Twenty-Five-Year Police Veteran On Training Officers: 'There's Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done' 1

Twenty-Five-Year Police Veteran On Training Officers: ‘There’s Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done’


Tracie Keesee, the Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Justice Initiatives at the Center for Policing Equity, joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the future of policing across the country. She shares her experience as a 25-year police veteran working to improve training for officers. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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Twenty-Five-Year Police Veteran On Training Officers: 'There's Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done'


  1. The MSM is good at demonizing the police, because of a few bad apples.
    A lot of the incidents where young black persons ended up dead is because they were resisting arrest.
    I wish the MSM will educate the public on how to deal with police officers in different situations.

    1. You said so many stupid things in your brief comment it’s clear you are not smart enough to understand the issues.

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    1. @Chiz Dippler She won’t survive in the county jail bro. I hope her fight game is good. Because they are going to break her physically and mentally. And I really don’t feel sorry for her.

    2. @Dinero Kid1603 You should feel sorry because now cops aren’t going to do their jobs, which will lead to more murders in poor minority communities. More minorities will die because of the war on police. But you’re probably a POS coward Leftist that only cares about the lives of minorities killed by white police, which are a tiny fraction of the amount of deaths that they committ amongst themselves.

    3. @Chiz Dippler – You use a lot of words and entries to say little or nothing of interest or consequence. Adieu’ Dizzler.

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    Believe what He did for you and be saved! He loves you so much – you can’t even imagine. His love is beyond our understanding, so pure and full of the truth. Ask him for forgiveness and He will forgive you, because He is faithful and righteous to do that. Don’t speak only with your words but use your heart.

    God bless you

  4. I have been hearing this training nonsense for years , hire smarter folks and pay them more , most of these idiots couldn’t work for Amazon

  5. Police training Is backwards. they take a job to protect the public, but always keep the public at the point of their gun. Im never in more danger than when a cop is around. If they can’t accept their job then why did they apply for it???

  6. The same way training may need to be improved is the same way households & parenting role models need to be improved for the upcoming youth..

  7. officer’s tactics shown by the officer who shot,the 13 year old in Chicago makes it clear training is either poor or not being followed. When someone gets shot following the officers instructions then you have to ask what went wrong and that means retraining. Qualified immuty needs to be reimagined. It’s one thing to forgive officer’s who making a split second decision that is a mistake or misinterpretation but when rights are straight up being violated no qualified immuty should exist for them.

  8. If the police have a bias, it is not against race, poverty, age or gender…it is a bias FOR doing their job, and going home alive.

    1. Of course cops have biases, they are human,, how many people in $250,000 cars get picked over for a simple traffic stop?

    2. Wrong. The bias is that Officers believe they can end a situation by shooting people rather than by defusing conflict. The people being employed are “meet aggression with bigger aggression” personalities, rather than people who negotiate to defuse conflict. It’s not training, it’s a fundamental problem with the police service across the US employing aggressive people rather than negotiators.

  9. Look pretty text book IN TE HEAT OF TE MOMENT NN EXCUSE ME BUT HOW MANY OFFICERS WERE HOLDING THE DRUGGED UP FELON DOWN NN te about of narcotics intensify zzs nn makes te situation more volatile for all of te individuals involved for te officers nn felon especially wen the escalation started when Floyd left the store correct

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