Two detained Canadians haven’t been put on trial, translation error made by Chinese official

Two detained Canadians haven't been put on trial, translation error made by Chinese official 1


  1. Translation Error: We are sending Meng to Cargill this morning, would you like dumplings or ground pork? Its compliments of Trump.

    1. China is trying to take over, and Trudeau is helping them, Who is he really working for????? I hope our Military and Intelligence is keeping a close eye on JT !!!!!!!!

    2. @Glen Gordon Everyone that can hold baby Fidel accountable is bought off, he will continue to do as he pleases.

    3. @Glen Gordon NDP will continue to prop him up, confidence vote will never pass. That’s our useless political system at work.

    1. @Liang Xu omg ur fr dumb, you can torture someone who has no information if you think they have information… I’m saying china is probably torturing them for information just in case they have any

    2. @Ferd TheTerd Maybe JT should send you and himself to China in exchange for M&M. Chinese would not try to get any information from you two because they knew they would get nothing but lies….😜😂

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised once Meng gets all charges dropped these two Michaels will rot in a Chinese prison as a final insult to Canadians.

    1. Does anyone believe anything this government says? Bill Blair, Trudeau, Freeland, Bains, McKenna….all storytellers.

  3. Too bad our government is training the Chinese Army at CFB PETAWAWA & Canadian Military School in Toronto on winter warfare, I guess to cheese off the USA Military and to help go to war with India.

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