Twist in Case of Death of Man in Police Custody in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - June 22 2021 1

Twist in Case of Death of Man in Police Custody in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – June 22 2021


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    1. You had me popping up here wid laughter in Canada with your sense of humour. Ah yuh sey gimmi Tom & Jerry eh?

    1. Matthew 5:38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.

    2. @Mandark Astronomonov This was no “slap on the cheek”. Once again, scripture being misrepresented

    3. @Adrian Levy I’m not referring to the murder. I’m referring to the claim that the Bible justifies an eye for an eye.

  1. Have you ever noticed how politicians have all the answers to all problems whenever they are in opposition?but let them be in power.

    1. Andrew is the perfect example. He said people would be sleeping with their windows and doors open

    2. A mi fi tell you, wen dem inna power, dem blind and clueless, wen dem become opposition dem eyes miraculously open.

    1. Clearly .. not even sound like she righted .. bout if somebody hang them tongue hang out them mouth.. sound so stupid.

  2. Why would the police save him from the angry mob then take him to the lockup and kill him, unless they are looking for trouble. Especially at a police station that was in the news less than a week ago. Kmt

    1. I witness that happened already they not sure it was the person did the murder so after questioning and they sure they kill him

    2. @Toniannwhite White Was he the only prisoner at the lockup. Knowing the layout of that jail it’s not possible for them to kill him without other prisoners seeing or hearing something.

  3. If shoelaces and belts are not allowed, how did red electric cord get in the cell? The news is saying he used a piece of clothing but the mother is saying something different. Supm naa add up yasso…


  5. You can always rely on a family member coming to deny or justify the egregious behavior of their loved ones. This ladies and gentleman is one of the reasons why crime persists.

  6. So miss you crying how innocent your son was did you stop to think about the brutal killing of the young lady and her unborn child?

  7. It’s interesting that his mother stated that he would have hung him self if he had murdered the young woman.. think about that… I am looking forward for the investigation to be completed. There must be an explanation as to where did he get the article used in the hanging. Is it customary for such apparatus be laying around in the area… due to the fact that persons would be awaiting arraignment and bail, the area was not considered as an issue of such… Is there a history of such actions.

  8. Bless day everyone. Give your life and heart to jesus today. Truly seek him. Before its too late. Life is short

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