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Turmoil in Haiti | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. hope you watching this andrew holness.. becoming a dictator ain’t so glamorous you make LOTS of enemies and its no different from being a don.. Power hungy people get poisoned by it

    1. @don coyote ok how is being ruled by one man better? there is whole eep a murder and assassinations in dictatorships.. in jamaica we dot have majority rule we have minority rule.. we are ruled by the jlp (im not against the jlp per say because if the pnp was in power the conept still apply).. the reason i said its minority rule is because only 30% of the population voted for them but they have 70 percent of the parliament seating/power.. and if we isolate the people who voted they have roughly 50 percent of the votes and 70% of the seats/power so how is that anything close to a majority.. its majority of politicians not majority of people

    2. @Tee Smith democracy have a spectrum learn that meaning Jamaica is not very democratic when you consider certain factors while being a democracy

      (1) we have minority rule almost half of the country didn’t vote and almost half that voted didn’t vote jlp…….

      (2) no direct relation with the amount of seats and the amount of votes so jlp got little ove 50% of the votes but got 70% of seats.. is dat fair?

      (3)only 2 political parties. that’s one of the reason i voted jlp.. i was given only 2 choices had there been a couple more maybe i wouldn’t vote jlp..

      (4)our local government is dysfunctional and corrupt because even tho they are technically elected by the people they are no government at all and are unable to solve local issues because they cant make laws, cant collect tax, cant appoint judges instead they serve as a surrogate government meanwhile nwa decides if roads get built, taj decides if tax get collected, local governement ministry tell them what to do and and them also tek loads of chat from the local mp

      (4) because mps are selected based on constituencies instead of popular vote the mps who sould be focused on national government end up fight with the local councilors and try to govern there constituencies instead of the nation (the municipal authority should govern the municipality) and sometimes end up sacrificing national interest for their constituencies also because mps a selected basedon constituencies instead of popular vote that creates the scenario where one party won half the votes and got 70% of seats

      (5) because we have one big powerful central government and dont have the choice to move to a different parish and get different government policies and a different system we are stuck with a one size fit all policies for all of the country and Jamaica becomes an = shithole in all parishes

      so yes the people voted but most people dont agree with the government on most things

    3. @k c what do you suggest? because somebody will always dominate and i mean always… look in Haiti its a scramble for power people are dying on rapid because power hungry people are killing each other and innocent people are also getting caught in the crossfire all because ppl like power..

      what democracies (done right)allows is for power hungry people to be forced to share power by being elected all without bloodshed..

      ( by done right by right i mean by electing parliament that gives equal power to all mps and avoid, allowing the people to elect a president with too much power especially not power over the parliament also allow free and fair elections and have an independent politically neutral court with judges serving for life and can only be removed by the supreme court who can only be removed by a supermajority in parliament so that judges dont get afraid of politicians)

      so never mind the skin color of the people who came up with the idea because if we are being fair is white people create the laptop/phone/computer u using to comment on right now and mi nuh see yah bun a fire pon dat

    4. @Eye&I Sinclair You are saying that Andrew Holness was voted for the people, so that he cannot be a dictator. I would you check out what the word dictator really mean, that Andrew Holness is taking away people’s constitutional rights. He is telling the court who give bails and, who not to gives bails. That is a dictator, incase you don’t know that at all. You must be a supporter of the jlp party government ministers them, that is why you are defending him ok .

    5. @Hugh Porter GOD have mercy upon this world of people in thing that is going God is in control.

    1. Doesn’t matter whether or not he wanted to give it up. By absolutely no means does his refusal make right for them to assassinate him.

    2. @Raimundo Laurencia I am no way stating it’s right to kill him because he did not want to give up power.

      Am simpling making the point step aside if so many are against you. But he held on. So I asked why.

  2. Jamaica. Is not next stop talk nonsense Jamaica is Haiti. Leve Jamaica a lone hater love Jamaica stop compar Jamaica to Haiti stop Jamaica. Is blessed

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