      Really traitors like you sound all hard until fbi kicks in your door.
      Next thing tough guys like you start blaming others and like most from jan6 beg the judge for leniency
      Pls look at the aftermath of Jan 6. Trump first praised it the started to throw ppl there under the bus when heat turned on him.
      Remember he later said it criminals for being at jan6.

    3. Please keep these donations flowing or you can use your credit card if you are cannot pay cash.

    1. @Robert Genson If you worked for 20 plus years it’s a no brainer they invest their money similar to your 401K or your private investment. Do you own a house or a business ? There is your investment. OMG there are so many other issues to address than worry about than how wealthy politicians are. I did notice you targeted Democrats and not the millionaires or billionaires in the republicans party. Why not? Cyber ninjas is your priority not what the American citizens need

    2. At least President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris showed their taxes, including their donations to help others. Let’s see all the republicans taxes most likely they don’t report the Russian money they take. The republicans are the most anti American corrupt party. How many people who worked for individual one who were indicted and went to prison.

  1. Makes sense that Trump decided to become a Republican. 28 years each of Democratic and Republican administrations, 1961-2016, five Presidents from each party. During that period Republicans scored eighteen times more individuals and entities indicted, thirty-eight times more convictions, and thirty-nine times more individuals who had prison time.

    1. Agree, however, I don’t think he is a repooplican. As a malignant narcissist, his penchant for chaos and division comes natural.

    2. @Joe aww did you get your tighty whiteys in a bunch buttercup.? How’s that Fraudit workin for ya in Airizona

    3. @Joe and who was in charge when a lot of those who passed away did so… that person underplayed the pandemic… oh I remember it will be gone by Easter (2020), 15 people will die and let’s all drink bleach!

  2. MAGA world jumped on this video with all their dislikes because Faux News won’t even cover it.

    1. @Jrock Az yet Trump is the only one who refuses to turn over his financials. Not Pelosi.

    2. @Xavier Vazquez I trust the indictments and the pardons. That is rock solid proof of Russian collusion. This is why the USA just needs to go back to ignoring you people and letting you cry about being forgotten.

    3. @City Of Angels Candle Studio it’s in spite they pay ppl lots of money to avoid taxes they aren’t u and i

    1. Five Seasons of Breaking Vlad, coming to Netflix, soon. It will take at least that much to cover Donny’s, “career.”

  3. If nothing else, one thing we’ll find out, once and or all, is how much money Trump actually has. How much he is actually worth. I think he’s been lying about his wealth for decades.

    1. @lga Brac : You have to see tax files as a lens, through which you look at the real picture. They shine a light on EVERYTHING and expose the truth or lies behind the declarations that Donny signed each year. They’re only a part of the puzzle, true. But, they are the key, around which the whole thing falls into place. Because, “Signatures,” a word you’re going to hear a LOT about in the coming months. But, that $2.5 B, guesstimate, that you can get from Forbes, or other sources, is worthless, because it’s based upon, “all things being equal.” Am I the only one who WON’T be, “shocked,” when they reveal that Donny was BROKE (actually, “minus rich,” given that he owed more than he had) until he was inaugurated into office? He’s probably a multi-billionaire now? But, it will be in Rubbles, Yen, Turkish Drachma and whatever currency the Saudis deal in these days (usually American Dollars, or Euros?).

    2. @rob smith : He was until he got the POTUS job. Now? I suspect he’s a billionaire, offshore? Bank accounts in, “Russier,” and, “Chiynah,” don’t pop up just because you’ve got sweat shops and franchises in foreign lands? . . .

    3. @lga Brac : That last comment You left out a lot, and misrepresented two facts, making you an ignorant source, or a deliberate liar? . . . You sound like you’re trying to, “convince,” yourself? And you CLEARLY have no idea how the Tax Laws work in America. The IRS doesn’t have access to all of your, “Profits,” and, “Losses,” for a start. They only find out the details, if they INVESTIGATE you. Otherwise, your signed statements are taken on trust, to the extent that no obvious anomalies show up in the paperwork. They ain’t psychics. Shell Companies exist for this, precise, reason . . . of ANONYMITY. If they link you to business you never declared, you owe taxes. If you lied about them, on your returns, you can’t blame your lawyers, because you SIGNED the declaration, saying that you fully, “UNDERSTOOD,” everything that was in it, and have read every word!
      Then there, “secret,” bank accounts, in China and Russia. What did they find in those?
      But, try to remember this, if nothing else? It is NOT the, “worth,” of, “properties or businesses,” they’re looking at, or that even matter, son! It’s DECLARED PROFITS AND LOSSES. Keep that in your head, and ask yourself? Would the DOJ so much as unzip their fly, if they didn’t KNOW they were GUARANTEED that someone’s gonna’ get f’ked? You’re on a STEEP learning curve, kiddo. Hang on tight.

