TVJ Sports Commentary - Sept 16 2021 1

TVJ Sports Commentary – Sept 16 2021


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  1. Mboma should be disqualified
    No real 18 woman can run 21.7
    Since the WJR was 22.1 before
    And her PB before the olymics was only 22.67s

    1. @Ramirez William those are very offensive words. While I personally think she should be banned, she herself has committed no crime and to call her an abomination or curse is uncalled for.

    2. @Kristoff Campbell Mr Mboma is a curse because he is anti females, he is trying to make other countries put more dsd athletes in the races and then boom biological females are out of the sports and jobs, and that’s why Mboma is a curse and abomination to female athetics! Facts

  2. The higher testosterone levels were obviously helping Mboma and Masilingi, they should have a category for people with medical condition.

  3. yes! It’s true! It’s time for everyone on this channel to take action.! we need to take action spread the message across social media and family and friends and tell your local athletic bodies to get their athletes to start protest against mboma and boycott races and tell your country’s spectators to boo him(mboma) we need mboma out of our beloved females sports ,if we don’t do this world athletics may get the wrong impression!

  4. Sooo are we now ok and admit that a person is and can be transgender?? Or is it just in athletics hahahahaha. .story come to bump!!

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