Trying To Make Something Out Of Nothing: McCaskill On Defense In Chauvin’s Trial | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Trying To Make Something Out Of Nothing: McCaskill On Defense In Chauvin’s Trial | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Senator Claire McCaskill, former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance, and retired Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best react to the cross-examination of Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo by Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Trying To Make Something Out Of Nothing: McCaskill On Defense In Chauvin’s Trial | Deadline | MSNBC



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    2. The defense always wheels out something – all they need is to raise a reasonable doubt – the state went with the lesser charge because it is easier to prove

    1. @BIG COV all it means is they will go loot a target and steal some shoes and a tv and mom a new sheet set you know looting for justice

    2. @BIG COV just think all this started because a dope fiend took a hit and wanted to screw somebody out of some money with counterfeit money

    3. @Minta Munte as painful as ot was to read your comment, its true. That dope fiend was a human being and didnt deserve to be tortured like that.

  1. She is 100% correct . Stand there in the court room and not anybody say a word for nine minutes and twenty nine seconds . No need to say anything .

    1. @JohnTheCatMan likely racist lol sure bud. I’m married to a Mexican. My best man at my wedding is black. My dentist is Haitian. My pediatrician is Nigerian. My kids are half Mexican. 90% of my business dealings are with minorities. So yeah I am racist against whites. I guess your right

    2. @Mary Ann M Don’t know what your talking about I’m merely replying to someone who thought it would be a good time to say get rid of the Capitol police and I merely asked him why we should do that. Thinking that this conversation has nothing to do with that topic as well as being an inane suggestion.

    3. @Justin Chapman Yeah, and the pope is my dad. I own an island, I’ve lived 328 years, and Chauvin was my best friend just before this. We all have stories.

    4. @Justin Chapman The role of a prosecution witness is not to state the law, it is to provide information that is relevant to the prosecution proving the case of the specific law/s with which the defendant has been charged. Seems the clarity of the witnesses has totally destroyed your ability to present arguments against them. Perhaps you need to study “Understanding legal processes for the dummies”.

  2. What is offensive to me is all these people saying Chauvin isn’t guilty. He’s asking for the very same presumption of innocence he denied George Floyd.

    1. @Michael Duff just like all of the other non believers… until a cop murders one of your friends or family members. And laughs about it while going on paid vacation!

    2. @Edward Mercedes Ever wonder why America has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Think about your last sentence, “Now think about how many democrats didn’t get to vote in the last elections.” That would be the answer.

    3. What’s offensive to me is all the destruction and death that follwed Floyd’s death!
      All of it was praised by the media and some politicians. There have been hundreds of people murdered! Some were innocent, some not… Heck, there were people blocking the area where Floyd died when they started picking jurors for this trial. Another young adult/teen life was taken on that very same corner. Crime is up over 50% in cities that either defunded or dismantled police depts. So while I do hope justice to be served for Floyd’s death, if his death was a result of misconduct, I just can’t get over the chaos that erupted from it. We cannot trust everything the media tells us daily….

    4. @Chris Insanity? You mean what’s happening in the world today, at this moment? The old man that can’t even remember he’s President?
      The man that supported a boycott in Georgia over lies even partisan fact checkers called lies? Now millions of dollars that would help the inner city of Atlanta are no more…
      You mean the children being smuggled over the border or thrown over the wall or is it the drugs? People sleeping on top of each other or the raping of men and women by the cartels that say no to smuggling drugs? Oh, I think you mean the VP who laughed when asked if she was going to visit the border soon? Is the insanity when Biden handed the reigns over to her to handle the border issue, and the next day her team claimed she wasn’t going to handle the issue? Yep, thats it! It’s total insanity and it’s so transparent!

  3. I had a debate professor tell me, “If you’re in a debate with someone who is saying crazy things, don’t interrupt.”

    1. Not really that good of advice. Trump said mostly crazy things and we got the attack on the capital for it.

      That advice should be, “If you’re in a debate with someone who is saying crazy things, don’t interrupt unless the crowd is full of other crazies who are wearing red baseball caps to hide their recent frontal lobotomies. In that situation, use the Yosemite Sam advice, “I carry a big stick … and I use it” as you pummel said crazy someone with a baseball bat.”

