1. This man took in NO consideration for our Allies or Our people located in the Middle East! He is so selfish!

    1. If you think Israel and Saudi Arabia didn’t know about this, I don’t know what to tell you. Hell, I bet the Israelis helped, but they’re being coy about it.

    2. @Rene Wilson: I doubt it. This strike on the IRGC leadership had the FULL blessing of all the Arab states except Hamas and Syria. Did you know Suleimani has whacked like half the Lebanese cabinet at one tine or another, he has funded, trained and quarterback the Houthi assault on Yemen, he has operatives regularly attacking targets in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, and is perma-threat to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Almost everyone in Arabia, and half of Iran, were sick to death of him. When the Saudis and Egyptians are phoning the Israelis and demanding to know why the IDF hasn’t obliterated Iran yet, you know the ground has shifted under your feet.

    3. @Rene Wilson I know right!? Obama shouldn’t have just sent Seals to murder Osama! He endangered so many lives by killing a man responsible for American lives lost. How dare he.. oh wait.

    1. @Tucker Carlson- And if Iran or anybody assassinated our president , the citizens would be chanting death to that country also. We attacked them, what do you expect!

    2. Ric Bradley Tucker Carlson is the voice of reason for a long time . When those warmongering rabbits on CNN cheering for CIA salafist jehadist gangs in Syria he was against them … so neolibs or neocons are the same

    3. Plenty of people telling the truth. You wouldn’t know though because the mainstream media are terrible at their job and are McResistance when it comes to Trump. It’s all “This guy we murdered was a bad guy right? Yeah he was a real bad guy”. Don’t mention he literally fought ISIS his entire career or he was on a peace mission to deescalate Iran-Saudi conflict when they bombed him. Play a little game and imagine what it would be like if Iran asked us to attend a meeting in Iraq to deescalate tensions, and then they did a drone strike on Mike Pence the minute he left his own country.

    1. @Dennis Manson Um no, the house charges (once they actually submit them) and the senate tries the case. Kinda like how it works in a, well, trial. See?

    2. @Bev – Wrong answer the HOUSE IMPEACHES, the SENATE decides whether or not to REMOVE…..Slick Willie wasn’t removed and he is still IMPEACHED. Please try to pay attention

    1. There was no threat. Pompeo was grilled on this and asked what the threat was and he said “he was maybe planning an attack on Americans in the region”. A total load of bullshit, his only response is ‘MAYBE there was an attack on a military base right on their border’.

  2. Carlson must be trying to save his pathetic job. Once Dirt Bag Donny is removed the whole Trump administration will get a well deserved enema…

    1. Robin Coble hey did you know if trump pissed on you it would wash away your sins. It’s true I swear it.

      “I won with uneducated. I love the uneducated. “ – Trump 2016

    2. You guys are too stupid to live I swear there are NOT 2 SIDES DRUMPF AND HELLARY ARE 2 SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.LITERALLY AN ANAGRAM LOOK IT UP!!! This was planned long before you were born president’s aren’t elected they are selected the sooner you get your heads out of the sand the better SMH

    1. @Kaiza No but kill those who put Americans and embassy in imminent danger after killing five Americans off the jump.

    1. zenobiaookpik — I don’t thing either one would whine about it, at least not go the extent that their zealot followers seem to.

    2. @Liz Roberts
      He’s too prideful to back down…!!!
      He’s got a bunker to run and hide in…he’s got Secret Service…to take a bullet for him…he’s got intelligence to speak what’s coming…

      Does anyone really think Trump actually, cares for the people of this Country, just because, they’re US citizens…if so…your out of your minds, as well as, he is…he’s shown himself…
      This will turn out to be a money issue…watch and see…that’s all he’s about…his love is for money…not lives…!!!

    3. vsedai — Fair enough. A better example would be to compare the number of people assaulted while attending each inauguration. I wouldn’t go either if I though some lunatic with a cigarette lighter might set my hair on fire.

  3. I can respect Tucker Carlson for standing for what is right with regards to Iran. He said something similar about Syria. #respect

    1. @David Drake i dont understand why some people wont just answer the question directly

      If someone asked what did he say/do? The simplest most effective answer would be “he said this …”

    2. @Tucker Carlson If they are killing people in a particular country , then let that country deal with it .

    3. @Tucker Carlson America has never been attacked on our soil . The events of Sept. 11 2001 were not perpetrated by the People that main stream media said were guilty .

    1. Daisy Elmir yes I am aware but that doesn’t mean I have to respond. You should feel blessed I even did that for you

    2. @Marshall Boling
      Oh…thank God for you Marshall.
      Whatever would little ole me do if you didn’t respond.😅🌼🖕

    1. It’s about time we got somebody to stand up instead of paying these terrorist because eventually we won’t have a chance you want a better place stand up

    1. Because they’re trying to start a war and the media is too useless to actually do their job (or they secretly approve of a war with Iran). Also nobody is talking about how the Iraqi government made a statement that the Trump administration called for a meeting with Soleimani. Soleimani was literally going to Iraq because he believed it was a meeting to discuss ramping down tensions between the Iran-Saudi conflict. He was literally going there for a peace mission that Trump and the Saudis called for and then the US drone strikes him in Iraq. You think that’s a coincidence?

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