Tulsa shooter targeted doctor over ongoing pain, according to police | USA TODAY

Tulsa shooter targeted doctor over ongoing pain, according to police | USA TODAY 1


  1. Lets just keep banging the drum on these stories. So the next person gets his 15 minutes of fame. The media is 24/7 nonstop.

    1. It’s a news story being reported by a news organization. What do you expect them to talk about?

      Next up : water is water and you should drink it

      Next up : air is air, stay tuned to learn how it could improve your quality of life

      Next up : 5 facts about grass and why it is green

      Come on, man

  2. First the media and mob blamed the police, now they will blame the doctors..

    Just curious, why won’t they give a description of the shooter? 🤔

    1. He was a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. That’s all that matters.

  3. I retired in Tucson for a good reason, if I can’t get the medication I’m needing, or want, I drive 65 miles south to Nogales, MX and buy all I want. There’s a clinic I go to where a Dr. will write a prescip. for $3.50 So if my insurance company give me a hard time, I just laugh!

    1. @DoSe420 private seller do background checks … please stop responding to me your clearly using Fox News talking points . Every state conducts background checks??? Please leave the internet

    2. @WILL FARGO yes every state does background checks. Private sales don’t even make up 1% of gun sales nor were even .01 of that 1% used in any mass shootings.

      You should stop replying to me.

    3. @Dood Jenkins Chicago isn’t being talked about because of politics. In order to talk about Chicago, they’d have to admit there’s a problem in Chicago. One where not a single one of their gun laws is preventing any killing. One where the neighboring states surrounding Illinois, arent just as bad with less regulations.

      They’d have to admit that disarming people, and making buildings less secure. Is actually what makes crime rise

  4. “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do for you because your insurance bounced and the country can’t figure out Medicare for all”


    Don’t know about you, but I feel that the insurance lobbyists should be held responsible for these deaths.

    1. @Kingb there actually is a shortage of medical staff. 1 in 5 doctors has retired since the start of covid, and about half are planning to retire in the next 2 years. Oh and since the opioid problem begans years ago, more and more doctors refuse to prescribe long-term if at all, any opioids.

    2. @DoSe420 I mean if a guy needed another surgery his insurance should’ve gave prior authorization for him to get another surgery. I’m sure a doctor out of network or any other doctor in that field could’ve performed that for him

    3. @DoSe420 dude what are you talking about? I think you’re responding to the wrong person…

    4. @DoSe420 also I have a pretty good grasp on how insurance in this country works… I literally help people pick insurance plans and navigate the chaos of Medicaid and Medicare…

  5. Now has anyboby bothered to check for any warning signs , online chatter or arrest on this guy or are we just going to jump right to to blaming people that had nothing to do with it !

    1. We don’t really know, we’ve been told.
      I’m at a point where I don’t believe anything the press tells me.
      Oh well. Not much I can do but watch it all unfold.

  6. Sick sick ppl in this country (just like in any country) the only difference is the ppl in America can go grab a couple of guns and actually act on their sick thoughts…

    Rest In Peace to the victims

    1. As opposed to just grabbing s knife like the counties that banned guns. Or simplying renting a truck like France.

      The sick people are the idiots who keep blaming inanimate objects instead of taking ANY action to actually solve crime or the causes.

  7. Yup that sounds about what a doctor will say, ( your pain is imaginary by the way can you pay me about 500$ everytime you come to the hospital and I only see you for 20mins?) Typical doctor

    1. Most doctors don’t even prescribe opioids anymore, because of the addiction it causes. Addicts then do insane or violent things to get their next fix.

      Sounds like a drug addict couldn’t get his fix, so he went on a shooting spree. A fix that regulating guns wouldn’t solve, the fix for that is helping drug addicts get off addictive medications.

  8. State run media is waiting for white house political angle advice before posting pictures of Tulsa hospital shooting suspect

  9. Interesting how the Chief noted that a black man, 45, was the shooter.
    CBS edited this section of the briefing out completely.
    The NYT listed only his age
    The AP listed only his age.

    Still think we have a “free and independent press”? 🤣

    1. Y’all perhaps think that maybe they aren’t giving details on the shooter because our culture has had the tendency to glorify them in the past? Which has directly correlated to more shootings as one of the major factors in committing these acts is for fame. I haven’t even heard the shooters name which frankly I’m glad I haven’t! It’s not his name that should be spoken it’s the victims!

    2. @El_Cypress I guess I just don’t see how race is particularly relevant in this article… I guess if you want to see it as “filtering” that’s your right. I just see it as a journalist fitting the most relevant information in the smallest word count possible but sure the conspiracy angle sounds far more likely lol

  10. Blame the CDC’s draconian policy targets pain sufferers. I understand why he lost it! A heroin addict can get an unlimited ceiling dose of methadone but the same drug prescribed for pain, has a mandated ceiling dose of 40 mgs.There are no ceiling doses for opioids. Any pain doctor knows this.

  11. Wow. Imagine someone getting upset that they were denied pain meds because the dea told them they didn’t need pain meds. Who woulda thought

  12. Please, we need our doctors. We are already short enough doctors for millions of sick American. Condolences to his family and the other victims family.

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