    2. In the absence of sanity most will listen to insane. Clearly half of our country falls into the latter. One of the reasons trump lost his twitter account.

    1. He also did nothing to help him after Floyd had no pulse. This was premeditated, from where I sit. Dude enjoyed it.

  4. Even if “they” (the four) feared the crowd; wouldn’t you expect the cops there to call for More backup?

    1. 3 were in top of george floyd and only 1 controlling the the crowd so obviously they didn’t fear the crowd… If only one could control it without back up

    2. @Thrill Me Crap!. They could not justify calling backup. Four of them with a man face down on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind his back and a small group of onlookers too horrified to do anything but record the tragedy and occasionally beg them to stop. Laughable to even imply any relevance of defunding.

    3. Not even that (calling for back-up) just stop doing what was agitating the crowd in the first place (get off his neck and let the man who is no longer a “threat” to you BREATHE….) That’s common sense, but then again if it were common EVERYBODY would have it….

  5. What frustrates me is that this was more than murder. This was torture. 9 minutes of slowly choking to death while shackled must have been terrifying and painful for George Floyd. My heart breaks.

    1. @Good Citizen huh? You are on the wrong thread. If you don’t want to be divided from your fellows, then don’t dig up an unrelated racial wedge that no one is happy about.

    2. @Professor Farmgirl One witness was only 9 years old. Her cousin was 17, but she managed to video record what happened.

    3. @N B I might have overlooked something but I think you’re the one who’s bringing up race all the time, yet, you accuse others of doing it.

  6. Praying for justice!!!!! No one including myself are perfect. That man didn’t deserve to be murdered the way he was.

  7. We aren’t living in a dystopian future (yet) where the police are protected by law to behave like Judge Dredd… a lot of work needs to be done within law enforcement, first thing is to remove loose cannons that have a penchant for racism.

    1. lol how about end the drug war and quit giving these cops a precedent to stop people and harass them. Racism isn’t as prevalent as the news says I hate to tell you. I have more friends that don’t look like me

    2. @Big Brother Thunder First you say racism “isn’t as prevalent as the news says”, then you make an anecdotal argument. Do you care to provide any actual evidence? Racism isn’t just seen in the news, I see it everyday at work and at the park and at the mall. It doesn’t take a PHD to see that it is alive and well. Seems like you are not looking close enough.
      You think “ending the drug war” need to be done first? Sure I’m all for decriminalization of possession, but can’t we address both issues at the same time?

  8. To me, it seems like they are asking the jury to be complicent in the flawed thinking that it was ok for the police to act as they did toward George Floyd cause they are police and deal with so much and Floyd wasn’t a leading member of society. It has worked so many times they just can’t believe the jury isn’t buying it.

    1. @Michael Duff – hey assbreath – doesn’t matter if you were kidding or not. Your post is just plain Racist trolling and bag-of-hammers stupid.

    2. @Michael Duff how nice of them to gently lay him on the ground and cuddle with him, until his last breath was squeezed out of him.
      Sorry. This is one time I cannot look on the bright side. That was all darkness.

    3. @Bonnie Kerr Because that’s all you want to see. Watch the body cam video, if you can find it. They were extremely nice to him.

    4. Are you lot stupid? They were literally patient with him. Watch the bodycam footage. This nothing to do with being racist. They tried to force George into the car but he was a big guy and they couldn’t handle him because he is much larger and was thrashing about, which is why they resorted to more force. Though, I do feel Chauvin should have stopped when George finally accepted he was under arrest, but at that time I feel the officers did not want to resort to him resisting so much again. If George simply went with the cops when they were being respectful because he paid with a counterfeit bill, none of this would have happened but he resisted arrest. These comments are proof you haven’t watched the bodycam footage and how he was resisting arrest and the cops were trying to put him at ease. It’s staggering how blind people are to this. What happened is an absolute tragedy of course, but you’re acting like George was an angel.

