1. Why is Carlson behaving as if he is still wearing the bolt tie? J. Stewart ended it for good, I think?

    1. Bow tie. And yes Stewart did mop the floor with Tucker. That owned look on his face was priceless….

  2. Tucker is a liar who says what he knows his viewers want to hear. Makes him rich and his viewers stupid.

    1. mary c. Lies to him are just a means to an end. It may be money, power, fame or little bit of all of them. The consequences of those lies are additionally just collateral damage, Oh Well!

    2. @Dante Walters Yet you’re here watching, now kindly run your a** back to Fox News and report in that I called you out.

    3. @Alfred Stiffcock I never watch their sh#t, Tucker was the clickbait. You better hope Trump runs in 2024

  3. Tucker refusing to give his vaccination status says it all. He got the vaccine but it goes against his crazy narrative.

    1. @Richard Darlington Nathaniel is a TrumPutin troll, asking stupid questions just to keep the Clicks for Rubles game going.

    2. @Nathaniel Erskine bs champ, Tucker Carlson is a public figure who keeps questioning the vaccines efficacy so people have a right to know if he’s put his money were his mouth is & isn’t or is vaccinated. Grow up.

    3. @warpedjaffas1 I’m not sure what that means. Is that you calling me stupid? I ain’t your pal.

    4. @Nathaniel Erskine If you are going to give opinion pieces as a talking head I think it is an underlying piece of information that should be known to judge said opinion. Anybody speaking on investments must disclose if they are invested to trust the validity of it. This would be the same. State your personal investment in said talking point (vaccination), then discuss. You’re obviously already against any of this type of information or discussion as you are calling others “zombies” so quit trying to sound smart – it’s not working very well for you.

  4. I Think Tucker Carlson has some kind of drug problem, the way he acts is not normal, absolutely crazy

    1. Could be FASD; just look at his facial characteristics that strongly suggest that this is the problem.

      Distance between eyes.

      No upper lip.

  5. Everytime Tucker conducts an interview his facial expression looks like he’s trying to figure out if they’re speaking in English or not

    1. Personally, I think Carlson’s exaggerated facial features are the giveaway and tell he knows he’s lying.

    2. That’s the face we all should make when someone calling themselves a Zher starts talking about fake news like white privilege.

  6. Tuckers family owns the Swanson TV dinner impire and he is a benifacter to it….
    I’m just saying voice your opinion with your money

    1. I know right? Why can they be so truthful and honest and have real journalism free of opinion and bias and just honest news reporting like CNN?

  7. Edmund Burke spins in his grave when you describe these people as consevatives, authoritarians and fascists is much more accurate.

  8. What really pisses me off is we should have complete respect for our military and Tuck seems to be trying to turn his audience against them because the Orange Turd is against them !

    1. I can’t imagine they aren’t going to hold all these people accountable eventually. I think the government coming out and “warning” fb about allowing the COVID misinformation was just the tip of the iceberg.

    2. @Dante Walters get back under your bridge dante. 182 cases out of 3 million for possible voter fraud in Arizona.Trump lost by 11k.

  9. Tucker “Swanson Foods Trustafarian” Carlson grew up in elite LaHoya and attended private schools.

  10. The US politics has now been hijacked by maniacs and turned into a horror movie.

    Stephen Bannon and Tucker Carlson’s the villain in this movie.

  11. No one should take Tucker Carlson’s word about anything because he lives in the outerlimits and the Twilight zone.

  12. The fact that Tucker won’t give his vaccination status while pushing vaccine hesitancy should tell you all you need to know.

  13. “Tukerism” is ignorantism, it’s a whole lot of ignorantism circulating on the right…..

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