Twitter Suspends Account Of Donald Trump, Jr. For Violating Rules | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Almost every other country is using hydroxychloroquine and zinc! ➡️Only in America the media & big Pharma suppresses scientific truth! #EVIL #SATANIC

    2. @Bruce strkland 👉🏼👉🏻👉🏿did you know that country clubs & other special high-end clubs did not allow certain groups did not allow certain people to be members and their clubs? In the 1990s Donald Trump sued Florida to allow Jews and black people to be members in his Mar-A-Lago club. (At that time no other club would allow Jews or blacks to be members. And before the court case was even finalized Trump still allowed Jews and black people to be members even before he even won the court case) 🙏🙏🙏 please do your own research and stop allowing the mainstream media to manipulate you. #GetInformed #WakeUp

    3. @Brandy Pompeo He sued in the 90s over a zoning issue. Read Politifact: “Trump did open Mar-a-Lago to blacks and Jews – but in a business move, not a crusade”.

    1. @Tim Noyes Borg, go ahead and take the vaccine then. Then you will see what it does to your nuts.

    1. A small cabaal of 15 elite anti-American zionist billionaires own almost 100% of the corporate news media. Social media, too. So if you get your news from there, you’re a sheeple that don’t know sheet. (“Revelation 3:9”)
      Videos: 1) “Mainstream Media” (by rissflex channel).
      2) “While You Weren’t Looking Billionaires Did This” (by reallygraceful channel).

    2. @foxy brown, the anti-American billionaires have taken over the Whitehouse. They’re spreading lies about healthcare. Wake up!

  1. What has The Great Land of Law and Order come to that we rely on Twitter to discipline wrongdoers! 🙁

    1. Or any business- like having policy at hotels, restaurants, office buildings, HOAs, or basically anywhere where minds congregate.
      There are definite limits at all of em, who can congregate, how, and why.
      Virtual congregation is no different..

      The days of online anonymity left the room decades ago.

    2. Only Twitter can fact check Trump family with any means of slowing the flow of lies. All others seem just praise their “leadership” like lambs. I am not sure should i laugh or cry.

    1. You lefty scum are following the Nazi plan to the letter. What a shameful bunch of filth. Cheering when free speech is silenced. Just like the nazis did. Heil twittler.

    2. @Walt Schmidt It’s fun to watch your side losing. Does it hurt..? Are you gonna cry..? Well, what did you expect..? We’re a lot more powerful than you are. Worthless twerp.

    3. @Walt Schmidt Because someone can have their own thinking they are leftist? Well 2 thumbs up for that. I know trump since 2002 and the opinion I have of him never changed. He is still a con artist. Do you know that trump’s political party affiliation has changed numerous times. He registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987, switched to the Reform Party in 1999, the Democratic Party in 2001, and back to the Republican Party in 2009.

  2. Trump’s kids are only following the horrible example Trump has set for them all their entitled lives.

    1. Laura D | I’m here to see how many sheep are in the comments and the amount of idiocy here and sure enough I found plenty starting with your comment.

    2. They will all be in jail after Daddy leaves office! A self pardon or family pardon won’t stop Southern District of New York.

    3. Aw poor rich kid, maybe he shouldn’t do what his dear Daddy does and spew bogus dangerous propagandist BS lies over twitter . Don the con Jr. needs to tell his Daddy to make twitter give him his account back.

    1. @Mike West Everything the trumps are saying is true but it’s not coming from them it’s coming from actual doctors who are meeting in DC right now. Search “white coat Summit” and see for yourself. MSM do not want you safe they do not want us healthy. These doctors do.

    2. @Moses G as an outsider I fiind that democrats have little facts, republicans on the other hand… are forging facts as they speak.

  3. Even if they did it maliciously, they’re a privately owned company…they can do whatever they want…just like Fox News…

  4. Yes,yes, yes! Please don’t give up, we are America. Don’t give up until we are free of them.


  6. Agolf Twitler should be removed for the same reasons.
    Crayons ONLY in jail please.
    And a map with a sharpie every third Sunday.

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