Two Conservatives Face Massive Fines For Robocalls Misleading Black Voters 1

Two Conservatives Face Massive Fines For Robocalls Misleading Black Voters

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, conservative operatives behind illegal robocalls that made false claims about mail voting targeting Black voters in Detroit and multiple states ahead of the 2020 election, are critiqued by Joy Reid in this edition of ‘The Absolute Worst.’

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  1. Fines don’t stop crimes. In America, it’s part of the cost of doing business absorbed in the idea of Cost-Benefit Analysis.

    The guy making a criminal decision needs to go to prison for a reasonable amount of time. The fine paid doesn’t even come from his pocket. Cost benefits-analysis has become a crappy tool wrecking society for the benefit of our veiled criminals. Fines are not enough, people should be held personally accountable.

    1. I advocate the use of LSD and DMT for serial/career criminals. These substances can rewire one’s brain and often change the person in positive ways.

    2. Chris Evans new American one would you power just hope it back we soon day of my life back to you on this would happen and go out and see if they have the best so now you need me to come back home soon would love cool thanks you hope you have now from one night this week so do you feel like you would love my life is good news you now and we will have the best day works out do you now and we will see how soon

    1. @My Perspective Quite the opposite. Just because Democrats point out the racism, doesn’t mean they are the racists.

      To your point, not all Republicans are Racists, but nearly all Racists are Republican.

    2. @My Perspective This is why 97% of Republicans are white and consider themselves to be ‘white nationalists’, and why 96% of minorities register Democrat.

  2. Gave me a laugh

    the ruling to stop criminal activity EXPIRED ?

    only in america would aa anti voter fraud ruling have a date stamp.

  3. FCC needs to be revised in a serious way. At least put one more member on the board to break the tie among the 4. It’s Ludicrous. But I’m happy they “finally” did something right.

    1. Yet, you can’t save people from their own stupidity. Educated people know better. I get calls telling me I have won a lottery prize, and all I have to do is send $3200 in gift cards to receive it. I wonder how many stupid people have fallen victim to their own stupidity.

    1. Why are you always on YouTube crying about something or another are you crippled and just sit in front of a computer all day?

    2. @Ha Join nine years ago has 49 subscribers nothing but political comments on his account report this troll

    3. @Your mom ! my 159th comment goes to yet another tRumper member of cult 45, aww did I hurt u darling insurrectionist?

  4. “Tamika”, “LOL”. In 1982 wasn’t that Rowe and Atkinson and if my long-term memory is correct, “James Brown”.

    1. I appreciate the ones from my utility company informing me about the status of power outages and warning when severe weather might cause one.

  5. Well I guess they have to get creative like that to win. They don’t do anything. I mean yeah they make the rich, richer but they don’t really work. They literally do nothing.

  6. $5M is pocket change to the GOP. $500M would get their attention, as would lengthy jail terms for all those involved.

  7. I’m going to assume the caller went for the maximum amount of money in terms of silver dollars and got paid $30?

  8. I’m imagining that in eternity, these two guys are trapped in oubliettes and are forced to listen to that recording over and over again…

  9. I honestly feel like this should be a huge class action type lawsuit or jail time or something. This is so disturbing. How is this just a fine?

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