    4. @lga Brac Oh boy, another one who’s been taking Trump brand stoopid pills? Did you have to go to a special college to learn to be so gullible or is it a genetic defect?

    5. @Keith Parker : Comments like Iga Brac’s last one remind of the, “Fentanyl,” propaganda that flooded social media, during the George Floyd murder trial. These propagandists seem to think they can not only con people into believing that black is white, but actually, “persuade,” the FACTS, themselves, to change! They’ll be denying Gravity next. And excusing themselves for not floating, “because the Deep State is putting lead in their jackboots,” or something!

    1. @Akey
      Everyone with a shred of gray matter loves Trump for his policies and patriotism, you Maddow victim.
      Presidential entourage is paid by taxpayers no matter where they stay, but at Trump properties they stayed at cost of maintenance
      Shut up, indoctrinated fan

    2. @Ghia Ferrari you must be illiterate too because I provided links /data for everything I typed on this thread. Maybe you need to ” check ” the facts because it’s clear you haven’t.

  4. They are making a last ditch effort to save themselves, their all traitors to this country

  5. SIX MONTHS to wait and THEN find out IF there’s going to be an indictment??? This shouldn’t take more than 2-3 weeks, and the Grand Jury should have been convened in December of 2020 in anticipation of 12:01pm of January 20, 2021!

    1. Actually we don’t know if they convened the grand jury all the way back when they finally were able to get the tax documents.

    2. @newstarcadefan I guess I’m reacting to seeing this report today, and NOT seeing Trump in handcuffs at 12:01pm on January 20th.

    1. @Tam Nguyen. “I never respect a man who dodged draft, cheated on his women several times, and evaded tax.”
      says alot about those that idolize him, huh?

    2. i never trusted a man who spent 50 years in politics and has done NOTHING but print trillions of dollars

  6. The ‘whataboutisms’ are strong on this one! It’s simple: ANYONE who cheats this big on his taxes should be prosecuted. ANYONE. Of either party. It just seems to be much more prevalent among Republicans, but again… ANYONE! There you go, that covers every ‘what about’ anybody can come up with. If it can be proven, NOBODY should be above the law.

  7. So, when you’re broke, you have money problems……. When you’re rich….. the money problems get bigger?

  8. Their going to get him! I truly believe that they know he has to be held accountable and his cult needs to be distinguished. I pray they get him and all his merry men and woman.

    1. It will never happen. His defense team has already said that as a sitting president he was above the law so any crimes committed while in office are not punishable…no kidding…that is actually what they are saying. so I guess he could murder people and burn down the WH and that would be ok…tragic isn’t it?

  9. Sounds like the dear leader’s going to need more money, better start paying up maga or he won’t like you.

    1. OH he has already released ads on OAN and the other right wing nutter channels “Give money to Trump dot com”
      May the grift commence…

    2. Oh, there will be a fresh appeal for hard Cash, organised by Roger Stone, and probably called, “Stop the State,” or something? . . . And the fascists, racists and under educated scared people will THROW their money at it, like Dollars were going out of fashion or something . . . . . .

  10. The problem with getting him on these financial things is, he’ll just end up paying fines. And he’s got that down pat. He pays a little at a time. He needs to go to jail in my opinion.

    1. Wielseberg runs his entire operation and from reporting has been receiving benefits in kind for decades it’s not a stretch that this went on for everyone in the Trump organisation from Daddy to all his kids and ex wives.
      Extrapolate that behaviour to all his businesses it’s a rats nest of tax cheating
      The back taxes will bankrupt every last one of them.

    2. If memory serves correctly, with the most serious cases of tax fraud, there is mandatory prison time.

    3. @Johnny Tek you need to prove criminal intent otherwise it’s huge fines and treat as civil at issue seems to be the sheer scale of tax abuse.

  11. I’m just worried about who will “do” Donald’s pretty little orange comb over and makeup when he’s behind bars.

  12. Still no mention of how much is in the “laundered for Russian mafia” column in Trumps tax returns.
    What’s the matter, chicken?

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