Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump's White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton's Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Trump aides Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin denied things are chaotic inside the White House after the president announced on Twitter that yet another National Security Adviser is out. Philip Rucker, Jeremy Bash, and Kimberly Atkins discuss.
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Trump's White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton's Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Trump’s White House Denies Chaos In The Wake Of John Bolton’s Chaotic Exit | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. They know this week is very decisive for the future of the President, so how about big stories to create distraction from the real chaos inside this circus administration…

    • bingbonga binga | September 11, 2019 at 6:53 AM | Reply

      TheBeanie2k the only apporoval rating that counts is the one on innauguration day. You know like last time. Trump45 2020 MAGA.

    • Michael Keymont | September 11, 2019 at 8:02 AM | Reply

      How’d that special election “referendum against Trump” go for you? No coverage = changing the subject. It’s the biggest political story today and the leftist media doesn’t want to talk about it.


    • @bingbonga binga – WHAT?? How young are you?? The approval rating in 2016 was not in favor of your glorious leader and it will be far worse in 2020. It is not only the people in the White House who are abandoning him, the average voter is running from him as well.

    • @Michael Keymont – a republitard win in a southern state that has ALWAYS been a conservative state is not a big story. Besides, I am sure that this election will be investigated just like the last one and I am just as sure that more illegal activities will be found. After all, NC is the state that had its voter ID law tossed out by the courts because they made it almost impossible for Blacks to qualify to vote. The man who wrote that law admitted that it was designed for that purpose. Are you proud that you party tries so hard to keep Americans from voting???

      There is a massive change coming NEXT YEAR in North Carolina. Those republitard heroes of yours gerrymandered the state to make it almost impossible for a democrat to win at the state level. The courts have decreed that the state draw up new and more FAIR districts.

      Once the democrats who get elected AFTER the restructuring of the districts take office they will make major improvements in how the state is run. Once the lines are redrawn republitards will take the backseat forever.

  2. Candy JohnsonCanoli | September 11, 2019 at 1:55 AM | Reply

    Rand Paul should fire his stylist. That rug is laughable.

  3. Bolton is a warmonger and very conservative, but he’s not traitor. He will never cozy up to Putin. Regardless, I think is good he’s out

  4. Trump is Putin’s nuclear bomb as America is broken with a mad man in control of nuclear weapons that may go off at any moment. Bolton wants to bomb other countries into submission

    • We need to be adults and take accountability for OUR nation! Step up or shut up!

    • @bingbonga binga – Funny that you believe that the courts are changing when the courts have overruled so many of tRump’s actions. It seems that you are just another idiotic liar like your beloved leader.

    • @Debate Me! HOW do you propose that we turn the wheel??

    • @Debate Me! – WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE WE DO???

    • @Tomandtob Are you new in USA? What have we always done? How did slavery end? How did women get rights? How has major change ever happened in a democracy? It’s like you have police that aren’t enforcing the laws on people speeding like crazy and in the police are saying what do you expect us to do? In a democracy the people hold the power. So you’re basically the police officers on the side of the road doing nothing with your hands up in the air asking what should you do. What did Puerto Rico just literally do? What is Hong Kong doing right now? What are people all over the world doing right now and throughout history when they are being oppressed? It’s not like we’re talkin about something complicated or new.

      Usually when people don’t want to take accountability they will find a bunch of excuses and plead ignorance. Put your hands up in the air and ask what else am I supposed to do when they’re not really doing anything at all to begin with. So just to address people like that. You can pick up a phone, pick up a pen, print posters, educate and motivate everyone around you that you can to take action as well, you can protest, you can wake up. Corporations that are controlling our government Karma you can do anything at all that puts any pressure at all on our politicians. You can do anything except nothing.

      There are millions and millions of us and we live in a Democratic Republic. Everything is literally in our favor except for our attitudes. Think about how absurd it is that millions of people are putting up with nonsense from a small group of people who actually work for us.

  5. Alfred Degiorgio | September 11, 2019 at 2:35 AM | Reply

    Trump has deliberately and maliciously humiliated Bolton before the eyes of the world. The evil man-child tricked Bolton into delaying his resignation and then quickly fired him via tweet. Trump has made enemies of many WH ex-employees and some may seek revenge, hopefully just before the 2020 elections!

