1. Juneteenth was celebrated as a day of action for racial justice in many communities this year, including Tulsa, Oklahoma. A day later, the city – which was the site of one of the most deadly single incidents of racist violence in U.S. history – hosts a campaign rally for President Donald Trump.       Trump rally FAIL! 19,000 seats, 7,000 seats filled after Trump said 1 million people wanted tickets! Epic FAILURE!

    1. ​@Sam Boudreau; NO ONE, of any authority or sane mind wants to disband police. What is meant by defund (and most agree it is not the proper word), is to reallocate funds and truly look at police programs; this is a very good time to do just that. Your anthropomorphism aims to make an object behave and appear like it is a human being, which the ‘media; is not, no matter how much that trump guy tells you. He has always attempted to make social issues very divisive instead of, as president fill the gap and draw the nation together, but he can’t do that because it does not work for him, and he doesn’t have the fortitude to handle criticism,  so he sticks with only those that can feed his diminished ego. Not sure what so enamors you to this fraud, especially in light of his current antics, but bud he was selling America out –  lot, stock and barrel!  He is a malignant narcissist, he suffers from solipsism (as has been suggested), and he must work in his own self interest, ultimately he will never deliver for you, besides there’s many indications he has a cell waiting for him, a whole lot of indications!


    1. He’s a friend of mine. He’s one of the single most intelligent and talented individuals I’ve ever met. His name is Tyrance Billingsley, and he is going to do very big things for Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma, if not more.

  2. I remember when Trump had NO problem finding enough poorly educated racists to fill an arena.
    But now he can’t even do that!

    1. @Mox Avenger
      Well, being called a garden gnome is better than being mistaken for a leprechaun. Wish I had me a pot o’ gold tho.


  3. Trump had divided all of us and we can no longer have it like this. This is Trump’s last year


    2. Remember when the democrats tried a coup, and you bought it and called half the country Russians for 2 years. That was what divided us. And people carrying Mexican flags beating trump supporters. The heroin people took over Seattle, you guys are done.

    3. @Matt Thompson No actually I remember when Robert Mueller (a republican who ran the investigation) found 10 instances of obstruction of justice and that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to help Trump win and that the word “collusion” was not a legal term and was misused by Trump and the far right. All of that was a crime and Mueller confirmed that Trump can be in jail for his actions. Adding to that his illegal actions in Ukraine and now with this Bolton book coming out revealing more crimes by Trump. What divided us there was Fox News and Trump brainwashing their people by mischaracterizing and deflecting from what really happened and falsely blaming Democrats and Obama for it. Your comment has zero credibility.

  4. “My biggest regret in life was impregnating Donald Trump’s Mother ” – Ronald McDonald 🙂

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaa !
      That’s great 😊😀😀👍😎
      VOTE BIDEN !
      Vote Blue !
      Let’s Flip the Senate & get rid of the GOP TOILET PARTY !

    2. @David Blair Well he did attempt to sue Bill Maher for that claim 😂😜😂😜 !
      So maybe it was Ronald McDonald , Trump looks similar but just wears more Make-up.

  5. I know of not one person anywhere who supports trump any more! I wonder if trump got his racist beliefs from his parents or did he learn it all by his self??

    1. @Diana Hulstine Frederick Trump immigrated to the U.S. in 1885 and died in 1918 during the influenza pandemic, well before the Nazi party arose. Trump’s father, Fred, was arrested in 1927 as part of a KKK parade, but nothing indicates any connection to Nazism. There is plenty about this family to despise without making stuff up.

    1. @Judith Smith The GOP was already a Known suppresing cheating party ( NC 2018 Caught ! & Admitted guilty SHAME ON YOU 😈)
      But with Trump at the helm , there is line they will not cross to stay in power NONE 😠 !

    2. @Hashashin All ya got is fake YouTube joke clips ?
      Really that’s all the GOP has left now huh ?

    3. @t1tacal I think he means how is Acting .
      Blackmail & Extortion of a foregien nation for Political Gain ??
      Pleading & bootlicking CHINA for help getting reelected ??
      Treasonous beyond imagination !
      Our founding fathers would have him Tared & Feathered !

    4. @Jordan I’m glad to hear that .
      My message was for the millions of young voters not yet Registered.
      We need to ask them , ok what are you waiting for ???
      Do you want Sanders & the Progressive wing to have power or do you wish to watch as Democracy is stollen from us all ?

    1. Russian Bot if I need to explain then you’re too delusional to understand… listen to what Mattis, Kelly, Bolton, and Tillerson have to say about him if you don’t like my opinion


    2. @Judith Smith Agree, just as long as you put those neo liberal war mongers like Clinton, Obama and Biden in the same camp.

  6. donald is playing from the same deck of cards as always. Everyone knows what he’s holding and calling his play. donald is all in with racial devide again and he’s betting the house 🤣

  7. This President is mostly for his self centered, self-adulatory ego and secondarily his mega rich friends. And his ignorant base go along for the ride as useful idiots.

    1. @Jack OA Trades I personally would rather fight Biden and his administration for 4 years than an obviously insane, unwell reality TV personality. He is dangerous but the Republican party ignoring his deadly lies & behavior is really shameful.✌️

    2. It’d ironic the party that won the civil war refuse to take down CONFEDERATE statues and rename bases,,, the republican are the new DIXIECRATS,, complete 360,,,, trump doesn’t realize he loosing not gaining,,,, we need a normal president not a child,,,

    3. Heather Hent444 We are thinking the same. Its shameful to know how many uneducated supporters he has. It’s disgusting and they all live in denial 🤦‍♂️

    4. Thank you. I want the old decent republicans back. I loved Eisenhower and Ford. Old school republicans not swamp dwellers. 🤜🏼🤛🏼👌😊

    1. Don’t be so sure Fox , Brietfart , Sludge report , & the Mighty Q are working hard to keep people DIVORCED FROM REALITY 😥.
      We need to DOMINATE them in 2020 or we are going to look like a bunch of Jerks to the rest of the free world.
      Vote Biden !
      Vote Democracy !
      Unless you want Plutocracy & Coruption.

  8. This is exactly why everyone needs to show up, especially in the swing states, and vote out Trump and his enablers in the House and Senate come November.

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