Trump’s ‘Unnervingly Plausible Path’ To Stealing The Election 1

Trump’s ‘Unnervingly Plausible Path’ To Stealing The Election

“For the first time in the development of this whole story—it's clear there was an actual, cognizable plan to overturn the election," says Chris Hayes. "An actual strategy to get Donald Trump declared the winner of the election, not just throwing stuff against the wall.”

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    1. @reality Brother, is this all you do? Spend your entire day, every day, making angry YouTube comments on political videos? You need to get a healthier hobby, man.

  1. You should listen closely to how he’s explaining this because the Republican Party has written new laws. To subvert. What happened in 2020? The nightmare that we hoped wouldn’t happen in 2020. Could happen in 2024. And 2022 for that matter.

    1. @Bruce Smith Which cities and where’s your evidence for this?? More to the point why wasn’t this “evidence” presented in the over 60, that’s SIXTY court cases that trump lost??

    2. @astev52 the only people elected democratically is your House Reps. The President is indirectly voted in. Members of the Judical Branch are appointed, not directly elected. So again, tell me about this democracy that were never designed to be?

    3. @Florida Man And again, you’re ok with “mob rules” as long as your “mob” put’s your guy in office right??

    1. He’s also still out there sweeping up the millions, bilking the public to help him “save America.” Like the Angel of death, this go off!

    1. @Norma Stone I suppose the nearly 850k unvaccinated immigrants from the southern border being released into the country this year…actually I think July alone topped 100k, doesnt have any impact on the covid spike.

    2. Yes, I remember when he said that, guess what, it never did, and will not. Until the people (idiots) get vaccinated.

    3. Dems used covid to cheat! Why no mention of fraud coming out of GA audits. Election commie hackeed to be overturned as audits will show. Your world is fixing to MSNBC. This propaganda artist is a hack. Rudy went around the country saying just this.

    1. That old TV series “Seconds From Disaster” could make on episode on the last days of the Trump presidency.

  2. Unfortunately, the Rule of Law still relies on honourable men and women to uphold it. Thank you to those who still do – there are too many that are happy to ignore the parts that don’t suit them and manipulate other parts to serve their own interests.

    1. Or it can rely on people being too darn scared to break it. DoJ needs to prosecute. Conspiracy to defraud the United States.

    2. @YYY-GUY a record number 74,000,000 voted for trump this last election…. After 4 years of seeing his hate fueled, money laundering, election manipulating, kkkult kkklan kkkriminal kkkuntery and more came out than in 2016!!! There is no good republican. Decency, reality are damned. They are the fascist party.

    3. Unfortunately, these loyal people are changing voting district borders and making voting more difficult.

    4. @D A If you’re talking about “Re-Trump-licans”, I completely agree. Unfortunately, they’ve hijacked, corrupted, and corroded the Republican party, giving the few remaining respectable and courageous ones a bad name.

  3. It needs not be forgotten about Lindsay Graham’s pressure phone call to Georgia election officials.

    1. @Ash Roskell Trump has proven to be a terribly desperate man willing to do anything! He woul sell out his children to get back in office. Send more money to him people. I hear he has special trump supporter cards for only$50, even though some are misspelled. He’s a pathetic joke!

    2. @espy, Just like any other crime it needs to be investigated further. There are people responsible for maintaining our rule of law and enforcing our laws. They have the responsibility for investigating these crimes and discovering “which others.”. . . It is not a crapshoot. . . . For many of these people, however, we already know who the criminals are. In some cases we have witnessed them; we have heard their lies, and the recordings, etc. We do not throw up our hands and say, “Gosh, who knows which others were involved?” No, we put in the hard work discovering them. Again, there are people charged with that responsibility. They need to do their jobs.

    3. @Matthew McDermit though I heartily agree , my comment was which other states did graham call? Also needs to be investigated.

    1. Turn it into an “Internment” resort for RepubliCON politician’s & their $ enablers. Daily waterboarding and such…

  4. So the fraud only happened in the states tRUMP lost?! Big surprise! These acts are treasonous and must be prosecuted. The next attempt won’t be so ham-handed.

    1. @Anton Lowe That’s hilarious.
      I believe there’s still a clear distinction though. For example, when a hurricane hit Florida Ron did all the right things to get those sweet crisis political points.
      When a crisis (covid) hit America, Trump led the Republican party down the path of anti-covid, essentially stone walling Republicans who want to be re elected into his idiotic Agenda.
      Any normal politician would’ve milked those free crisis political points by doing all the right things. i.e George Bush Jr.
      Trump literally threw away a free second term.

    2. not only that, but the gop congressmen that were elected re-elected in the SAME election on the same ballot are ok with their elections, no fraud there. amazing.

  5. TREASON is the word that NEEDS to be used from now on about Trump , & ALL who helped his straight up attempt to overthrow the United States !

    1. @Notbornagainbornright #1 attempting to impeach a sitting President over verifiable false claims about said President’s involvement, aka “collusion”, with Russia, Russia, Russia?

    2. @Brent Hooven it wasn’t attempted, he was impeached… twice. He wasn’t removed. If you’re going to keep regurgitating bs that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, at least be fkn accurate.

    1. @Maria G. I saw that and was telling people this…he was obviously setting ( or trying to) up the Pentagon as well as the DOJ…I’m not afraid to say it but the whole family had bug out kits at hand

    2. he did not try. he did start a civil war. it is a slow war. it will continue. each election that the republicans loose, they will rile up more of their supporters. it will reach critical mass in the next few years. and jan 6th 2021 will look like child’s play.

    1. We need to eliminate in purge all fascists from the face of the earth , one bullet at a time

  6. Graham, McCarthy, Jordan, Meadows,Vampire Rudy and many other Snake Republicans are complicit and they were aware of his plot. Pathetic sore loser unable to accept humiliation and defeat. Burn it all down to win. They all need to be held accountable.

    1. @Topher Kelly – I agree with your sentiment even though your spelling of these individuals is incorrect. They are all despicable and “deplorable. “

  7. ‘trump’ is synonymous ‘failure’…that means his supporters are supporting failure…great job…

  8. When does someone actually get charged for election interference? Never? No wonder the Republicans have no fear.

  9. FACT: Trump tried to disenfranchise 81 million voters and he’s still making money off his big lie. While a Black woman in Carolina made a mistake by voting while on probation and got 3 years in prison. Welcome to America.

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