1. @Mike B
      Except he didn’t none of his econ advisors called it that 😂🤦‍♂️.

      Again can you tell me one free market economist that has argued for trickle down?
      Im waiting.

    2. @Robert Allred Ha ha ha. The difference is that this sheep (moi) does not oppose everything, every last thing about the other political party just because they are the other party as you sheep do. The classic example is Liz Chaney and her view of Jan 6. You sheep dont see Jan 6 bad at all. trump incited Jan 6 and you sheep just blindly follow without questioning even though there are visual filmings of it. The republicans who oppose trump and see him as a danger to democracy are hated within the party. Liz Chaney spoke up and they made sure she was crushed within the party. She gave up her political career for her belief in democracy. Look at trump’s behavior after the election – trying to pull political favors to get republicans to tamper with election results. Ha ha ha. republican = no tolerance, racists, white nationalists, trump’s sheep.

  1. I think I’d rather vote to sustain the American form of government and encourage people to quit Twitter for their mental health.

    1. Musk suffers from a well known affliction: super rich guy’s delusion — the erroneous assumption that having accumulated vast wealth means you’re wise. But guess what? It just means you have a talent for accumulating vast wealth. Nothing more.

  2. “Vote republican! (so I can get a tax break and make sure that my workers stay at a stagnant wage.)” – Elon Musk

    1. @Em Sauce Trump tried to control the pandemic. He told people to drink bleach. It’s hardly his fault if no one listened 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Bonnie you may be right it may not affect the way you run a country for the most part but when they start shoving it down peoples throats that’s when I have a problem. For example teaching and enforcing pro policies in school. Do what you want at home and keep quiet about it. That includes straight gay whatever. The lgbtq situation has no end to its potential future complications
      . Trans Men swimming against women, locker room situations it has no end. The woke culture also. Don’t like that either. On the other side republicans claim to be the holier side yet they are hypocrites with immoral deceitful, dishonest candidates and practices . I don’t know what the solution is.

    3. @Bonnie I was thinking about all the funding he cut out from the WHO and the CDC. But I like your version too.

    4. @gjaegreag oh I know but, like i said it’s not for me to educate you…. You seem to far gone there for why bother…

  3. It still blows my mind that people feel that a billionaire who makes his money *entirely* off of the work of other people has their best interests in mind.

    1. @Studebaker Hoch oh and one other thing !!!
      What exactly are those 87,000 IRS agents for again ???
      Wtf. Talk about authoritarian

    1. @Christopher Strong I lost my beautiful mom to COVID while Biden was in office but I do not blame him. I blame the Chinese.

    2. @Ranse Danny did she get vaccinated when she became eligible? My dead family members didn’t have a vaccine available to them yet. Trump did not have the vaccine ready, despite his “warp speed” bullshit.

    3. @Ranse Danny My family members who died, were Trump supporters who took his shitty advice and paid the ultimate price for it. Good luck with today’s elections when the majority of covid deaths have been moronic Trump supporters.

    4. @Christopher Strong Keep on blaming Trump. He expidited the vaccines. You have to test the stuff before injecting it into a human. That is sad that you think it is all Trumps fault. OFC. you would probably blame your toilet overflowing on Trump. Yes, she had the vaccine thanks to Donald Trump.

    1. @Roger 9 Why would Republicans in a state election run on Trump Tax Cuts that don’t evan exist anymore??? Did you really try to make that a point?🤣🤣🤣 Hey Roger..I did graduate a from a Trade school and Im a Tradesman..The question is..If your college education is so valuable.Then why do you need 10 k in welfare from hardworking Americans like me, to pay it off????? Smfh..I’ve trained about a dozen kid’s like you over the last 20 years..So spare me the I am smarter than you because I went to college bit..Goodluck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Marvin Guigar Lindell’s original account was permanently banned after he continued to perpetuate the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

    3. @Gary May you can’t be impeached twice … also no u.s president has ever been impeached. The impeachment process has started but none ever successfully impeached.

  4. “He says what he feels like, and doesn’t care about contradictions,” I wonder where I’ve heard that before.

    1. He has aspergers syndrome so he is unable to have feelings. He is a genius without any care for a human being.

    1. Keyword there is “independent-minded”, something democrats struggle with.
      Correction..compound word.

  5. I love when he said that twitter would be apolitical, and his first tweet was to urge people to vote for trump. never had a twitter account, never will.

    1. @Lesco Brandon I hope so.. He ran the country like a successful business and we all benefited from it..I didn’t vote for him in 16..but I definitely did in 2020..and will again..

    2. @Black And Proud Good..I never liked White racists and I definitely dont like the black racists , The democrat party has openly aligned itself with..You all can rot.

    1. @Uncle Herb Weatherwax Stuff and nonsense. He’s white and ULTRA-privileged, and supports fascism vis-a-vis the MAGA Republicans.

    1. @coolramone not sure I remember that time? Slaves, welfare and pay to play sort of the Dem thing ever since I was alive and read history books

  6. That tweet makes perfect sense. A two party system must be evened out. If the reverse was tweeted, to vote democrat, he would not be criticized by the democrats. As a lifelong registered Democrat who recently unregistered as such, I see why people are not happy with the way things are going.

  7. To independent-minded voters:

    Never underestimate the ability someone who is miserably failing at every decision they are making in their own life to confidently advise you on how to make decisions for yourself.

    1. 😂😂😂😂 Derp. He has made better decisions than all of us. Twitter was a bad investment but he still remains richness man in the world.

    2. @Pauly Beefs That’s the trend of the entire stock market not just Tesla. All my investments are nearly half of what they were end of last year. Not sure why the big Tesla sell off. YTD GMC is down 36%. Ford is down 37% and Tesla 52%. 😮. Ok I think Elon will lose first place for richest man in the world

    3. @Clinton Kildepsteen We bout to blow y’all out in BIG D 😁

      Dak OWNS Philly.. he’s 8 & 1 vs Eagles, 2 & 0 vs Hurts (about to be 3 & 0) 😁

    1. The Republican Party is a clown show, and can’t be trusted. and Democrats spend way too much money. I’d love to have a “different thinker” like Bernie in office

  8. Free speech is good and you should understand that. He has an opinion and it’s his right to voice it, why is everyone fuming about this? He is also giving you the right to oppose him, on his own platform, which we both know is something you wouldn’t have done if you were in his shoes. Opposing views are healthy, as long as they’re debated in a civilized manner.

    Edit: If you think I am wrong, tell me why

    1. @George Richter he banned Kathy griffin for changing her account name and photo to Elon musk and telling people to vote democratic. So she was was banned for stealing someone’s identity I think. I think she did it as smug satire so I’m sure she will be back.

    2. @Corgasaurus but He promised free speech. Everyone should be able to say anything no?
      Taking a glance at griffins fake account, people with a functioning brain knew it wasnt him. Same goes for sara Silverman. Then to just ban🤔. Why is he fuming about a little old comedian.

    3. @Corgasaurus is it because he’s the butt of the joke? Seems he will be banning a whole lot of people, since he doesnt like being made fun of

    1. Except the fact that Elon Musk had to borrow money, he didn’t pay $44 Billion out of his own pocket because he doesn’t actually have that amount of liquid assets. His wealth is overinflated because it appeals to simple minded bootlickers. Elon is almost as dumb as Donald Trump, Twitter is going to become the new MySpace because Non-Trumpers are going to start leaving the platform including myself.

  9. Funny as hell, old Joey tries to ride his boat and use electric cars and climate change as his flagship but Elon says he’ll no and tells everyone to vote red, what a legend

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