    1. wily wascal he even shifts his weight to better squash his neck…this was after he’d stopped talking and moving. chauvin deliberately killed Floyd, I thought that was a first degree murder charge?

    2. @frances simmonds ~ We think alike. The following was my comment for this video:

      The problem for Chauvin’s lawyers is an age-old one: there is no defense for the indefensible. Chauvin’s only hope is for one or more of his jurors that is totally supportive of the police and unwilling to be objective–a possible hung jury and mistrial–which would only result in another trial, anyway. Don’t think that’s going to happen in this case, though, because the trial is being held in Minnesota and not Mississippi, and because the evidence against him is so overwhelming. He’ll get a fair trial, but the verdict will be guilty, as it should be. Believe he should have been charged with first-degree murder, but understand the difficulty in obtaining a conviction on that charge.

    3. wily wascal watching the defence argue what, as you say, is an indefensible case is a joke. He has to be defended, that’s democracy, it’s just funny watching the defence pick up on any little thing, like berating a senior officers testimony because he hasn’t been out on the streets for a few years.

    4. @frances simmonds ~ Have not had the chance to watch much of the trial live, but it appears Chauvin’s defense lawyer is doing his job competently and professionally. Casting doubt on witnesses comes with the territory, although this defense lawyer’s nitpicking credible prosecution witnesses here may be hurting his case more than helping it.

      But there really is no good strategy when trying to defend the indefensible; it’s like playing a losing hand, where one can only hope for the best, trying to make something out of nothing. Except defense lawyers can’t fold their hand in the middle of a trial, and so are forced into taking risky moves, because they have no good cards to play, and can only work with the hand that they’re dealt.

      As Chauvin’s defense lawyer would be advising my client to accept a plea deal, and would be asking the prosecution to offer one. However, don’t think either Chauvin or the prosecution are much interested in any plea deal.

      Admire defense lawyers that take tough cases like this one and do their job professionally to the best of their ability–when done for the right reasons. Hopefully, Chauvin’s lawyers didn’t agree to defend him for the free publicity merely to advance themselves. On the other hand, hard to have any respect for lawyers like Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, who give lawyers a bad name and should, at a minimum, each be disbarred.

  9. He said he couldn’t breathe. The doctor said he died because he couldn’t breathe. What else there to sort out

    1. @Loagaeth the experts have testified today. He will definitely be convicted after today regardless. It was an overdose that’s been declared today by the experts.

    2. @Loagaeth you can, that’s why their testimony was allowed. What are talking about? Expert witnesses are heard by the jury as part of their decision making process. Who doesn’t understand that.

    3. @Spenny G So, you have a law degree and know? There personal opinions will be thrown out. Experts are supposed to give facts. Not opinions.

  10. Claire McCaskill always has something yummy under that glass cake holder when she streams from her kitchen. Which always makes her seem so reasonable. Smart idea

    1. I have noticed that as well. I seen her in the thumbnail and had to check if there was cake and there is lol

    1. @Lm Do you have a link? 18 formal complaints and involed in the death of 8 people who at the time of their deaths in the process of being arrested by him. He’s a serial killer.

  11. If Chauvin feels free to Murder in daylight under multiple cameras.
    What does he do, in the dark, when no one is watching….

  12. Derek Chauvin wanted to show that crowd that he could kneel on that mans neck for as long as he wanted and there was nothing they could do about it. R.I.P. George.

    1. This is the most REAL statement anyone could make here. He did it because he HAD the power to and wanted to prove to EVERYONE watching that he could do WHATEVER he wanted and NOTHING we do can stop him. The sad thing is.. Idk if he even feels any lind of guilt or remorse at all. I’ve cried many times watching this trial. When I catch myself crying, I try to see what his reactions are. And every single time its a blank stare followed by writing on his pad. I get it.. He has to take notes and focus on his defense. But at some point it seems like we would see some sort of emotion. Some sort of regret or ANYTHING to prove this was just a “mistake”. Knowing this case is void of any of that, I have no doubt the jurors are also looking for this. I hope they make the right decision and I hope he has a LOT of time to reflect on this disgusting choice he made.

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