Truth Matters: What Happens When Facebook Replaces Local Newspapers | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. Local newspapers can’t compete.
      Think they hire us to help them.🀣🀣🀣
      They been inbreeding on who they hire, and selling out the people to money interests.
      Not all bad.
      But did local paper address the real issues.
      Sure in some cases.

      But what a paper tiger gonna do.
      Stop toxic waste they whole ink and paper is toxic waste.βš°βš°βš°βš–

    2. And local newspapers rearly oppose the ruling class in they local cesspools.
      Hollywood show few examples…
      Missing the comics strips thoπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  1. News papers are liable for the truth, Facebook has to do something to indicate who or what is liable.

  2. This country as a whole is so educationally lazy.. Really don’t care about the truth only what makes them feel good and if it means hurting others they can live with that..

    1. Maybe if the art and guidelines of good journalism were followed. In this era it’s all about $ . What boosts ratings the most to draw big advertising dollars. Stephanie and this gal while talking about this are both grinning. I feel to see the humor.

  3. Well, last time I paid $3 for the New York Times, I felt ripped off. That was the second time and it’ll be the last. I’m fine with reading my local paper, but the price increased over the last 10 years. Used to be 50-75 cents. I bought Wednesday’s paper and it’s $2.

    1. They have to pay their staff, and with less people buying it they’ll go out of business if prices don’t increase. Also ever heard of inflation?

  4. Just like the ORSON WELLES FILM in the 1930s.
    Add a few jerks and rumors abound.πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ

  5. The problem is the ‘newspaper’ part. Its 2021, those brick and mortar newspapers need to have easily accessible apps with reasonable subscriptions AND pay as you read models along with free content about local events.
    You don’t see many people buying encyclopedia Britannica anymore, not when you can access the website. Its about adapting and modernizing.

    1. You do if you’re a scientist who needs facts. There has to be access to the facts, and it’s got to be paid for. One reason why it’s not is because fb lies about providing news. People are being fooled again.

    2. @Robin subscriptions, pay as you read and ads on free content. That’s how you pay for it but it has to be reasonable pricing to encourage people to use the service. The issue is I don’t see traditionally (local) newspaper moving online quick enough. I agree facebook does help spread false information

  6. Most of Today’s journalists could care less about keeping you informed for reasons helpful to your livelihood. Most of them consider the audience fools .

    1. That’s not at all true. Most journalists want to report on facts, and their reputation is their livelihood. Guessing you think Tucker and Hannity are “journalists” when Fox labels them entertainers…

  7. Bigger issue is that local news goes to city meetings and covers the local news and government, which big organizations don’t want to do. John Oliver did a great video about it on Last Week Tonight.

    1. Local independent citizen reporters have picked up the slack in a big way. Corporate and Tech Oligarchs have lost control.

  8. I can’t imagine trusting anything on FB for my primary source of news. That group should be renamed to ‘The local rumor mill’ cuz that’s all they got is rumors.

    1. Agree! Independent/non censored media is everywhere now. Personal discernment is rising and the Tech Orligarchs and losing their control.

  9. THAT is why ‘curing’ the fake news posts on social media is MUCH MUCH more difficult than stopping Fox et al spreading the lies of Trump et his conjurors.

  10. I really don’t think facebook groups can adequately replace local news. No one has time to do competent journalism for free, which means it’s bound to be little more than low-quality gossip with no follow-up or investigation behind it. Corrupt politicians could get away with just about anything in that environment.

  11. Important story. Small town gossip gets a new suit. Soon the neighborhood will have armed vigilantes responding to Facebook posts.

  12. Perhaps Facebook could make sure a broad spectrum of news media gets promoted to users as a regular policy. Including local area television.

  13. I quit Facebook 6 months ago. My kinfolk let me see their true colors on Facebook. I’m a liberal and most of them are Trump cultists. Before Facebook and Trump I got along pretty well with most of my conservative kinfolk but now they are rude and overly opinionated liberal haters.

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