1. @Tyrone Shoelaces What? If you only watch Fox why are you here preaching? No one in the comment section asked for you to change their mind. And half of what you said has nothing to do with the allegations of Matt.

  1. You remember Tucker when we went out to dinner together and we sniffed the seats at Chuck-E-Cheese.
    (Pizza Gaetz)

    1. Well, Gym Jordan who is a known protector of young people being abused, said he believes Gaetz… 😉

    1. It’s called gaslighting. It’s a way of positioning his innocence by portraying a young high school teen a “woman”

    2. That’s The overlay… Next he’s going to say he didn’t know she was 17 years old or younger… He’ll say I thought she was a woman! How does Gates know about the details of this investigation.

    1. @Sam F There is no exceptions to what is universally right unstable genius. The dems claim to be the champions of social justice for all, that includes everybody. If you use a little logic, you will find conflict in their arguments. Also, are you proposing that if some one doesn’t claim something as wrong, they can freely do it even though it might be wrong?

    2. @Luluhernandez Show me where every Democrat has claimed to be a champion of social justice for all. What you did is called a Straw man argument which is a logic fallacy.

    1. @Pixxie Snitt the sad part is even if you’re being sarcastic I can’t tell because of how many crazy qanon believers there are

    2. @mmmclain1 Dems are up to some crappy stuff alright. Sending money to struggling families, rebuilding American infrastructure, supporting workers unions. The sick bastards are tearing the country apart 🤨

    1. @Joshua Tree
      They’re serpents, most people u see now are assorted demonic hybrids, humanity is being murdered off

    2. 100%
      I’m 36 and while it’s legal I couldn’t even date a girl in her 20s. What could we possibly have in common?

    1. @Thomy Fun old enough to smoke, old enough to poke.

      That’s what my high school gym teacher used to say

  2. Matt tried to pull off a ” if I go down you go down with me” and Tucker immediately reply: hell no!! 😂😂😂😂

    1. I wish Ted Cruz & Ron Desantis would have gotten a honorable mention like Tucker Carlson did on the interview.
      By saying hay guys you’ve all been where I’m at you understand 😉. Let’s not forget daddy Donny the captain, they can all go down with the ship as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Now we need A high school male wrestler to come forward about Hamster boy Jim Jordan. After that we go after Cruz. Let’s drain this poisonous swamp.

    1. Cant wait for the gay bars to open back up again so you boys can get back to business…instead of being annoying internet trolls.

  4. Somebody once said “Be good to the people that you meet on the way up, because they are the same people you are going to meet on the way down”. Gaetz wasn’t listening and he made himself a lot of enemies. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves!

    1. @Joseph Cox I’m not taking sides yet because no one truly knows anything until the facts come out. Ya’ll need to stop blaming someone who may turn out being innocent, it just makes you look stupid later. We have something in America called innocent until proven guilty. It’s sad that anyone can claim anything anymore and everyone hops on the bandwagon. The recent Justin Bieber situation is great proof of that.

    2. @ShamefulRug go right ahead and stay neutral about a child predator. Totally your choice. I’m sure you’re also willing to give Epstein the benefit of the doubt, considering he’s dead and can’t defend himself. Besides, Matt was a pusher of Pizza Gate, so he gets no presumption of innocence here. But you don’t look stupid at all by assuming he’s innocent until proven otherwise.

    3. @ShamefulRug nah sorry I’d rather be accidentally mean towards an innocent man than accidentally defend a sexual predator…

  5. Gaetz: So….you remember Tucker, the woman you and I had dinner with, right. She’s at the center of all this. Tucker: No, I don’t remember that at all, who is she? Gaetz: She doesn’t exist! But you do remember her, right? That woman who we dined with that doesn’t exist.

    1. 2 things can be true. You can be a criminal & also be extorted 🤷‍♀️ Sounds like someone had something on him. If they were asking 25mil they for sure have evidence. Also, I bet his homeboy the tax collector is gonna be offered a plea bargain yo throw him under the bus 🙊

    1. Oh, I don’t know, maybe the depressingly high number of kids who get abused and have their lives messed up forever, the fact that many people who commit crimes against children get way lighter sentences than people who have done the same thing to an adult (something I have never understood), the fact that a lot of crappy people have reasonably decent lives, the fact that a lot of people get away with all sorts of horrible stuff? But, right, other than all that, I can totally get behind this concept of karma…just sayin’

    2. When you sell your soul, there’s always a debt to be collected. And you don’t get to choose what, when and where! True statement!

  6. Everything about Gaetz screams $kumbag. He’s like the Patron Saint of $kumbags around the world, and he dresses like a stunt double for Saul Goodman on “Better Call Saul.”

  7. Gaetz sounds like a guilty man running scared. Someone better not let him Epstein his way out of this.

    1. My 17 year old daughter is a woman. Know how I know? She is currently in AIT with the United States Army. If you are old enough to sign your life away for the rights and freedoms of your country, you are old enough to be honored with the title “woman”. BTW…if that pervert had touched my daughter, the FBI would not have been needed to expose him, I would have done it myself. She may qualify as a woman, but the law still says that she is a minor when it comes to that kind of thing.

    1. Tucker face:
      A look of flustered bewilderment (eyes squinched, brows pitched, and mouth slightly agape) just before you’re about about to attack someone’s claim or assertion. The look Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson makes when one of his guests is speaking. – urban dictionary

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