TVJ Sports Commentary - February 4 2021 1

TVJ Sports Commentary – February 4 2021


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  1. Coach Coley is the best coach from your region. But when a man is successful the enemy tries to destroy. Who knows any other coach from Jamaica? Iran league is one of the biggest in all world and he was best Coach here.

  2. When a man can’t leave his City he becomes jealous. Iran is ranked 29 in all world. Esteghlal FC is the most successful club in Asia. Through Coach Coley hand we get the best young player in Asia. Iran has the best goalkeeper, Striker and defense in Asia. When he was In Iran we were first in Asia. You should be lucky he thinks about coaching his country one day.

  3. Coach Coley continues to make positive impacts on those he has coached, as well as others who simply know him and have heard his story. That’s the ultimate goal…That’s true success

  4. Coach Coley is high and respectable man. Who are you trying to destroy him. All Asia respects him. You will live to see his success

  5. I guess you weren’t around when Coach Coley used Barbican FC to win Premier league teams. I guess you weren’t around when he promoted Barbican to the Premier League. Coach Coley all the way.
    Plus Coach Coley is coaching where all coaches wish they could coach.

  6. At no point was it said that the present coach should be kicked out
    Plus your recommendation for him to leave international football to coach local leagues is border-lined
    Senseless. You know how many coaches pray to be coaching here he is. Coach Coley More grease to your elbow

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