TVJ Sports Commentary - December 2 2020 1

TVJ Sports Commentary – December 2 2020


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  1. He wants his son to be what he is not , the youth is an ordinary baller , not everybody will be a pro baller

    1. @Deco Lard THE MAN IS A HARD WORKING FATHER and if it was down to Kyle’s lazy mother who is speaking out against the father, I mean her children would all be living some poor life !!!

    2. @datjamaicanguy at all cost though ?? You watch kyle and see how he plays ? Him look like someone who have the tools to play at the highest level ? Cut the crap man , it cant be ok to abuse your child by throwing a knife at him because in your opinion he is not working hard enough what kind of world are we living in , the youth might not cut out for it , just leave him a let him be , i know he sacrifice for the him and leon , and yes he sacrificed greatly , and leon make thank god but maybe kyle is not destined to make , move on !!! Let him do what he wants , kyle is 22 yrs old now he is not going to reach leon bailey level , just accept it , cant be ok to physical hurt the youth

    3. @general jagwa YOU ARE WRONG !! BECAUSE KYLE HAS ACHIEVED A LOT OUT OF THE SPORTS BECAUSE OF HIS FATHER !!************ The father has taken him from nothing and made him into something and he was still making money

    4. @datjamaicanguy look here kyle hasnt transitioned into being a professional footballer , he played at the academy level in Europe yes! But the ultimate is to move from youth level to pro like leon , you tell me what he has achieved , my son at 15 been playing in the academy system in england from age 7 , if he gets to 22 and still cant get a pro level contract you tell me what as he achieved ???

    5. @Deco Lard have ever heard richard williams throwing knives at any of his daughters, stop comparing apples and oranges, nobody is saying craig didnt create a pathway for kyle, but as a parent you have to realize that the parent cant want it more than the child , kyle has to want it and willing to do whatever to make it , and even then its still not guaranteed, being a professional footballer dont just come like that, and yes maybe craig thinks the youth not pushing hard enough and he might be 100% right but you still dont have a right to do what he did , the knife could have gone somewhere else that could have cost the youth his life.alot of parents have this dream of wanting sports star, and maybe at 14, 15 the kid might look promising like he will make it when you look at his or her competition, but believe thats not always the case , its not automatic!! The youth has to have the desire

  2. Agenda is riddled through this commentary. Oral and others in the sports fraternity despise Sir Butler (in my opinion) and are tongue wagging over this minor, but public family discrepancy. The reality for most is that, they don’t grow with a father or father-figure around their household, that is equipped/ competent to guide their child/children in a life of discipline, respect and goal-oriented. I will NEVER tell or discriminate against another man’s way of raising his kids. And I am sure there is no reason for Sir Butler to be trying to live vicariously through his kids. What is there to benefit is the question??? when this man is a philanthropist that has amass wealth beyond measure and notoriety by local standards. What I see is a father that has believe in his sons capabilities, entrench in drive and persistence to be successful.

    1. THE FATHER IS A GREAT MAN !!******THE MAN HELPED IS OTHER SON TO GET A BIG £ 20 MILLIONS POUNDS INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL CONTRACT !!! THE MAN HAS MADE KYLE TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD AND HAVE HIM TREATED LIKE A DAMN STAR, the father is a good man and should not be criticised for pushing his boys to becoming self-actualised

  3. Another entitled child, that don’t want to be discipline by his father. Spoiled , ungrateful and entitled. See it all over his face.

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