Tucker Carlson Comparing Vaccine Passports To Jim Crow Is 'The Absolute Worst' 1

Tucker Carlson Comparing Vaccine Passports To Jim Crow Is ‘The Absolute Worst’


Vaccine passports have been compared to Jim Crow by Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Joy Reid debunks what many see as the favorite new, offensive analogy of some in the GOP, in tonight’s edition of ‘The Absolute Worst.’
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    1. @Vancouver ViKinG Is that what Tucker Carlson told you. What other conspiracy theorists by you follow?

  1. The vast majority of Republicans have absolutely no idea that The Southern Strategy happened. America is just awful at knowing it’s history.

    1. @Hector G. if you had read months ago, his blog was temporary. Guess who invited him back??? Huh who. Ha ha ha

    2. Exactly Reagan’s lie of trickle down economics combined w the Southern Strategy began this malarkey.

    3. @Mary Ann M Isn’t that the truth? I read a very funny book by Jonathan Chait called “The Big Con” about the idiots who came up with trickle-down economics. The crackpot inventor literally scribbled the theory on a restaurant napkin while having lunch! And it became Reagan’s economic plan.

    1. But every time he’s been under oath in a defamation suit, he’s always quick to point out he’s a ‘reality host’, and not a journalist.

      He pretends to report news, while admitting he’s providing opinions.

    2. @sam rut Whatever msnbc says is real. Every opinion but theirs is russian propaganda or the rantings of Trump cultists.

    3. @sam rut One that has facts to back it up, not conspiracy theories like the GOP had in 60 court cases dismissed or withdrawn by them in their claim that the election was stolen. If they were so sure it happened, why aren’t Giuliani and Powell collecting $1 billion each from Dominion? They should have won by now with all their EVIDENCE!

  2. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that in the zombie apocalypse, Republicans will _absolutely_ be the ones who got bitten and don’t tell anyone until it’s too late.

    1. That, or they’d be the one group of survivors that murders and steals from all of the other survivors because they can’t support themselves.

    2. Seems like they already are zombies. So many won’t think, won’t believe thier own eyes and ears, etc…

  3. woulda thought tuck_er thinks of Jim Crow as a good thing, and wax nostalgic about it a lot

  4. Being someone who’s traveled a fair bit, this hysteria about vaccine passports is weird. They’ve existed for a really long time.

    1. @Tsubadai Khan I’m in New Zealand, I’m not going to Sidney or Rarotonga until I’ve been jabbed either.

    2. @Henry Nagelberg It’s fabricated, it’s another method of control that knobs like you willingly accept because you were duped into believing it’s for your safety.

    3. @Breve Stule says the guy who is too ignorant to and arrogant to actually look anything up before spewing known lies. It’s extremely pathetic. Someone should have cared enough to make sure you had a clue of some kind. I guess your family wants to keep you dumb.

    4. @Michele March no I think the problem is more so the unknowns with the vaccines. Where the other vaccines have been thoroughly tested and ran through trials. Just so many unknowns with this covid vaccine. Stop being so partisan it really makes you look bad.

  5. What other place in the world does that side that LOST a Civil War, wave around the Flag of the Traitors that CAUSED the Civil War?

    1. @d d yeah lol? I see the history book will have pictures of the insurrectionist taking pictures and selfies, senior citizens aimlessly strolling through. whoa! just gave myself goosebumps.

  6. The “nekkid” bit was hilarious. The debunking of the false equivalence between shot records that public schools & foreign travel have required for decades, vs actual Jim Crow laws, was well done, too.

    1. @Rus Buda they already do dummy we have to go to school we cant have abortions we have to follow the law so yeah your late

    1. @Leonie Romanes Yeah, and we allow them to vote. That’s why gas is 3 dollars a gallon, and why illegals are flooding the border.

    2. @Co. Wal Drone yup and if they all need to be institutionalised in a mental facility to protect others rights then so be it..

  7. It’s almost as though they’ve figured out how playing the “victim” card or the “persecution” card is the only way to soften the intensity of their nonsensical claims.

    1. LOOL stupid lefty’s don’t like it when their own victim card holding tactics used against them. Tucker got you all shook up

    1. @Rus Buda the problem with your analogy is covid is global. US isn’t the only country taking it seriously. You can pin every other case on a political coalition.

    2. @Daniel Hicks The president of Tanzania said covid was a fake pandemic publicly and he mysteriously died and was replaced. Look into it.

    3. @Rus Buda Weird bc a lot of people in powers who said Covid is real and not planned are perfectly fine. WHAT A CONSPIRACY

      “Look into it.” = I don’t have proof but if you see something you think might be proof I’ll look good.

    4. @Julia Priest I’m just saying covid was planned so the ruling class can enact all these changes on society. Vaccine passports? They want to use this as an excuse to regulate YOUR body. This is only the beginning. And generally a more authoritarian top down society. It’s all about control. They don’t care about us. They never did.

  8. Phew – Joy gave those Confederates the “Hair Dryer in your face” treatment. She is making her points so quickly and eloquently

    1. Communism/facism/socialism are so thrown around no one really agrees on exactly what a communist policy or state is anyway. Totalitarianism removes the difference between private and public to make individuals unfree. LeBron James said the decision to take the vaccine is a private decision.

    2. Kid, you are seeing communism in front of your face by a racist black supremacist and yet you cant define it

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