Trump's Ukraine Phone Call: Mike Pompeo Was In The Room Where It Happened | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call: Mike Pompeo Was In The Room Where It Happened | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


NBC News has confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that Secy. of State Mike Pompeo was there when Trump had his fateful call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy that led to Trump's impeachment inquiry. Aired on 09/30/19.
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Trump's Ukraine Phone Call: Mike Pompeo Was In The Room Where It Happened | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. trumps gonna damage everyone around him….I think the people that turned down a whitehouse position knew what they were doing

    1. What he’s another goddamned hypocritical Evangelical like Pence? It would figure & help explain his behaviour to me.

  2. Pompeo has been mysteriously quiet about his knowledge of these conversations. Now Rudy is going to testify. What a mess. It’s called treason

  3. REMEMBER – Pompeo & Jordan were so angry that their 5th Bengazi take-down of H. Clinton had failed, they wrote a mini-book about it.
    Now if he gets canned for corrupt activities after landing her old job for himself — it will be karma served. He is dangerous.

    1. Just because you do not like somebody does not mean they are a criminal. That’s more like the definition of “psychopath”.

  4. West Point and Harvard Law? And? Any middling intellect can do that. Not impressed. No wonder his actions are so idiotic.

  5. Mike Pompeo is in no way shape or form a representative of the great men and women who serve in our intelligence agencies.

  6. Pompeo is always so smug and irritated by any sort of questions from press. Would really enjoy seeing him taken down.

  7. Pompeo was asked DIRECTLY what he knew about the call. Instead of saying “yeah, actually I was actually listening in on the call” he deflected and talked about military defense.

    With this crew journalists need to be careful not to allow them to evade the question. Pompeo evaded the question because he has a guilty conscience. Even Fox and Friends are beginning to become fed up with Trump – watch yesterday’s airing where they attack Trump’s surrogates.

  8. Is Pompeo that naive? that “We The People” see how condescending he appears. It’s one thing to play “stupid” but when your the top overseas representative for the US (Again “We The People”) are well aware of you intent to protect the corrupt administration.

  9. Why are they surprised about the behavior of Trump’s administrative staff??? None of them have a moral compass that’s why they are working for him.

  10. Pompeo is a self proclaimed and bragged about being a Liar, Conman, a cheat. Watch toward the end of this 8 minutes video to see for yourself, nothing has changed. CORBETT report

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