1. @William Royer He had more young viewers than any other mainstream media person by a lot. So you are not correct.

    2. ​ all younger generations think anyone over 30 is an old fart. But also gen z is one of the most conservative young generations ever. Do you are doubly wrong

  1. How the hell do people keep misunderstanding free speech? No business is held to this, it’s a government thing.

    1. Except a lot of modern discourse is done online…on platforms owned by major businesses. If you wish to protest about something in a way that gets attention then it’s pretty much a given there will need to be YouTube clips about it, Twitter trend, some IG and FB posts, etc. So you’re not wrong, and I think it’s also intellectually dishonest to not mention there aren’t any realistic alternatives for public discourse that’s not influenced in some way by a major business.

      It’s important to examine the spirit behind the free speech amendment in the first place. It was for having the ability to protest about something for the possibility of change to occur. That can’t happen if it’s almost impossible for it to gain traction. Ideally there would be a public forum managed by the government that’s the de facto platform for sharing ideas, that way free speech could be applied. I think we’re well beyond the point of that becoming a practical reality though.

    2. It’s time that the 1st Amendment was extended to include social media sites given that this is how citizens communicate in the modern era. Social media sites should not be allowed to ban people from commenting however the commenter should be able to be sued for libel and slander.

    3. The idea that a business can violate your rights that the government cant violate is strange. Like, do you really think corporations should have that much power that the government doesn’t even have……

    4. @Mark Green Love that last part but sometimes that boils down into who can afford the best lawyers or have the time and money to fight back.

      Any time Tucker speaks he should read a disclaimer beforehand telling folks that no reasonable person should take anything he says as truth. (goes back to a court decision a year or so back)

  2. That “expert” was incorrect about posting hour long videos to Twitter. Matt Walsh is already doing it. I’m honestly surprised they aren’t aware of the functionality. It’s almost as if they don’t use Twitter

    1. ​@dzcav3 That’s rich, coming from follower of Orange Jesus!


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a panel this out of it. Like adding a streaming service to Twitter is so absurd. It’s kind of the bare minimum to having a social media platform these days. Companies have to have streaming functionality. For streaming to work, a company also needs traffic, Twitter certainly has the traffic.

    1. Ironic considering how badly the cnn streaming service failed haha, Tucker on the other hand will do great on twitter

    2. @Roger McMillan he will get millions of views, way more than cnn, there will be ways to monetize it

  4. On a more important topic: we need a channel that deals with all the many aspects of mental health to try to help those suffering from mild symptoms to severe. All major networks should be having segments on how to cope with life, how to find and strengthen resilience, rooting out cyber bullying, coping with loneliness, depression, anxiety, how to reprogram the subconscious, how to overcome toxic self hatred, how to find support, how to develop spirituality (not religiosity), forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, self-medicating dangers, healthy behaviors, finding hope, sharing kindness, and on and on. We need this yesterday! We don’t need to talk so much about all the negatives in life, but more about dealing with them in healthy ways. We’ve obtained laws to protect the most vulnerable like LGBTQ folks and ethnic groups. But millions of sufferers with “milder” marginalization, like Autism, Borderline, Introverts, “weirdness,” being overweight, deemed ugly, odd, labeled negatively—these are the ones who are tortured souls from without and within who have little help or support, and no rights that are under the Woke umbrella. These are the ones from whence comes a FEW who are so rejected and abused they are losing the ability to manage their lives and cope with the resulting anger, despair, and hatred…and who then grab a gun or a knife or a vehicle and kill the innocent in their families or out among the masses. Mainstream media can do a lot to help with mental health.

  5. The shift from Fox to Twitter might seem like a step down in terms of reach, but let’s not underestimate the power of social media. Tucker Carlson’s influence extends beyond TV.

    1. sad too isnt it that people would prefer lies to reality and truth. Doesnt say much for trumpers does it ??? Out of touch with reality-which they are.

    2. His average number of viewers on fox was 3 million or so. His video uploaded to twitter last night was has 16.9 million views. I think a big difference is that twitter has a global user base while fox is mainly U.S viewers.

  6. Left, right, doesn’t matter. Time to get over ourselves and meet in the middle. If it takes twitter so be it, the entire world is on fire right now, sad that we decide to be big children instead of growing tf up and fixing the devastation we’ve created in the first place.

  7. It would also be up to a court to decide whether a promise was ever made, verbal contracts are hard to prove.

  8. His power will extend beyond all cable media. He will influence an entire generation. Long live the new flesh

    1. Is that what dictates what you watch, ratings? Do you obsess about “likes” on posts & thumbs up or down on videos? Seems a tad kindergarten.

  9. Tucker has had a large following for over 20 years. Back in the early 2000’s I listened to him on Sirius radio when he was one the BTLS show. He also has the ear of many powerful people.

    1. Funny because he just says what he’s told to say and lies to people if he’s told to lie. I guess to summarize everyone you’re talking about is they are gullible? Simple minded?

  10. I’m not a huge fan of TC, but I predict that his very first livestream will crush this show’s ratings. Especially if he continues to platform RFK Jr.

  11. “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” -Tucker

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