Two fishermen in Ohio accused of cheating in walleye tournament | USA TODAY

Two fisherman were allegedly caught cheating at a walleye fishing tournament in Ohio after lead weights were found in the fishes' stomachs.

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Two fishermen in Ohio were caught red-handed having put lead weights into the walleye they caught in an effort to win a fishing tournament, the discovery causing a mob of tournament anglers to react angrily.

The incident occurred Friday in Cleveland at the weigh-in of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail event, the last one of the 2022 season, as reported by the The (Toledo) Blade.

Evidence appears to suggest that Jacob Runyan of Cleveland and Chase Cominsky of Hermitage, Pa.—winners of past walleye tournaments—have cheated before.

In this case, video shows the walleye being weighed on stage and tournament director Jason Fischer declaring the duo as the new leaders with 33.91 pounds, overtaking the 16-plus pounds that had been leading.

Minutes later near the stage, and with Runyan watching, Fischer is seen cutting into one of the walleyes and producing a large lead weight. He held it up in the air and declared loud and clear, “We got weights in fish!”

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  1. 7.5 lbs in 5 fish? They stuffed those fish full. I hope they won’t mind being labeled cheaters for the rest of their lives like Tom Brady (friggin’ cheater).

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