  6. Donnie doesn’t need intelligent people around him
    He’s got his gut!

    • B.J Cameron Hey! They’re just taking a page out of Trump’s book! Chapter: How to be Childish and Immature like Donald J Trump!

    • Nothing immature about my comment; it’s just the plain simple truth.  My mother’s been dead since 2002; and I live in my own house which I paid for after I retired from the US Army back in 2012.  You just can’t handle the truth Cameron.

    • Vera Schmidt ….and his gut is hugely, Bigly and massive! Trump’s fat could feed the World 🌍!

    • @Vivian Perino I feel sick at just the thought of what you said. 🤢

  7. Bolton, man of the left ? What, there’s two of him ?

  8. Sounds like the WH is the set for a soap opera and not reality TV 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Most bad words are four letters long. The worst word will have FIVE letters TRUMP

    • @B.J Cameron – you have serious issues. How did abortion get into this argument? Can you PROVE your statement?? NO!!

    • The lion and the lamb lol. “Shut down hate speech”? You mean speech you don’t agree with? Glad you can admit that your the true nazis who want to suppress people’s freedoms just because your feelings are hurt.

    • Stuck N. Derplahoma | September 11, 2019 at 12:35 PM | Reply

      @B.J Cameron BJ stands for blow jobs, huh?

  10. Now POMPEO and Barr….Oh Steven Miller can go too!!!

    • Diogenes69 Wesley | September 11, 2019 at 10:40 AM | Reply

      @Jen Robbie We need to gas Miller in a NAZI death camp, with Zyklon B. That would be poetic justice, since that’s what he plans for brown people in America.

    • @bingbonga binga Yeah, can’t stop Trump from being a total moron and liar.

    • @bingbonga binga – sure!!! Leave it to a moron like you to believe that you understand what is going on. Your beloved leader is in a death spiral. People are abandoning him before he hits rock bottom EXPLODES.

    • @Jeremy Backup – this group of trumpoids are following the example of their beloved leader who has hated America since the first time he was sued for racist housing practices. He hatred grew with his first bankruptcy because he believed that he only failed because of Federal regulations. tRump is incapable of understanding that his failures were caused by nobody but tRump. That hate increased with each of the following FIVE bankruptcies. Then when no US bank would give him a loan after that sixth bankruptcy his rage and hate against America shot through the roof. That is why he turned to Russia for a MASSIVE loan. That loan is why he adheres to Putin. That loan keeps him in the control of Putin. Putin wants to destroy America and tRump is his willing tool in doing so. We all know that tRump is a tool.

    • Dont forget the vice president and trump.

  11. How much longer will the madness continue? Bring on the 25th

  12. Only a corrupt criminal would obstruct , hinder and lie about foreign interference

    • @mark Trump’s inane ego prevents him from admitting the Russians helped him. Trump truly believes he is doing a swell job and so do those who still support him. Trump’s approval among the GOP voters is great. His approval among the majority of voters is dismal and will only get worse as he freaks about losing reelection.

    • And Trump…oh wait he IS a corrupt criminal.

    • Wow, our govt since 1776

  13. ^.^ if Tucker Carlson dropped his toast he would “Blame the left!”

    • @karin backstrom
      Yeah, Sweden is such a great and advanced country and it’s full of attractive, smart and blonde Swedish girls! As a French guy I couldn’t agree more! Oo!

    • karin backstrom you guys are way to civilized with your labels😬. Greetings from America, and sorry. The majority of us are working on it, honest. Hope you have a good day.

    • karin backstrom | September 11, 2019 at 9:48 AM | Reply

      @Arno 222444 Thank you! France is very OK also.

  14. If you are far right enough, even a John Bolton may look socialist.

  15. Just another day on the conveyor belt of chaos, corruption and corrosion of this limp fisted fraternity of frenemies.

  16. Flummoxed Marmoset | September 11, 2019 at 4:34 AM | Reply

    Why quote Tucker Carlson on MSNBC? We don’t wanna hear from Fox News figures on THIS channel, for the same reason that we don’t drink water out of the toilet.

  17. Trump want to surround himself with people that will trust his judgement, the problem with that is no One trust him.

  18. Trump has 2 neurons left held together by a treponeme.

  19. Oh no😱 Trump just fired Israels main man John Bolton😆Now please get rid of Mike Pompeo👍

  20. The first lady? What does her opinion have to do with national security?

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