TVJ Smile Jamaica: Hot Topic – September 4 2020

TVJ Smile Jamaica: Hot Topic - September 4 2020 1


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25 Comments on "TVJ Smile Jamaica: Hot Topic – September 4 2020"

  1. jennifer freckleton | September 5, 2020 at 10:52 AM | Reply

    Love that blouse Sim.

  2. In the 80s when people a dead to and from the polls them still turned out 80%. COVID has nothing to do with it

  3. Pnp staton

  4. PNP lose dem shut! Shearer said something like that when he lost his seat back in the day. The people of Jamaica have spoken…now Jamdung…get to business!! Meh woulda like fi come home an no haffie fret bout violence! ✌✌🙏🙏🙏. My people! Please isolate..COVID is no joke..and people who a go home….think of your loved ones..and others..and isolate! No man is an island! #tekcareofoneanadda 🙏🙏

  5. Junior Mcpherson | September 5, 2020 at 1:20 PM | Reply

    reason for PNP last is the fact that they have not done anything for the country we have move on and so we are going forward not backward

  6. Clubxtention Entertainment Network | September 5, 2020 at 3:53 PM | Reply

    Blessing Hon Bro God
    Let me start off by saying congrats with winning the election. Now that you have won, it’s time to get down to some serious business, For many years I sat back and watch the two-party catered only for two types of citizens in this country, for many years I have seen corruption played out on many media platforms, and year by year Jamaican government has wasted money like how water commission pipe them always a leek, and we sat back and said nothing because we were thought humble cafe drink the most milk, for many years we watch on our social media Platform and saw the biggest of the famous dunce made mockery of Jamaica and we sat back and remain quiet because they said the smarter you are the less you speak. Well, I myself can’t hold it anymore. I had it up to my (@#%$^)…. It just overwhelming, Andrew Holness I see the government throw money to the inner city community with path program, I have nothing against that but we all know that there are many female who has kids and really need that program isnt getting the help while some who doesn’t really deserve or need the program is actually the once who is benefitting , I also know the government have a lot of program for inner youth, yet many youths aren’t attending these programs , I am not talking against it neither do i want these program to be stop , just a highlight place where the tax , no my tax dollars is being use yet has no benefit what so ever to me , yet i don’t see any difference in the crimes in those community, they still have gang wars, they still have shooting, killing child missing , rape and domestic violence no matter how many money is pump in to a inner city program we still have scamming and we still have the kerosene oil female who date these gun men and getting their themselves pregnant for those men and end up turning single mother point is the failure continue like a conveyor belt, I know that you given a lot of grants to most high level business men, etc on the Port, educe taxies and write off , bail out if need plus many other grants , But Prime Minister what infrastructure have you or any of the two party have put in place for middle class citizen, why aren’t there any policy given to us as bail out when we need it or grants put in place so we can obtain these grants when we need help. NONE! the country can afford it so let not act like it can’t, you guys waste money every year might as well it goes in citizen hand who will generate income and create more jobs so more people will be employed, the commercial bank is willing to thrown loan at us every day once our salary can cover it so they can team up with the government while you be our security , these grant can be repayable grant up $600,000-$1000,000 because actually we aren’t seeking any handout just a push start to bail us out for those who is on their face and need this help , these bank is where our pay goes so most likely it possible, without this help If I should go to the bank for a loan they will tell me that my pay it too small to obtain the loan and if I should go to any government facility for any assistance they will also deny me telling me that my pay is above minimum wage so I not qualified for any government aid ,that will only leave me to go to a loan shark that will kill me with high interest rate with one of the worst loan contract that no one want to sign but has to because they need the help, to add insult to injury I ask why can’t NHT build unite for low income earners to be constructed in portmore I was laugh at by an employee (because it a business sector) quoted the employee, I always been turn down multiple time for housing because my wadge at NHT yet I see they have houses for all different income earners …that make me wonder if all this is just bullshit advertisement or I guess i needed to have a link like how many young youths gotten house yet I was contributing from 2000. Prime Minister I see so much corruption and two type citizens a benefitting more than Middle-class citizen, we need help as well, all we do is pay the flipping taxes while the poor class (quote & quote) because the whole Jamaica know it, not everybody into the inner-city community poor and living into poverty and the rich benefitting while we aren’t, we need this policy to be sanction for the only middle-class citizen who really needs the grant and can afford to pay it back, I know that pride is one reason why you haven’t heard any cry from our community because we believe we can do it all by ourselves well me do believe in a that, I watch 8 puppies struggle for milk from their mother and the weakest puppy was the one that died the humble one. So nobody can’t come to me with that bullshit any more about humble café …BRO GOD, I need a response for whosoever running your page because this later will continue to repost until I get an answer on every social platform I can get my hand on or any group until Jamaican real hard-working Jamaica join with me and ask for our time of the Jamaica pie it’s been too long now it time us to rise..

  7. mirella josiah | September 5, 2020 at 7:32 PM | Reply

    PNP arrogant and self serving

  8. It’s about time Westmoreland open there eyes we don’t have water we no have road and PNP always get the winning I hope Andrew makes us proud

  9. America had local voting a couple weeks ago , and we will have general elections during a pandemic.
    Jamaica isn’t alone.

  10. 37% of the nation have spoken. Whatever is the reason for people not to vote, I hope they understand they have no say in whatever happens. However, I trust that the ruling party will continue to seek God’s guidance & direction going forward so that our country will experience positive growth in all aspects of development.

  11. Shantell Litchmore | September 5, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

    me need a job i need a work bout online school i can audley afford one pc smh an cah pay light bill sigh me know wen uno done me have pressure and dead before time

  12. How this woman deadie deadie suh she needs to retire like some of the pnp , she acting like a old woman plz change her and send in someone new and not stale

    • Beverley Richards | September 6, 2020 at 6:04 PM | Reply

      Simone. Me did know long time say you a big. Pnp from you wear the orange dress when andrew was on your show. Tvj. Rjr. Gleaner. Too bias. Unno get a shellaking

    • Beverley Richards oh so it’s that what I am picking up on , it’s the defeat that she got why she looked and sounded so down trotted , I see wow , I knew something was wrong but I thought she just hated her work

    • Beverley Richards | September 7, 2020 at 12:33 AM | Reply

      @dona alensome of these media. Personality. Could not sweep the floor at cnn. Jackson miller. Nadine. Spence nearly faint. On set. Thursday them too bias.

    • Beverley Richards well they going to tiad to see dem face they better get in with it , they can’t spend the next 4-5 years in depression, I know Simone and Lisa Hanna are friends so yes she feel bad her friend never get back their land space

  13. Simone I can tell your a supporter of PNP from the way you talking. Lady the whole world 🌎 experiencing it , things still have to go on, can’t be at a stand because of covid. Neville Bell congratulate the Prime Minister on this victory and u basically brushed it off. Not good reprting. And I agree her personality is a bit bland, especially if your working with Bell.

  14. Dj Stunna funny video | September 6, 2020 at 5:49 AM | Reply

    You all pnp

  15. Simone it is so clear that you are a pnp supporter…… remember you’re on tv…

  16. We don’t need Luther at all in Westmoreland anyone but him Mr hollness please hear our cry

  17. None voters have a say alotof who voted don’t pay taxes we have a say

  18. Anthony Richards | September 7, 2020 at 2:52 AM | Reply

    Televised classrooms no!! Physical classrooms yes!! In an expeditious timeline. Kids are restless!! devil find work for idle hands. No to idleness!

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